Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Importance of Documentation|Lists, Journals, Photgraphs, Bills etc.

There is a reason, I added lifestyle section to my blog. I am experiencing a change in the way I am living now and previously, I want this change to be continuous and not a fluke. That's why I am documenting it in my blogs. Yes! That's the importance I am talking about.

Blog is where I document my Life

We all are humans and not machines after all. Our brain can store only so much and we tend to forget most of it by the night light. Many occurrences have happened where something pops up in my head and by the minute I get finished with my work, the idea is out. This is not one of the managerial documentation post where I will be assessing the aspects of why filing is important in offices, we all know the importance of that(Things on paper are much more solid and of value than the ones in mind) but this one is more of a personal approach to it.

Pros and Cons of Documents
I have post-it with pen counter at every nook of my house so I don't have to post-pone writing anything popping in my head till the time I find a pen and paper. Call me forgetful but I think it keeps my mind and process organised. I have a list of everything important and every idea documented for me to go back and to refer to it. Document your:

1). Lists:
I make a check list from grocery to to-do list about everything at most occasions. This list keeps the items in check and in place plus I don't have to go over the hassle of reminding myself of what to buy or to keeps me from over buying the un-necessary items. Whenever I am out and about doing my business, my list is a reminder of works to be taken care of before taking the night's rest.

 2). Plans:
Documenting the plans is really important in the planning process. Be it for yourself, for any trip or for any other detail. Having a proper vision of where do you wanna go/reach in a given time period helps you work harder towards achieving that vison. The one who has travelled new places often can assure you that this list keeps you from missing out on seeing/visiting amazing places, diverging from your budget, keeping your trip in time check.

3). Journal:
I don't write journals but I like capturing moments at times. Phone is the easiest camera I have in hand, things I capture at times can be bizarre but when I go back and look it up, the memories sure are beautiful. For you it can be anything, a journal writing, photographs, souvenirs from the moments you spend...You sure can stop by to smell a rose but after a while, memory of it will only remain so why not capture the moment.

4). Bills and Payments:
This one is more organised approach towards your lifestyle so that whenever you get a sum of money in your pocket, you will know where you gotta spend first because that's a bigger responsibility to be clear off your payments, bills and debts.

5). Social Media:
With social media taking over everything in our lives, why not go one step further to actually documenting our lives and ideas with the help of it. Like an Instagram stories are a throwback to a time well spent(don't make it about the number, make it about the memories you made), announce thoughts in a Tweet or a personal share on Facebook will only help you get a clearer picture of what will be your next step (I still get Facebook notifications of somethings I shared ages ago as a serious issue and now laugh over how silly was my reaction).

If you are not the one who writes daily or keep the track of details, trust me and start it with simple steps. Write down details of the day or few snippets from here and there. You will soon start loving the process and will get a clear vision of your thoughts. Anything which makes it's presence felt remains for a longer period in memory and in activity, your commitment to it will grow stronger with days.

Why you should document your life.

It's only fair to analyse the pros and cons of something you are favouring, practising and advising so here are some:

  • Keeps you organised
  • Clarity of VISION
  • You have an evidence for going back and referring to 
  • Makes you work harder or ponder over the ideas you vision
  • Hassle Free assortment of deeds
  • You have tons of memories in hard copy to look back to and smile
  • Once hooked, you can't return
  • If you have access to it, others might too (unlike thoughts)
  • Takes some practice to get used too
I have started with it very recently but loving the process, this is one way to keep myself organised, work hard towards achieving the goal and trust me it's not some childish practice though it can be made fun of but it helps you see things clearly and with perspective.

SHARE these ideas, COMMENT below whether you love to document your life and in what form.

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