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DIY Home Remedy for Acne Prone Face | My Tried & Tested Routine

Who ever knows me from friends to family, knows that I was and still am prone to pimple and acne. In school/college days my face used to have so much going on that hardly my skin(which glowed by the way) was visible through it. Though I am all pro liking yourself the way you are, I cant deny the fact that I used to look less at my face because every time I did, I was thinking about that one pimple ready to pop-up or that one which has left the mark behind. Using products only made it worst, it seemed nothing suits it and it rejects whatever good I try to provide it.

I am not here to give any false hopes that this remedy is going to cure the issue all together, I still get them here or there but not very often. You got to be patient with this remedy and consistent, for acne and pimple missing one day can cause them to return again. Plus read through the whole to understand what other things I do along with it might be helping too.

My Beginning with the Skin Issues-
By the time I hit puberty, my skin went crazy and my body started acting weird. I was always a skinny kid with average diet and used to have lots of water but that didn't help my skin from breaking out every now and then. I had every remedy possible at that time from Safi(Neem based body Purifier) to actual Neem and Carrots plus beetroot juice as I was diagnosed Anaemic too which troubled my mother deeply so she tried her best to feed me all good stuff.

Amidst all this my cycle/periods were all over the place too, I used to faint, have stomach aches so severe that I don't even want to recall. I couldn't understand what is exactly wrong with all this but one day when I fainted in school, we(me and my mother) visited a Gynaecologist
who told me it was a hormonal imbalance, put me on meds and till the meds were on, everything was perfect from my skin to body everything worked well but as the medication stopped, problems started coming back. Had been on and off with changes of place but it has never left the sight of me till date.

What I do for my Skin-
I have tried from good to bad all range of creams, some have helped, some failed but I could never stick to one. Everyone says, it's necessary to moisturise your skin but my skin tells otherwise, every moisturiser brings a huge ass pimple by the 2nd or 3rd day so what to do?

I have mentioned few of the deets in How to get a Glowing Skin but have not shared my whole routine. Don't be alarmed by the extent of it as it legit takes only 10 mins on daily basis and 20 mins on special facial days. So here it goes-

If you use makeup, invest in some good quality makeup remover(Priority). Make it a habit to cleanse with some mild cleanser in cream or liquid form daily before hitting the bed. I currently use Himalaya Herbals Cleansing Milk and Himalaya Herbals Refreshing and Clarifying Toner (not at all sponsored).

Homemade Scrub-
1/2 Small Bowl- Rice Powder (Grind the dry uncooked rice in mixer)
1/2 Small Bowl- Besan (Chickpea flour)
Mix these two powder and keep it in air tight container with a spoon in your bathroom cabinet.

Currently I am not using any cleanser or face wash except the mild cleanser from Himalaya. Later, I wash my face with water and take this scrub with dry hands and scrub it on my wet face very gently, don't be harsh as rice granules are really solid. Key is to be gentle with the scrub, do it for about 30 seconds or so all over the face and then wash it off with water. This takes off the dead skin and rice is a brightening and tightening agent. If you have pimples already, just leave the wet rice and flour paste on it for 30 minutes or over night and take it off with cold water. This tip dries the growing pimple. Don't scrub on pimple or painful acnes, be very cautious only to scrub the bare skin and not on the pimple or acnes, doing so will only aggravate them(I cannot emphasize this enough). After this pat dry with clean towel.

DIY Facial with Homemade Base and Mask-

Ingredients Needed-
Rose Water
Above Home made Scrub
Coconut or Olive Oil
Besan aka Chickpea Flour
Honey(Mine is Mustard honey from farm, you can pick any)
Bowl with clean Water

Step 1-Cleansing
Cleanse your face with rose water or any mild cleanser.

Step 2-Scrub
Scrub the face gently with the above mentioned mixture and process, don't wash off this scrub.

Step 3-Massage
Take 2 spoon curd and mix 1/2 spoon honey in it, keep the consistency thick. Massage this on the face with palm and finger in upward circular motion. Give a thorough massage on cheeks, forehead, your nose, chin and neck. Be gentle with the massage too, keep some water bowl handy, once the massage gets dry, wet it a bit with water or more curd-honey mixture. Massage it for 10-12 mins. Take a damp towel to wipe off the face and neck.

Step 4-Mask
Mix 1 spoon chickpea flour with pinch of turmeric, add quarter spoon of honey, 1/2 spoon oil(coconut or olive). Mix it all well, add water if required and put a paste on your face as a mask. Let the mask dry, once it's dried, wet the face and not tug the mask away hardly. Only once it's damp enough, remove it with the upward motion and wash the face with water. Pat the face dry with clean towel.

I do this regime every weekend or every alternate weekend.

Face Cream and my Secret Trick-
As I have already mentioned, I have used many face creams in order to moisturise but nothing works with the constant breakout. I have tried herbals to non-herbals and can we talk about the higher prices they are at. If this so called cream/lotion/moisturizer doesn't suit me, the whole tub gets waste. I can't tell you how many of them I have given to my mother as she is the lucky one, blessed with perfect skin type.

Though one cream which I started using since last winter- Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream is not blowing me up crazily and is mildly repairing my skin. I am only sceptical to use this one in summers because I sweat profusely and this one makes me sweat more. I learnt a trick lately to mix it with Biotique Bio Wild Grass After Shave Gel For Men (Shhhh!Don't be alarmed, I checked each ingredient mentioned, they are all herbal and filled with antibacterial and cooling properties. Some of these ingredient are used since ages for their cooling properties) and it soothes my skin like no one's business. Let's try this trick this summer, so far it's helping to keep my skin moisturised and chill. 😉

Try doing all this for your pimples, it may show results after few days of usage. Don't be disheartened girls, give your skin sometime, it may heal on it's own, like mine did with age(I has become less troublesome). There are few more guidelines for more troubled skin-

Get yourself checked(get to know what's causing them. Mine is hormonal).
Eat healthy.
Sleep timely (Wonky schedules can mess that pretty face up in more ways than we can imagine).
Keep your face, hands, towel, bedsheet etc. clean.
Create routine and stick to it.
Rest don't stress about all of this more than taking proper care, be the positive happy self and let not the skin issues ruin or take the charge of you.

Ending this one on a POSITIVE note.

These guidelines are told by many but in my own experience, they do help with health a lot and when you are healthy, it shows on the face too. Share your curiosities down in the comment section and I would try to solve them. Spread the word by sharing this posts with friends and subscribe to the blog for more such details.

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