Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Layer Fashionably For Winter

So while I was getting to write about shedding few apparel layers this winter, runway was blazing with trends to layer more. Don't get me wrong, for the one who enjoys this season hardly for two months in it's bloom here in India, I love to layer myself up, as cold and me are best of friends in mind but with body...Naha! My body can't take it. So, as far as it's in trend, let me get my coats on.

HAH! That's interesting.

Layer up with Silver this winter season, Interpreting runway trends

Here I am finding my peace in between trends of pairing two to three coats together to incorporating silver with attire and making it to my style. I don't wish to be all Joey Tribiani (where he puts on all of Chandeler's clothes for the couch revenge and if you haven't seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S., under what rock are living?), seriously this was my first thought seeing piling of coats on coat trend and truly speaking at my place here, it doesn't get this cold either. I will start melting under that pile for sure.

Studying Trends this Winter-

Incorporate Silver-
This one is more like me, dazzled silver outfits were seen on the runway. I am not ever daring to compare myself with any of the styles out there on the runway, this one was my interpretation of the trend. Incorporate some silver in your clothing this winter.

Interpreting runway trend this winter, Layer Up this Winter

Make an statement with leather pieces as its so in this season on the runway and in every form, be it skirts, jackets, trousers, tops, you name it and its there. Make your pick and go out in style. I have yet to find my statement leather (of course Faux) piece.

Animal Prints-
On and off in the previous seasons, animal prints will never fade away in the near future. Make the bold choice with same upper and bottom if you are opting for the animal prints or go for the bolder/broader prints to make a statement.

It's a boss fabric and like a boss, Silk ruled again and it so brings the elegance to any outfit if worn right. Make an statement with silk scarf wrapped around the head or dress or go with the printed silk outfit. Find yourself the perfect pair of silk trousers to make a bold statement or feel free in the flowy silk top, it's up to you.

Hoods & Capes-
Bigger hoodies and bolder cape silhouettes were visible on the runway. If you are worried about those chilly winter morning then girls and boys cover your head with the hoddies, no one should mind. You are on point with the latest trends.

Rustic Charm-
If you are the one who admires old school, bring out all the shades of brown etc., go with the rustic vibes. Find your style with crochet, of which I am not a fan in summer because of the layering I gotta do underneath but hello winters and I am game.

Double Coat Game-
So this was one trend, I couldn't get. Maybe, because I am Indian and it doesn't get so cold but I am planning a visit to snowland soon maybe there, this trend comes handy. Wear two coats instead of one, three instead of two, Yeah! weird but it was seen highly on the runway so I had to include it.

Back of the Tweed-
If tweed sounds very professor to you then be ready to teach some runway fashion  to others. Tweed coats made an entrance and I have been a lover of these anyways. Tweed is winter functional and for me always fantastic.

I don't think they ever left and again I am a big fan. Bring out style and posture in the checks you own. Bolder the better(in colour or prints).

Layer more this winter and layer well, keep yourself away from cold because it's trendy.😉

Interpreting this season's runway trend

I will always suggest, to not go all crazy over the shopping and find out the piece you own which can be perfectly worked out with the trend. Be the boss (which was mostly the mantra on runway) of your choices and act smart with the dressing boosting your confidence.

Interpreting Runway Trends this Winter, layer it up

Share your thoughts in the comment section below and what you like about this season's trend.

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