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What's in My Travel Backpack

What's in My Travel Backpack

By the time this post will be up on the blog, I will be on my way to another impromptu trip to Dalhousie. Yes! We were planning to go to Rajasthan since long but sudden turn of events and mountains here I come again. So while I thought about what all to pack in my backpack, this post has been long due and here is a list of what all you can find in my travel bag.

What's in My Travel Backpack

First things first, before planning anything I check the weather of the place I am visiting, like if I was going to Rajasthan as planned earlier my attire choices would have been different and for Dalhousie, I am packing a totally different set. This one is a no-brainer but a really helpful tip. Recently, I have travelled quite a lot, thanks to the company I am currently in so I have developed few habits over the period which help me tremendously to carry my bag without any help. I am listing below all the helpful tips and essentials which are required but are easily missed.

Habit of Not-Overpacking-
If you are the one who carries his/her own stuff then my friend, this is another huge task ahead of you. Though during my course of life so far, I have shifted to quite many a places and I myself have carried my bags mostly from one place to another but those were for the shifting purposes and not travelling for leisure. While travelling I will never want to drag my suitcases on the go so I keep my packing to something which I can carry myself. Have heard somewhere for travelling, analyse what all you kept for taking, take away twice in the review . This way you will avoid over-packing and will only take the essentials plus you will be reminded of the things you are missing.

Comfortable Backpack or Suitcase/Trolley-
A carry-on or a backpack is a perfect choice as it's easy to carry and convenient to shift plus has a space divided works as an organiser in itself. If you are out going with the family, even then it's a good habit to have a backpack each then to have one or two members dragging all the luggage in a trolley or a suitcase. Trolleys and suitcases are good options when you are on a road trip in your own car or traveller.

Hygiene Kit-
This is another important aspect of packing which one must keep in mind while packing, consisting of 1). Tooth-Brush, 2). Paste, 3). Handwash, 4). Hand- Sanitizer, 5). Wet-Wipes, 6).Tissue Paper, 7). Soap/Shampoo Sachet, 8) Qtips, 9).Shaving Kit(For men)/ Tampons or Pads (for women), 10). Pocket Deo

It's not always that I stay in a luxurious hotel or travel by the modest transport so to have something to clean myself up with at my disposal is always a safe and good option.

Camera Kit-
So far I have been doing with my mobile phone, so that's mostly it in my camera kit but someday there will be a nice camera to fill in this space. 😉

Medical Kit-
On my Trip to Patnitop , it so happened that even though I had mostly all required medicines with me but fever was not accounted for and my friend got high fever by the night as it was snowing. It was by mere luck that the hotel staff arranged for a fever medicine by late night as all roads were blocked, there was no current in the whole area and we were stuck in the hotel for next 2 days. It's a good idea to have 1). Your Prescribed medication, 2). Fever Meds 3). Headache 4). Stomach Meds 5). Bandages in your kit at all times.

Power Bank-
This I have mentioned in 10 Travelling Essentials , its always good to have a power backup by your side to charge up the camera or a phone on the go. Two days with total black-out in Patnitop has made me realise the importance of charged phone camera at all times so that I didn't miss out to capture any beautiful memory.

Shoes to Walk In Comfortably-
I have feet so soft that it can pain with or without any work, hence I gotta be extra conscious about my shoe choices on the go as I need a pair which looks good and doesn't hurt my toes. My go to choice for these trips have been my pink Puma shoes. Go for something which you feel comfortable to walk in.

I love to carry my accessories as for me they put together the look. For the outfit I keep, I put on few neckpieces, a watch, scarves and shades if I plan to wear my contacts on any occasion. I like to keep these minimal as they add on to quite a lot of weight to the luggage and my whole aim always is to carry less. So I choose amongst my set and pick the versatile ones to go on mostly all the travels.

Versatile Clothes-
I try to keep versatile clothing items in my backpack which can be paired with each other and worn individually so that the outfit doesn't get monotonous. If I am visiting a cold place, I would stuff my bag with jackets and coat, usually they take a whole lot space in my luggage and with rest I will have to compromise. My solution to this is finding high colored thin layers to wear underneath for protection and to wear the cosy ones outside. For what I worry the least if my outfit is getting repetitive throughout the images because wherever I go, I visit mostly 2-3 picturesque spots and I just can't change outfit at every location because I am there to soak in the majestic nature and less work.

My Travel Makeup Kit-
This again is the key selection for the girls out there, I usually prefer to keep my makeup simple and effective for the photographs while I travel. I never wish to get all dolled up for the trek on the mountains, just few touch ups here and there so it's very pointless to carry tons of makeup and fill my luggage with it. My kit has a concealer, tinted blusher(which I hardly use), kajal, eye-liner, and lip tint. Plus I need to have moisturiser and Vaseline/Boroplus to keep my hands and feet moist. For a time like this trip, I will be there to enjoy Christmas events so might throw in a simple quadrant eyeshadow palette which has shades to match with every occasion, the beautiful gold and 1-2 brushes. I wear glasses throughout most of my trip but will pop my contacts and liquid just in case.

You might have noticed till now that though I am a bag lover but usually there is always that one bag which I carry to every place with myself. Find yourself that one handy bag which holds all your cards, cash and required documents in place and can be fitted through any space. I have this green sling bag which is plain and chic, easy to carry spacious bag which I carry everywhere as for me to change bags and cards every second will only lead to miss placing few of the items in the process. So if I have to take something huge, I will just pop my sling right into it.

Diary and Pen-
Though I carry a phone which has all my notes and memoirs in place but I still like to keep a diary and a pen handy. Many of my trip plans have been made, thought after, written and later executed from that diary. So by the time I think of some other better alternative than this, I will continue to carry this small packet friendly diary with me.

Papers or Carry Bags-
I always carry a set which has newspapers and spare 2 bags just in case to keep any extra or wet items back into the bag and to save other items from getting wet by it. This helps in dividing sections of clean and dirty within the bag.

Never short on Necessities-
Socks, undergarments are the basics. Compromising on clothing a bit but never compromise on keeping clean sets on the go. You might not get time every minute to clean your undergarments or even if you do they might not dry in time so always keep a pair extra from what you have thought would suffice.

Water Bottle-
This is mostly one thing which I never carry from home and buy mid-way. I don't rely on tap water in most places so mostly buy a filter water bottle on the way, once done will crush and throw it into the dustbin(important point to avoid re-usage of plastic bottles without proper recycling).

What's in My Travel Backpack

So, that's all what I keep in my travel bag in case you find it helpful share the idea around and comment below what all items you travel with or your queries if there are any.

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