Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Declutter your Mind and Surroundings

So, I have been MIA for long now, while being away from this platform I had some (quite a lot of) time to reflect upon my past choices, decisions, lifestyle I have been living, career I chose and I am no biggie in any of this department but whoever I am, I am proud of it all. Why all of a sudden, do I mention all this?

Only because while I was at my worst best, I wanted to declutter my mind, my surroundings, my thoughts of any negativity...Oh! So badly. I find my calmness in arranging, tiding up, sorting out, clearing my space and mind. That's my yoga.

This is like a big talk but when I started with my blog posts, sharing my thoughts was the main reason, which with posts and transfer of domains faded away. Worst thing to happen to anyone is to-

Loose Focus-
In efforts to do a lot, sometimes you loose what you can do best. I wished to share all of it here but it didn't seem appropriate as no-one is interested in knowing a life of nobody. So I thought of adding value to someone's anyone's life rather than jut blabbering.

This helped, as many of you found what you came looking for- A solution.

Feed the Negativity-
In these chaotic times, we are surrounded with lot but it's up to us what we take in and what we discard. Its really easy to fall victim of negativity but it takes efforts to say no to or ignore it. Important thing is to surround yourself with whatever is necessary to keep you motivated towards finding positivity and stick by it.

Finding Passion-
This is also hard for many of us, we are surrounded by responsibilities and lucky are few who find their passion in their businesses. It's always a positive if you mix your work with what motivates you to stay passionate towards it. I found mine in writing and staying this way where I could make my own choices, good or bad; doesn't matter as they all are lessons if I look at them closer.

Not Being Serious at all or Being Too Serious-
Life is short and it should be sweet too, it's only a probability that we only get one life and we should live it to the fullest. Make sure that you are serious enough to create goals for your future but not that serious to stop living a life altogether to achieve those goals.

How do we resist all that and still maintain sanity, how exactly does one fight with his/her own brain which works magically by the way and like each individual, each mind is different. How does one prefer to choose what is to keep away from any of negative thought.

We are no Gods.

When we get mad, we loose control. The only person we care about is trapped inside our monstrous brain, how do we free it? (Well the loose ones like me). For starters-

De-Clutter your brain-
What good does any negative thought ever did to us?


So why even feed it any of your thought. We all are humans, only thing we can do and should always do is to get our power from all things positive. What I do sometimes is to find my solitude sometimes and reflect upon my choices, my thoughts, my attitude, my talks and I know for a fact that where am I going wrong and work towards it.

De-Clutter your Surroundings-
From surroundings I mean both physical and personal. More stuff around you only causes mental clutter, trust me on this. I cherish my physical possessions but time to time, I find time to de-clutter what has not been touched in years and is only occupying space.

Gone are my teenage days where I was kid like with my words and talks. I still talk like crazy but try to maintain that my words should only create a healthy environment and at times when I am negative, someday(as I said I am no God) it makes my motives much more clear not to repeat it the next time.

Chaos Creates No Solutions-
When you are sorted with your choices, it might take time or it may seem hard at times but you sure will find the right path towards which you are passionate. I myself someday will find right in my heart to live to the fullest and let others live. We humans at times are so involved and consumed with thoughts of our own good that we fail to see beyond it, it's only when we look towards the greater good, we will understand that chaos in our minds and thoughts only creates more trouble and no solutions.

I am not here to give any tips or easy tricks to declutter your mind and surroundings this or that way as there is no easy way to do it. This is the hardcore reality and we have to work towards it in pieces. It's easy to create mess around you real quick but it takes lot of courage and will to keep it clean. Creating minimal takes lot of efforts, it takes lot of thoughts, it takes input from individual's end to create more in less. These few things could help along the way-

Keep yourself Motivated-
You are what your thoughts make you, so keep your thoughts positive only then you can resist the negativity coming your way. You can either take it, feed it or keep yourself motivated enough to surpass those thoughts and rise above it. No good bad words can bring to anyone, so refrain from it.

Keep Good Company-
You are defined by the company you keep. It's really hard to find the souls you click right with but when you do click, take good care of this bond.

Surround yourself with what you like-
Be it positive quotes, books, songs, interiors, whatever helps you keep sane in these times, go for it. Surround yourself with all the positivity you can find in the name of friends, company, words, state, hobbies, characters etc.

Invest your time in a Hobby-
Hobbies give you moments which you enjoy. In whole day full of chitter and chatter, few moments of peace for your brain and body where you can laugh, unwind, recharge and do what you gotta do.

De-Clutter Junk-
This is small gesture but creates big impact. Less junk you look at each day, you build desire to fill your space with things of requirement and what brings calm to your humble abode.

Look after your Health-
It's okay to cry sometimes, to get raged at others, to dislike something but don't let this be your permanent condition. If you see such signs to be permanent, seek help before your mind becomes your worst nightmare.

So this is rather a long one and so is this topic, hope you find some content in it to stay focus towards the better half of your thoughts and not give heed to the worst of you. More power to you MY FRIEND.

If you Like the words and think they can help someone else too, Share these thoughts with them.

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