Monday, 5 November 2018

Trip to Lesser Known Peaceful Champawat

During all this break I took from blogging, I travelled. I travelled quite a lot, attended events, went on trip/s, visited home and much more. This post is dedicated to one such travel trip because this place and this journey etched it's mark on my memory. Champawat was not very well known to me but my cousin got married and is living nearby so after her grand wedding in my hometown, I went to attend her wedding reception. By the time I was there, plans to visit Kumaoni region was in making.

Trip to lesser know Champawat-Kumaoni Region

It's really amazing that India has so many beautiful scenic places and even if we travel each day of our lives, I feel there would still be some place left at the end. I never knew through out these years of my existence that there are these beautiful mountains few hours away from my place though I have heard of the places nearby. I am a mountain lover (though my stamina disagrees) and if there is one peaceful mountain I can cover then YES, I am all geared up.

Trip to lesser know peaceful Champawat-Kumaoni Region

Before starting with my experience of this place, I wish to tell you that so far I have travelled and relied mostly through/on public transport but if you are planning your visit to Champawat and further, public transport is not an option(or if it is. it's going to be really a hard one).

Road Trip From Sitapur to Tanakpur:

Trip to attend the reception was a sudden one and we were already so tired from the marriage but in the name of travel, I was all charged up. It hardly took 5-6 hours to reach the hotel venue in Tanakpur, there we got ready and headed straight to the wedding reception. Who knew the plans for next day would change for a trip to heaven?

Tanakpur to Champawat:

In past year or two, I have been to many mountains but let me assure you that the ones you see from Tanakpur are different ball game all together. As you go up the mountains it's a steep curvy ride to the first stop Champawat. This place is low on tourists and lowest on population, nothing like any other hill station. I would rather stay clear of the busy tourist places and spend most amount of time here, though the places to visit as a tourist spot are less but if you are one who enjoys nature more than anything then you are at the right place. Local cuisines are served at every corner and mela(fair) was the part of our one day stay here.

Trip to peaceful Champawat-Kumaoni Region

Champavat to Mayawati Ashram:

Another attraction of visiting Champawat is this ashram. This one is on the route to Lohaghat. Scenic beauty, serenity, calmness, cleanliness, garden and the view gives you positive vibes. If at all you plan to visit, go with free mind and enjoy some quality time away from the hustle and bustle of busy city. As I have mentioned earlier, public transport in this area are equal to none so make sure you are by your means.
My trip to Champawat, Mayawati Ashram- Kumaoni Region

Kumaon Region Champawat Mayawati Ashram

Mayawati Ashram to  Abbott Mount:

We moved further ahead to Abbott Mount, our initial plan before night was to see sunrise from the mountains but as we slept really late I only got to see an awesome sunrise from my room window(Yes I managed to get up that early). We visited the well made and curated cottages in Abbott Mount. This place for some reason unknown to me is vacant and without a soul nearby, even the caretaker was missing when we went. Himalayan ranges are visible from here but the weather wasn't clear to see them through clearly. Cottages are awesome experience in themselves and the place surrounding is quiet.

Cottages on Abbott Mount- Champawat-Kumaoni Region

My trip to Champawat- Kumaon Region- Abbott Mount Cottages

Every minute I spent in Champawat has been one awesome memory, from morning walk to the mela, from road ahead to up the hill, from huge tree to tiny flower, I enjoyed every bit of this beauty. I really wish that roses are that red everywhere else too and vines are greener(Yes roses there were huge and popping red).

My trip to Champawat- Kumaon Region- Sunrise

My trip to Champawat- Kumaon Region
My trip to Champawat-Kumaon Region

This journey was really short and the sweetest.

Plan a trip to lesser known areas, that ways you will enjoy the beauty of nature in its full glory and you might be the only one to do so at that moment. Share your best trip moments in the comments below, I would love to read your experiences. 😊

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