Friday, 9 October 2020


The world around you pushes you hard each day, it is you living your struggles, your gains and losses. In this age of media, exposure, ads and what not, it is easier for you to think that you are not doing enough to make each day count. My friends let me tell you this that YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I on my Instagram as well as Blog always try to exuberate positivity, importance of positive surroundings, barricading yourself from the malice but how much are we able to achieve by the end of the day?

How to care for self?

This is where Self-Care plays a vital role. Some of you out there might be thinking that this is a rich lads business, going to a good salon, pampering yourself with some goodies, spending some quality time alone and some might be too pressurised by the idea of leaving the ones depending on you behind, whole day unattended. You might also think it is selfish but let me assure you my friend it is a necessity to keep yourself sane amidst the chaos.

Inner Care:

Your mind and body is what makes you. Attain the state both in mind and body which makes you happy. If it a muscular body, go work hard for it, take an hour out each day to work on yourself. If it is not a great shaped body you wish for or you are just jealous of the ones having it then surround yourself with more of the images which promote body positivity and quotes which make you feel comfortable within your skin. You mind provides depth to you, try to create a mental environment which is mostly positive. Try to meditate, concentrate on the good of the day that will give you strength to fight with the bad.

Pamper Yourself:

There should be no guilt in pampering yourself. I totally relate to the middle class or even the over dedicated thought where you your time is not even yours. Even if you wish to do a thing or two for yourself you have to keep thousand perspectives in mind. A small visit to a salon will be filled with the thought if you have left a stove on at home. Please Oh! Friend …NO! Don’t do that, give yourself a much needed break, pause your life for a minute, live in the moment and then hit play again. Give yourself some nourishment, a foot rub, much thought hair-cut. You got one body, one life and a single soul to look after all of it. If you are someone’s partner and reading this…give your partner a boost to pursue all that they think for. Take care of things behind them.

Start Or End Your Day With A Happy Quote:

The start of your morning defines the whole day. Start your day on a happy note, read a good quote to yourself and your family. Boost it with a good thought for a minute or two. What this quote will do, it will stimulate positive approach towards your day. Same applies to the night, ending of the day should always be on a happy note. Whatever hardships you have faced through the day should be left behind. Kiss your family a good night and count the good things that have happened that day..

Indulge In Some Hobby:

Hobbies are your potion, indulge yourself in one. It transcends you to the different world, involve in something which makes you happy by the end of it. You can be totally tired but happy and content as an end result. While pursuing your hobbies,  be it gardening, macramé, arts, reading, exercise… you are boosting yourself with positive happy energy which in turn will leave you with a happy mind.

Do A Good Deed:

We all are no Gods but if we are healthy enough to help someone else then we surely should not refrain from it. If you do a single good deed like rescuing a cat or a dog, feeding the needy, helping someone get out of their shell…the list is continuous and there will never be scarcity of things you could help someone with and the perks for you is that good tingly feeling in your heart and a peaceful mind. A positive stimulus for your brain is an essential part of your self-care. Only a happy, content mind can take you to places, achieve any vision successfully.

Surround Yourself With Care And Love:

Every living being needs nourishment and love to grow so do you. Surround yourself with all that is pure and beautiful, which enhances your growth and makes you the better version of yourself. Don’t allow the people who are toxic towards you in your inner circle, I know it gets hard sometimes but trust me the other side is much more amazing if you just attain a little bit of courage and block the negativity out.

Try these out and you will come out a stronger, much sorted human being. If these tips help you then do SHARE and COMMENT.

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