Sunday, 21 January 2018

Finding Symmetry in Asymmetrical

So, I have been MIA for long again but I have come up with something good, I promise. More organised, devoted and to say the least I will post here more than earlier in the hopes that you folks find it useful and can take away something from here. First with little update that New Year celebration was muted as I was under the weather and X-Mas was meant to be spent in Dalhousie but came back a day earlier for photo updates of which head over to Instagram and follow if you haven't already, I would love to connect with you.

More on this might come later but starting with the current style topic, recently went to Qutub Minar and as it is built by Mughal architects, my attire of that day blended seamlessly (No! It wasn't planned and was just by mere fate). The perfect assymetric mehndi green Top/Kurta paired with Pathani Salwar(Mughal inspired just like the architect) along with Vintage Black Waist length Coat with bow details on the back was the best ensemble I could have come up with to visit the place this regal and full of architectural beauty.

This flowy outfit blended right with the structured beauty that is Qutub Minar and other sculptures within the premises. This was for the casual winter look but for more festive look you can opt for chunky statement jewellery without the coat and the set the tone right with the occasion. I love how this asymmetric ensemble flowed giving my walk that airy feel, I strutted around happily just to feel the blow...That's a happy feeling I say. 

Outfit Details-
Top- Sarojini Nagar(Delhi)
Coat- Sarojini Nagar (Delhi)
Pants- Khadi (Tailored)

Sarojini Nagar for sure is a holy grail for finding some vintage, thrifted, second-hands, budget friendly, factory made fashion. Share some of your go-to places for shopping in the comments..

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