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Fashion Accessories To Invest In

Women's Accessories To Invest In

Here is a news, recently I have been binge watching 2 Broke Girls. It all started with comedy but now the love affair has grown far too strong, not only with Kat Dennings character as Max but also with the apartment for home decor inspiration and the outfits she wears. One thing which stood out the most in her style is that how she takes those basic check shirts plus denim combo and gives it the accessory twist. This takes her outfit from basic to fashion worthy. I have been such an admirer of statement accessories myself that have to impart some info on which statement accessories are the must have to take your attire from drab to fab.
Accessories to Invest In

For whatever planning of clothes we do, we just have to admit that not even the whole huge trunk full of clothes would suffice to alter each day and wear something different for every occasion. We have trained our minds to run towards fast fashion in this age of Instagram and always be buying more clothes but that will only burn a hole in your pockets by the end of the month and urge to buy more with next paycheck….that's not fun. Why not take a different approach of working on the outfits you already have and fuse it with the fun accessories. I am not just talking about shoes and bags, I am talking about big whole shebang. Here are some ideas at the top of my head and as I always said don't be limited by choices I give, search more and find your style, play with fashion in quest to find it.

Silver and gold Hand-Downs-
Some of the best pieces which I own are the hand-downs from my mother and grand-mothers, they are these huge paajeb(chunky anklet), the ear-cuffs and chunky bracelets with meena work. The value of these accessories only increase with age and so does the look. These sure are not the everyday wear but occasionally you can flaunt those family heirlooms and make a huge statement with a simple attire. On the plus side you need not to invest a dime for them yet you are at a huge gain in looks and value.

Invest in a good quality headgear, these accessories are statement makers. Your look turns from plain to chic in a single second. Don't be afraid to play with the vibe, you are dressed to impress and if not you are dressed for yourself. I didn't understood the importance of this earlier in my life and that would be my regret as I had some great Beret hand-downs from my great Grand-Father or maybe my head was too small for it, who would know now as I committed the crime of giving them away long time back and here I write about it. Invest in a Men's Biker Cap(Black is versatile), Fedora, a Beret or Satin Headband, they compliment mostly all attires.
Headgear Fashion Accessories to Invest In

Statement Necklace-
I cannot emphasise this enough that what wonders does a statement neck piece does to a garment. Just tuck in the chunky necklace under your collar and your look is upscaled by 1000 points. Invest in some durable chunky neck jewellery than buying trinkets. I own quite a few and they are versatile fashion pieces which work well with both traditional and western attires. They even suit the suit😉 or any business ensemble, just find a classy set. For neckpieces I would rather suggest to hunt the local markets if you are from metropolitans, as I have found best statement makers from Sarojini Nagar in Delhi but here are some online options and you gotta take care of these babies if you want them to last long😍
Rather than owning a cheaper material which can be worn only a month or so, invest in some good quality belts. They are such a look enhancer from party to boho, from fancy to punk, you can opt for any and it will serve the purpose just right. A plain shift dress can be altered in so many ways, with a sleek belt, you are ready for meeting, with huge bulky belt, you are ready to hit the road and with embellishments you are ready to rock the party. Just find your pick.
Waist Belt Fashion Accessories to Invest In

Meeting Blue Party RedOccasional BlackBronzed Jazz |  Rhinestone silver

Invest in suspenders and take your fashion game to a whole new level girls and boys, this one is unisex and functional. Works replacing the belt and ads so much to the look. Plain denim and white shirt look gets a new life just by adding suspenders. This is really a good investment without complicating your head with tons to choose from.

Suspenders Fashion Accessories to Invest In

Statement Hand Accessories-
Buy that one huge ring preferably crystal studded or the lacy bracelets, they make huge statement pieces. They complete the look, giving it the edge you need from grunge to boho chic...pick your piece.  So far I own this one ring which is in gold but works great with almost all the pieces I set it with. This is one investment I need to indulge in ASAP as I do fall short on this one.

Hand Fashion Accessories to Invest In

I am a girl with power, I hardly can see clearly without my glasses on so this one is for the girls like me and not necessarily. I am stuck with these goggles forever so why not make the most of it, try to choose the frame which makes more statement than your clothes do. I have 2 sets, one sleek and simple for my traditional wears(when I hate to put on lenses which is always) and other is a bold oval shaped for more outdoorsy look. Invest in some good quality and if you are amongst those lucky one who just wear goggles for fun, go nuts with your choices but choose the shape which suits your face.

Fashion Accessories to Invest In

You need not to buy a whole bunch of all these accessories to start from, you just need the right piece to start from. Put in some thought before buying, analyse the functionality of the jewellery and then invest in some quality products. Metallic jewellery like oxidised silver and crystals stay for the longest period if taken care of nicely. Plus these accessories make the great gifts, I  just thought of including this info as it's the holiday season and we all are planning for the gifts.

So, these are my fashion accessory picks, what do yo like to accessorise with? Write down in the comments below and if you like it share the idea around. 

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