Friday, 4 September 2020

50 % OFF: Sale

Do I dare?

In this age and time of digital access to almost anything and everything it’s hard for us to resist buying. When you see something shiny on social media, you are instantly attracted to add it to your buying cart and to make the buying process quicker SALES are the biggest monsters. For my perception, I am already trying to simplify my choices, my wardrobe, my buys and space. I am nowhere near being a minimalist I agree but it takes no science to tell me that I need not to be allured by the biggest events of all times-THE SALES that is like the daily deal for the E-Coms or stores (but MAN the PRESENTATION makes you weak in the knees).


If you wish less in your life than you have to look past it because sure it is a gala time for one and all when the SALE sign appears but is it always so GALA?


Sales are gimmick:

They are the biggest gimmick by any company or website as they make the prices look smaller. Are they really though? Even when you don’t have to buy a thing, they create that urgency in your mind. They seem to fill the void of currency or the sense of security to your wallet. Choose between what you actually require and what you feel there is a requirement for. Rs.50 more or less on any product which you had an eye on for long will not stop you from buying it. I have been praising longevity over price all days now.

Sales are monsters

Your sweet spot:

Find that perfect balance between what you see and what you require. This sweet spot is where your needs actually meet your buys. Hold back in time and try to analyse the cost, worth, quality and other factors of the products. Not everything on sale has lifespan of gold so check your trademark before your buys.

Fighting Sales

It’s easy to fall prey:

As businesses are out there to catch the hand of your wallets, hence everything is presented as it is all what you require at this moment… but is it so?


It’s easier to fall prey of the visuals which are shoved each day on the digital platform towards you. We love all LUX, PRETTY, COLORFUL, SHINY things we see on social media (we because I myself am guilty) and what shows in the SALES is much more lucrative. My observation is the more I am buying I have become more refined with my choices and trust me I have been buying a lot in last year or two.

Did I need all of it - No.

Do I use all of it - No.

Did I become more aware with every purchase – YES!

Less always doesn’t mean more:

There always seems a void of things if your income is less and your spends are way beyond your wallet limit. This is for my friends who wish to have it all but their wallet don’t allow so they rely on the sale period more. Guys! The phenomenon is simple go for the options which have long life, better quality than the low price tag or slashed prices. Revive your older items, don’t rush, DIY, refurbish …little tweaks here and there will allow you to get a better product than any slashed tag price.

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