Sunday, 27 September 2020

Comparing Big & Small City Life

City Life

This can be discussed by a person who has lived in both big and small cities aka Me.

Almost every day I am bombarded with a question that why have I shifted since I moved back to my hometown (which is more than a year now and mine is a small town...Yeah!). I can’t say anything as the reasons are my own but this gave me a post idea.  

 I can make a comparison. 

This is no HATE blog to either, two things have always been clear in my head that I never wish to leave INDIA though I wish to travel the whole wide world and second that I am open to go wherever life takes me but plan to settle down will be in a calmer place. 

I have hustled with the big city life and have seen people getting up at 6 A.M. (tried to keep up alongside) and moving round the clock to make the ends meet. The life gets so busy for some that there is no difference between personal life and professional. You start hanging out with your workmates to bust off some steam, hardly can find time with your family (not for all though). Opportunities seem higher if you are from a small city but it takes a lot from you too. Though if you are not in a right metro city or locality at the right time then the life isn’t that different from any other small town either. Your pay checks may be higher than the spending and you have to be really good at what you do to survive and grow continuously as the option to replace you might be living in the next room to you. 

In small cities the life is calmer (this is no unknown fact).  One has more opportunities for smaller businesses to flourish; scope to tap a new market is there. This is the selling point for any small town but then again it has its own challenges. One needs resources to start something new which is difficult to get in smaller cities. The capital required to start something is bit higher (that’s a lesser known fact). You always have to be ready with plan B. Plan A might not always be a success as a city might not be ready for it. People are more closely knitted in small towns and the biggest perk is cleaner air to breathe in. Minus point is that your job pay checks are not very high in small city. 

Hustle to survive is equally hard as if you are the one to sustain by yourself you gotta work immensely hard.

The thought of change can be overwhelming but YOU DO YOU. It takes courage to try something new, stick to your choice. Make your DREAM happen wherever big or small city you are at.




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