Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Diwali Gift Ideas|For Loved Ones and You

Every year the festival of light comes with lots of hope, values and SALE.

Yes! With Diwali, offers come pouring in and it is the time when bigger things on monetary aspect happen. Bonus in office, gifts from friends and family, wealth from god and blessings are expected. As we expect, we prepare from our end too so here is some help sorting out the gift ideas this Diwali season, though I love some personal feel to my gifting ideas like the DIY handmade card/memory frames or hamper with homecooked eatables but I am keeping in mind that's not for everybody or some might have the time constraint preparing them.

Diwali gift ideas|Gift for loved ones

For me gifts have personal value to them so before gifting, know the person enough to get their likes and dislikes. Like if you give a chocolate box(most common gifting idea) to a person who doesn't eat chocolate, the gift won't solve the purpose so put some thought to it. 

I am as well putting up some ideas which are gifts to satisfy your soul, if this Diwali you are thinking to do something different.

1). Some Cash:

In my last post I talked about Minimalism and my idea of trying to live as one, this one gift as a Indian tradition is really at the top of my list. Cash comes handy in each and every condition so if at all you are being really thoughtful about the other person's choice to buy whatever they wish with it. With online transactions and e-commerce progress over the decade, you can just BHIM it to anyone's account(Yes! I am promoting BHIM more than any other e-wallet here because it transacts money directly to bank and not to some virtual wallet). If you prefer offline mode go with some wrapped cash, ain't no one minds some cash.

Bhim or cash as gifts for loved ones

2). Coupons/ Gift Cards:

If you think cash is impersonal, opt for gift cards and coupons depending on you beloved's shopping choices. Like if he/she likes to shop for clothes then go for Shopper-Stop's Shopping e-cards where your beloved will receive the promo or voucher code in their mail and utilize it for shopping anything of their choice from store or voucher provider's site. You can also opt for personal delivery of the card, where the card will be delivered at your doorstep. If your beloved loves to shop from the e-commerce sites like Amazon then opt for their Amazon Pay - E-mail Gift Card where you can decide the amount and send the voucher directly through mail or they also have their at door-step service with Amazon Pay Gift Card, here also you can choose what amount card do you want to purchase. If you are choosing one for a movie lover then go for BookMyShow Digital (E-Mail) Voucher/Diwali Greetings Mail Vouchers or order at door-step card BookMyShow Gift Card. For the décor lover you can opt for Pepperfry Gift Card .This again is in regards to give preference to your beloved's choices and it surely will bring smile on their face.

Cards and Vouchers as Diwali Gifts

3). Hamper of Dry Fruits and Namkeens:

Too much sweetness is not healthy so don't just gift what's expected...mix a little touch of  'YOU' to it. Dry Fruit by nature are rich and healthy, add a touch of saltiness to it by making a mixed hamper of your favourite dry fruits and namkeens. In my experience, the pre packed dry fruit packaging you get from market are not always of very good quality so what I prefer to do is to make pouches of hand picked dry fruits and then put pre-packed namkeens along in a fancy basket. You can wrap the basket in clear cellophane and ribbon or just leave it like that. I have some take out boxes and little dishes, so I plan to pack dry fruits in those little dishes and put clear cellophane on it, then further do the same with namkeens, stack 2 on each side, close the lid and put a bow on it with a personalised message tag.

Festival gift packaging ideas

4). Hamper of Cookies, Coffee and Tea:

In this life of hustle and bustle we all need our calm moments, give your loved ones a goodie package full of calming treats. Place in some delicious baked cookies (try putting in different flavours like cranberry, oats, chocolate, caraway, cumin and butter) along with nerve calming flavoured tea sachets and coffee sachets. For the tea ideas go for jasmine, chamomile, herbal, lemon, masala or ginger flavours and for coffee put in some filter coffee and beans. This one is going to last long in memories and taste of your loved ones.

5)Hamper of Scents and Fragrances:

Come what may, good fragrances are everyone's sweet spot and this again has to do a lot with calming the nerves of your loved one. While preparing this Diwali hamper, keep in mind of their choices and the spirit of Diwali. Bring them some soothing fragrances, curate together a hamper filled with little Itra or Perfume bottle, some light scented candles, some essential oils and to add a personal touch to it put in some homemade potpourri pouches mostly of citrusy fragrances as it lasts long and helps killing the germs which is basic Diwali mantra/ritual of every Indian household.

Diwali gift ideas for loved ones

The above list is for what you choose to gift to your loved ones but what about making yourself happy and your soul feel content, this Diwali do something ir-regular along with your loved ones as a Diwali gift to society or less fortunate. Make this Diwali full of light, love, laughter and joy for the ones who are in need, you can opt for the following:

1). Go to Orphanage:

This Diwali choose to spend the festival with the kids who don't have parents sure you can not fill the void completely but your presence is sure going to reduce the loneliness. Take some clothes, toys or Rangoli colours along with your kids/family members to the orphanage and have fun with the little ones.

2). Go to a Old-Age Home:

Family is missed by everyone, young and old. So, what about those elderly people who are there in the old age homes holding hands of each other and still missing their loved ones, this Diwali bring smile on their faces with your presence. Don't need to do anything big or small, just your presence there will make their faces lit with joy and happiness...isn't that what 'Diyas' in Diwali signifies.

3). Plant a Tree:

This one is not particularly for others but for the mother nature. Isn't She giving us most of herself each day, this will be our little effort to give something back. Go into some remote region  or choose the sidewalks of your daily morning session and plant a tree in the hopes that it will grow into a bigger one. Amongst all the pollution we create during this festival, lets make sure instead of doing that we will be more thoughtful towards mother nature.

