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Go for SUSTAINABLE Fashion without compromising on style

Since I started writing blog, I began to organise more than I used to, think more than I used to, put efforts more than I used to and today when I sat back to retrospect my lifestyle it was surely filled with thoughts to have a pretty house of my own, a decent wardrobe but on a closer look I wanted to be more responsible as a human of my choices now. I see new things coming every other second on my Instagram feed from home décor to clothes but this made me think, how much bad it is doing to us as individuals or nature as a whole.

Ways for sustainable fashion without compromising style
Organic Fabric-Khadi (is 1 option)

With this age of digitalisation, we are never satisfied with what we have and what is the sustainability of anything we own?

With fast fashion, sales activated every other second, new updates, how far we are from demolishing our mental self and planet earth as fast fashion comes at a higher price than what meets the eyes. From cosmetics to apparels, we are surrounded with things changing, updating, reforming every second and every thing shines on the outer skin but we fail to see the hard work of daily wagers who work harder each day to meet the demands at the lowest wages, even risking their lives at some places. We see the changing feeds and feel a little less of our lifestyle at times and that shouldn't, how life has to be.

We Indians are blessed with culture so rich that it provides us so much of variety with artists, attires, craftsmanship, architecture and much more. We are from the place which practiced yoga and meditation in the ancient times, we do sacred rituals to cleanse our aura which now thanks to digitalisation and it's benefits has left mark all around the globe. People all around the globe come to visit our culture, stay here, meditate, refresh, rejuvenate and go back to their countries with heart felt warmth.

Sustainable Fashion is not that hard, go for Vintage, Upcycle or organic fabrics

And with this post on #sustainable fashion, I wish to make a point to get closer to our roots to feel satisfied at most points. Either ways most of us are bred to maximise the use of everything in our lives(being from middle class family, I know it😉) so why should we start splurging on the things which are made to have shorter shelf life. Indulge in some of the sustainable/slow fashion for achieving something greater than just style. I am not suggesting something which we can't practice as we ain't saints devoid of worldly values or not all of us are rich to afford some of the bigger sustainable fashion brands but only having little trick here and there up our sleeves to extend the longevity of the fashion we choose.

Some old time charm exists in those age old attires and their embellishments or embroidery. There is nothing more pretty and fulfilling for me than the buried treasure of my mother's closet and which I leisurely hunt from time to time, sometime to wear a saree as it is, to pair the cardigans(some of which even belonged to my grandmother) she owns for winter season with my denims, sometimes to upcycle it. Trust me, old fabric is like gold value of which only increases with time. If fabric is in good condition, which always is (it will last for my lifetime I guess), I will cut and get it stitched to my preferences. Choose vintage over the new buys and pair it with yours regulars, you will surely make some heads turn.

Indian Prints and Crafts-
To my knowledge or what I have sensed, Indian crafts like Block Printing, Chicken-Kari, hand Embroidery work so far have less adverse effects on people's lifestyle as they are done on demand, mostly on cotton fabrics and by the people in civil conditions. Most pieces by themselves make a huge statement and they are really long lasting. Opt for more such apparels, this will benefit you, the environment, the craftsman and it will be MADE IN INDIA just like me and you. 😊

Research and Pick-
Before going right into the buy, learn about the brand more. There are some of the Indian brands which make cool fabrics and whole wide range for you to pick from. If you well are reading this post, read about the brand you buy from. It's not always the western brands which provide you with new styles, find your style in the regional drapes at khadi stores in India or various brands which are building more ethically. Even some of the western mass producers are making effort towards the greater good.

Second Hand-
What has been buried in your closet for probably a decade now, you are never gonna wear it. Give it to someone before it perishes in your closet itself, they will have a second pair to wear and be grateful about it. This is not per say the eco-friendly way but this plays with the psychology as another person will have one more pair to wear and one less to buy.

Cloth Swap-
This again is a known phenomenon for buying less and having more choices to wear from. Swap clothes amongst yourselves to broaden the options. I have worn many outfits from my friend's closet and they have mine (obviously if it fits or might need a little tailoring), I am not ashamed of it. we all spend fortunes on a single piece, why not let it be utilized to it's maximum potential.

Organic Fabric-
My love for khadi is immense and don't go by it's name, that darn fabric is costly but so breathable. Know your fabric or what you are buying. Choose natural fibre woven fabrics, if you are the one who can not make out the difference between fabrics then check for cotton (which is not heavily chemically treated), silk, rayon, linen, modal, wool(not that synthetic ones) etc. If you don't know it by feel, check the care label. This works well in your body's favour too. Organic fabrics absorb less moisture hence when you wear cotton which is not heavily treated, your body feels lighter as there is no chemical to absorb skin's water.

Another way to go about sustainable fashion is to upcycle things you own, design a dress out of already existing piece to your choice, DIY a kurta out of an old dupatta, do your print on a solid colour, give it some fusion. Make it you work of art, what bad could might not like the turn out or you may. Today even a rug maker came to my door suggesting to make rugs and tapestry out of old clothes(sadly I de-cluttered all mine right before Diwali).

With the increased demand of fabrics, machines are ruling the garment industry way and beyond but handloom has been there since the start. This craftsmanship should be valued for decades to come. I cherish the rugs and IKAT handlooms I own.

choose sustainable or eco friendly fashion

These are some simple, cost effective yet very workable tips to opt sustainable fashion maintaining your style. I will never throw away my denims I guess but it's going to look million bucks if I team them up with chicken-kari kurtas. Amidst all those updating feeds on Instagram, we have to find our p-ea/ie-ce, maximise the use of every closet and every garment we own, to choose wisely on our next buy. Even if we make conscious decision with one attire that would be a satisfaction we can never overlook.

Share these ideas around and comment below your tricks and tips towards opting sustainable fashion in case I missed any.

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