Monday, 18 February 2019

Budget Shaadi (Wedding) Shopping in Chandni Chowk- Shops and More

How many weddings have you attended these past months or few?

I know all the Facebook and Instagram stories are filled with either your friends getting married or you yourself updating your- ' engaged to' status. While you at it, one thing very significant with Shaadi is shopping...duh!

And girls if you are fortunate enough to live in Delhi, you might as well find some really amazing styles while saving couple of bucks on the side line, who doesn't want that...Right? I have done shopping for various brides to be at different places and zones but Delhi's Chandni Chowk beats it all. I have considered all the times I have been there for the Bridal Lehenga and saree selection.

I have moved through those cramped spaces and up the buildings in need of some real worth the struggle in budget beauties, while every time I went there, I made a more precise list of where to buy from because if you have been there, you will know that it's actually a wholesale hub for whole wide world(no kidding). It's actually a struggle to find the shops which sell good designs and desired fabrics in lower budget as a retail.

While surfing the internet earlier for the shop names and having them visit myself, I came to know that not all of them are budget friendly, here I am curating a list of Saree and Lehenga shops, I found that had some of the best deals with awesome unique designs plus there you can find all sort of range-

Thumb Rules to shop in Chandni Chowk-
While you at shopping in any market where there is possibility of bargaining keep these thumb rules in mind-
1). Take care of your belonging, pick pocketers are common.
2). Never let the shopkeeper know of your true emotions in terms of liking the piece as then they will be adamant on the pricing.
3). Don't be afraid of trying the pieces or trying other shops.
4). Bargaining is the key to save some more cash (as they won't sell below their profit margin but can bargain till there).
5). Tell them the range in advance.
6). Don't judge the shop by the looks of it, smaller shops also hold some great deals.

Though there are many shops famous and non-famous but this one shop (compact/small -as I said looks can be deceptive) has some real nice pieces to offer. They have their own mill where artists work their magic for you to present the set, owner is friendly, they are ready to make the changes and alterations if you want and have some time in hand. They offer other stuff too but Lehengas are what I would suggest you to buy from here.

This is bit of a quest to find good sarees in Chandi Chowk at a reasonable rate, if you are from Delhi you would know that there are many other markets like Sarojini, Lajpat, Karol Bagh, Kamla Nagar which offer variety but we found some luck with these shops, they have good selection and if you wish to buy all your stuff from one place/area then do check these ones out. Range varies and so do the choices, bridal choices here are good if you have budget constraint. Plus Shree Ji offers some real great pieces of Banarsi and Lehenga Sarees, your bargaining skills here help you save some more.

Suiting & Shirting-
For gents shopping and gifting purpose, Raymonds dealership is right there in Nai Sarak and you sure can find budget friendly suiting and shirting with full size cut pieces and in various colors/patterns. Sorry, for not having the address card of it but people there will direct you.

Travel Bags, Bags and Trolleys-
To find bags and travel trolleys, attaching a card for  a retailer in same area and trust me quality of their product is good with in the price range, the higher you go, the quality product you get, deal with them on pricing and they will be happy to deduct bucks off your shopping if you buy in bulk.

If you plan to shop there, take a screen shot of these business cards. They can make your life a lot easier while being in a chaotic place like Chandni ChowkπŸ˜‰. These are the shops I personally shopped from plus you can go to SADAR BAJAAR- Matke Wali Gali (few minutes away from Chandni Chowk) for jewellery shopping, that again a wholesale market but there are few shops which retail and you can get almost all the artificial jewellery there from head gear to chokers to chooda to bangles, you name it and it's there.

 Have a HAPPY SHOPPING, share the word around with your friends and family.


  1. Hi..can you tell few shop names in Sadar Market for jewellery shopping.

    1. Sorry I don't know the exact name of the shop but the shops other than the main lane, i.e. in lane between the shops are very fine
      There is one sardaar ji shop who keeps very nice peices. My advise would be explore that market fully where you can find seller with best products stick to him and show your bargaining skills.🀷‍♀️πŸ‘

  2. Can suggest shops for salwar kameez suits

  3. Sorry for what names I have shopped on, I gave the details about. The suit market is separate, explore it. You sure are gonna find something.


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