Thursday, 15 April 2021

Declutter Or Clean|Empty Spaces Create Void

Trend of minimalism and decluttering can create emptiness

Even if you are totally fantasised with the idea of MINIMALISM and wish to make a start somewhere in your life, don’t go around following the trend of de-cluttering, selling, emptying your spaces right away. Build on it slowly.

Am I a minimalism pro…. NO

I am learning.

Learning that falling for the trends instantly may not always lead you to the desired output. 

Learn through the trends and if that idea fits your criteria then only go for it. People whom you are following like crazy have learnt through the span of time and hence they give you the advice (catering to their needs). You only hear their journey, they have lived it and that is why they make it look so easy.

 In my opinion, sudden change always has a shelf life. If you are not totally swept away by the results of it, there are chances that you will fall back to your older pattern. 

If you are trying to simplify your space, go room by room, item by item…and not all at once because that will only  annoy and devoid you. Don’t follow the set pattern of someone but make your own FORMULA. The formula based on your wants and needs as no two human souls are exact alike but do take inspiration for simplification.

If you will de-clutter all the not worn clothes, not all required items, not much used d├ęcor pieces at once, there may seem the need to buy more. You might think that now you will buy according to what you are gonna use more often and the saga begins.  

Just sit back, relax and remove items from your life one at a time to create the positive ambience for yourself.

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