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Diwali Gift Ideas|For Loved Ones and You

Every year the festival of light comes with lots of hope, values and SALE.

Yes! With Diwali, offers come pouring in and it is the time when bigger things on monetary aspect happen. Bonus in office, gifts from friends and family, wealth from god and blessings are expected. As we expect, we prepare from our end too so here is some help sorting out the gift ideas this Diwali season, though I love some personal feel to my gifting ideas like the DIY handmade card/memory frames or hamper with homecooked eatables but I am keeping in mind that's not for everybody or some might have the time constraint preparing them.

Diwali gift ideas|Gift for loved ones

For me gifts have personal value to them so before gifting, know the person enough to get their likes and dislikes. Like if you give a chocolate box(most common gifting idea) to a person who doesn't eat chocolate, the gift won't solve the purpose so put some thought to it. 

I am as well putting up some ideas which are gifts to satisfy your soul, if this Diwali you are thinking to do something different.

1). Some Cash:

In my last post I talked about Minimalism and my idea of trying to live as one, this one gift as a Indian tradition is really at the top of my list. Cash comes handy in each and every condition so if at all you are being really thoughtful about the other person's choice to buy whatever they wish with it. With online transactions and e-commerce progress over the decade, you can just BHIM it to anyone's account(Yes! I am promoting BHIM more than any other e-wallet here because it transacts money directly to bank and not to some virtual wallet). If you prefer offline mode go with some wrapped cash, ain't no one minds some cash.

Bhim or cash as gifts for loved ones

2). Coupons/ Gift Cards:

If you think cash is impersonal, opt for gift cards and coupons depending on you beloved's shopping choices. Like if he/she likes to shop for clothes then go for Shopper-Stop's Shopping e-cards where your beloved will receive the promo or voucher code in their mail and utilize it for shopping anything of their choice from store or voucher provider's site. You can also opt for personal delivery of the card, where the card will be delivered at your doorstep. If your beloved loves to shop from the e-commerce sites like Amazon then opt for their Amazon Pay - E-mail Gift Card where you can decide the amount and send the voucher directly through mail or they also have their at door-step service with Amazon Pay Gift Card, here also you can choose what amount card do you want to purchase. If you are choosing one for a movie lover then go for BookMyShow Digital (E-Mail) Voucher/Diwali Greetings Mail Vouchers or order at door-step card BookMyShow Gift Card. For the décor lover you can opt for Pepperfry Gift Card .This again is in regards to give preference to your beloved's choices and it surely will bring smile on their face.

Cards and Vouchers as Diwali Gifts

3). Hamper of Dry Fruits and Namkeens:

Too much sweetness is not healthy so don't just gift what's expected...mix a little touch of  'YOU' to it. Dry Fruit by nature are rich and healthy, add a touch of saltiness to it by making a mixed hamper of your favourite dry fruits and namkeens. In my experience, the pre packed dry fruit packaging you get from market are not always of very good quality so what I prefer to do is to make pouches of hand picked dry fruits and then put pre-packed namkeens along in a fancy basket. You can wrap the basket in clear cellophane and ribbon or just leave it like that. I have some take out boxes and little dishes, so I plan to pack dry fruits in those little dishes and put clear cellophane on it, then further do the same with namkeens, stack 2 on each side, close the lid and put a bow on it with a personalised message tag.

Festival gift packaging ideas

4). Hamper of Cookies, Coffee and Tea:

In this life of hustle and bustle we all need our calm moments, give your loved ones a goodie package full of calming treats. Place in some delicious baked cookies (try putting in different flavours like cranberry, oats, chocolate, caraway, cumin and butter) along with nerve calming flavoured tea sachets and coffee sachets. For the tea ideas go for jasmine, chamomile, herbal, lemon, masala or ginger flavours and for coffee put in some filter coffee and beans. This one is going to last long in memories and taste of your loved ones.

5)Hamper of Scents and Fragrances:

Come what may, good fragrances are everyone's sweet spot and this again has to do a lot with calming the nerves of your loved one. While preparing this Diwali hamper, keep in mind of their choices and the spirit of Diwali. Bring them some soothing fragrances, curate together a hamper filled with little Itra or Perfume bottle, some light scented candles, some essential oils and to add a personal touch to it put in some homemade potpourri pouches mostly of citrusy fragrances as it lasts long and helps killing the germs which is basic Diwali mantra/ritual of every Indian household.

Diwali gift ideas for loved ones

The above list is for what you choose to gift to your loved ones but what about making yourself happy and your soul feel content, this Diwali do something ir-regular along with your loved ones as a Diwali gift to society or less fortunate. Make this Diwali full of light, love, laughter and joy for the ones who are in need, you can opt for the following:

1). Go to Orphanage:

This Diwali choose to spend the festival with the kids who don't have parents sure you can not fill the void completely but your presence is sure going to reduce the loneliness. Take some clothes, toys or Rangoli colours along with your kids/family members to the orphanage and have fun with the little ones.

2). Go to a Old-Age Home:

Family is missed by everyone, young and old. So, what about those elderly people who are there in the old age homes holding hands of each other and still missing their loved ones, this Diwali bring smile on their faces with your presence. Don't need to do anything big or small, just your presence there will make their faces lit with joy and happiness...isn't that what 'Diyas' in Diwali signifies.

3). Plant a Tree:

This one is not particularly for others but for the mother nature. Isn't She giving us most of herself each day, this will be our little effort to give something back. Go into some remote region  or choose the sidewalks of your daily morning session and plant a tree in the hopes that it will grow into a bigger one. Amongst all the pollution we create during this festival, lets make sure instead of doing that we will be more thoughtful towards mother nature.

This Diwali trest your sould with these gift ideas
Have a blissful festive period, enjoy a ton with your loved ones, be alert and safe this Diwali season. Go low on crackers so we all can breath some healthy air the next morning. 

Comment below your ideas of gift giving and tell me about your Diwali preparations. Share these ideas around and do tell me if you plan to do any of these gift ideas this festive season😃.

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