Monday, 15 October 2018

Don't wait for NEW YEAR

Hello Pom-Poms!

Its been ages since I wrote my last post, totally not fair as I did promise myself that I won't lack but I did. So, what should be my punishment? Let it be a tight watch on making sure I write even more helpful content for you colourful souls and be more creative with my ideas.

So, here I am with a weirdest title possible and an awesome idea behind it-
Don't wait for the NEW YEAR

Yes! You read it right in the title and now when it's in the quotes, it's way more clear but why do I say it?

With every new year, comes our RESOLUTIONS.

Oh!I know it and been guilty of at times to bring out my shiny pad and brand new stationary to make some promising statements on the very first page of it but by the end of any year how far do we go with our lists, really?

In most cases - Not very far

One HELPFUL tip: Get going with your ideas/resolutions/promises now and today, it seems like a very promising day if only you can motivate yourself enough to not procrastinate it as then the idea will be lost in the pool of thoughts and never come to life. I have made some observations to why do we do this and what can we really do to avoid waiting for the New-Years and work on our business today:

Stop doing that 'Will start tomorrow' thing

Why? What's in tomorrow which is not in this very minute that we have to procrastinate it for the better future. Understand one-thing my friends, if you have not given your 100% for a thing to happen this very minute, there will be no better time for that thing to happen at all for many reasons like: you loosing that fire for the idea, loss of resources, you being low on energy, what seems good today may not seem wise tomorrow etc.

Start accepting:

First and foremost, start accepting to the fact that you have been procrastinating for quite some time now and take responsibility for your actions like I just did in the beginning of this blog that for years I waited for me to start spreading wise words through my writing and I failed big time. You just don't do that mistake and defend yourself by saying, 'but I will seriously start working on it as it's my dream project.' because then that's all it's going to remain 'A Dream'. Don't be in denial

Where to start:

When we are to try something new or out of the way, we are never sure of where to start from. Story time (Yayyy!!)- When I started this blog or the Youtube channel, I didn't know how far will I go as I didn't take in any of my known accounts for most part of it where I had friends and family so to achieve even this handful of audience seems like a great deal at this point. It wasn't a silly idea after all, I wouldn't have come to know this if I didn't start it in the first place.

It's OKAY to Shut-Down:

It's really okay to have your moment when there is too much on your plate to start with. To our dismay, we are not a robot to keep working 24*7(even the machines need charging) so do we but once you are sorted with your choices get going again with the new found energy and a goal to achieve.

Too hard to take on:

We have seen history made time and again, man has found galaxy that was far fetched dream before it really happened. So don't even think for a single second that some goals are too hard to achieve. It's only difficult when you stop working towards achieving them.

It's okay to fail:

Humans make mistakes and those who say they don't ain't human 😉. It's okay if you failed with your resolutions in the past, if are not afraid to go for it once are good to go. Smoking is a bad habit still we see people having fags even after continuous health hazard warnings, many of us have made promises to cut back on it with every coming year but we relapse back to our regulars till one day your body gives sign that it can't take the smoke anymore and you are left with no choice to stop it all together. If you can stop on the road to death, you can as well stop now but you got to keep trying every second.

Make a list:

Recently, I have understood the importance of documentation, if something is in your head only you know it but if it's written somewhere, there are chances of you being more determined about making it a possibility. This trick works for me very well, I have kept planning 'n' number of things in  my head in the past but failed to deliver. Now I make sure that the ideas are just not thought of but are written somewhere for me to go back and see it as a constant reminder. Currently, I have 2 major things 'Blog' and 'Exercise' written on my front wall and from the day I did that, I just missed exercising 1 single day.


  • Once again being regular with my Blog, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms

  • Include exercise in my daily routine

  • Follow early to bed and early to rise mantra

  • Not get involved with social media first thing in the morning or until 11 a.m.

  • Travel for inspiration 

Now, when I have given you quite an understanding of how I am performing following my resolutions two months prior to New Years, get going with your list too. Start with an easy one and gradually dust away the whole pile.

In between you and me, I am a queen of PROCASTINATION, if I can make myself start and do something regularly so can you.


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