Friday, 11 September 2020

Celebrate Your Colour

Celebrate Your Colour

Being an Indian, I am always surrounded by multi-colours. From my wardrobe to my functions all are jazzy, bright and colourful (You all know what I mean 😉). With time if I look into my style, I do not find myself loving the browns or whites as much as I love the splash of colours. 

This blog is inspired by Reading My Tea Leaves’ blog which is mostly about finding your colour and Mr. Kate’s rendition of any minimalist style where former has neutral colours in her kitty and later has tons of colours even if it is minimalist style. 

At one place I love the wise words of former, I will like to add my own insight to it. When I enter the room, my eye starts finding pop of colours be it the minimal tone of pink, blue, magenta any. Hence, when I go for styling any area…

I would always love to incorporate colours in it. 

My idea is not to shy away from your choice but to celebrate it in all honesty.

I will not succumb to the minimalist idea of mostly browns and neutral. I wish to keep my style simple and minimal but I can never let go of my other colours.

I lean more towards the pop of blues, pinks and oranges whereas my base is mostly neutral and earthy. Like if my wall colour is pastel pink, then my furniture will be white, dark or earthy brown but there will be a huge bold blue painting framed in black on the wall, a pop pink or magenta flower vase on the mantle and a multi tone pot with some greenery. 

I like to differentiate between the neutrals and brights… and giving them there perfect spot. I would never shy away with the use of pop pink if I feel there is a need but for me the overdose kills. I guess the love of texture and colour for me comes from variety India has in terms of clothes and culture. 

The key is to celebrate your choice and not fall the victim of trends. These days there is so much content floating that when you come to narrow it down, it becomes really difficult to pin point that one star colour which you need to work on or it becomes difficult to assess your style. 

My suggestion is to arrange various clothes, colours and textures of your choice and narrow it to form your pallete. Before creating your oasis, you need to create the mess. Don’t shy away from using the colour you love, just because it is not someone else’s choice.

Celebrate your colour whatever your style is.

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