This Diwali trest your sould with these gift ideas
Have a blissful festive period, enjoy a ton with your loved ones, be alert and safe this Diwali season. Go low on crackers so we all can breath some healthy air the next morning. 

Comment below your ideas of gift giving and tell me about your Diwali preparations. Share these ideas around and do tell me if you plan to do any of these gift ideas this festive season😃.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Minimalist Indian|Exploring the lifestyle myself

Never thought I would be writing an article about this topic as I never thought myself to be a minimalist rather I have always been good at collecting junk. As Indians we are bred to optimize the utilization of whatever we have or whatever we get. We are never taught the art of returning, giving away, de-cluttering until the item breaks(our status has nothing to do with it, I will come to it later).

Living minimalist lifestyle in India

If I go into understanding the major cause of why I collected unwanted items over the period, there is no answer but one because 'It's in good condition, It might come handy some day'(like seriously😕). Parting with things in good condition has always been hard for me but I as well have started getting agitated with the things not coming to their full usage and eating up my storage.

Understanding Minimalism:

I have seen the idea of minimalism getting mis-understood on many occasions when I myself was trying to get acquainted with it. For me its not about having equivalent to nothing or a particular décor style throughout your house (It might be if that's what you prefer as your lifestyle). Minimalism as a lifestyle is a choice to opt for items which add value to your life.

Acknowledging it:

In India, it's tradition to pass on heirlooms to children which I admire being from the apparel background. To my understanding fabric in good condition should never go to waste specially the older ones but do we really need all that set of clothes hanging for ages in our closet, that heavily embroidered saree which we have worn only once or twice.


Alter it, make it into wearable attire like a suit or anarkali, sell it, donate it. Give your not so worn clothes a new home. For selling there are site like Elanic, OLX or Quikr and for donating there are organisations like Goonj or if you are searching locally there are Kusht Ashrams in every locality.


Feeling of adding value to life not objects as a minimalist

I am from a middle class family, so most of my buys earlier or the buys at home are very old-fashioned and un-organised(in terms of choices). Like most Indian households no 2 furniture sets at my home matches and I have grown this old seeing all that but with time I have come to realisation that I am a being who loves to make most out of her possessions and make thoughtful choices than the tentative ones.

Story Time-As an Indian, our weddings are grand affair and with it comes many rituals and with rituals comes the dresses(one hardly repeats dresses during weddings). With my second cousin's marriage my wardrobe was all set for glitz and glamour and since then 2 more of my cousins got married but the budget spent on the next two was limited and choices were mostly fusion from the first wedding outfits plus most of my attires I can wear otherwise/casually too. For a girl in me this was an achievement and a realisation that LESS(if chosen wisely) IS MORE.

Working towards being A MINIMALIST:

Still a long to go Minimalist as an Indian

Recently enough, I came to acknowledge that I am very organised person but not a minimalist.I yet don't count myself to be a minimalist but I am learning one day at a time and being an Indian only makes it harder. With number of traditions, chaotic approaches, different mindsets, various buying choices I still have a long way to go. I am a bachelor living away from home, am a master of my choices at this point of life so when I decide whether to keep or bring an item in my room I measure it only on 2 parameters:

  • Value Addition: From clothes to utilities, I evaluate whether or not it will add value to my life. With winter coming I was tempted to buy some new winter clothing but then I already have so much of it from the last season. Since, I already have prepped up my winter wardrobe and buying list I will be sticking to it.
  • Usage: Winter remains hardly for 2 months in most places in India, the clothing remains buried inside the trunk through out the year. Is it really wise to spend all that money on those expensive sweaters which you already have 5 of? My whole winter wardrobe is limited to a one travel suitcase in my apartment and I am not even planning to buy. Rather if you see my travels they are mostly to cold mountains, I have managed successfully.

Minimalist Lifestyle:

Being minimalist doesn't mean I am living on a rug , I love greys/whites, have no decorations in my room or just have one colour in my wardrobe. Sorry to disappoint but I have multi colours, I love vibrancy and find pleasure decorating/organising. I am really new at this but sharing this experience is going to document it  and as well might help others make a conscious decision. Now when I am going into it knowingly, I keep these things in mind:

  • Travelling Light
  • Experimenting with my attires
  • Fusion with my outfits
  • De-cluttering from time to time
  • Evaluating duplicates and expired products
  • Making list of things to buy in advance
  • Finding proper utility items, utensils and multi functional appliances
  • Buying loose products or to re-use the plastic packets I already have(working hard on this one)
With Diwali cleaning of my apartment, I recently de-cluttered all that which was sitting under the clothes away from eyes, reach and dust for ages. I am making conscious effort to either sell, donate or find new home for the items in good condition and the items which were no more usable have already been thrown out. I live in a rented apartment and keep hoping from one to other more often than others so this is also an effort to make the moving process simpler. I only will be buying things which are of utmost importance and make my daily chores simpler.

If you want to be a MINIMALIST:

Recently, I have read somewhere, ' We are advertisements.' and this stuck to my head.

In India, often more than to please ourselves we buy things to please others. For example-If we are office goers, how can we repeat outfits so often, what will others think of my wardrobe or if there is a family function how can we repeat attire more than once(I have been told this many a times and by none other than my family members). How can we invite friends to our houses if we don't have beautiful furniture? or time and gain we question our living status by the amount of things we have.
This behaviour on the other hand makes others jealous or forces them to get into same action and the loop continues.
First and foremost we need to get rid of this mentality, it's not easy to get out of it but buy things which make you happy and add value to your house.
Second is to understand that it's really easy to say 'YES' to things than to turn them away. Minimalism will only happen if you learn to look, evaluate and if not required turn it away.
Third is to understand your idea of success, is it to get a degree, then a career, then earn money, buy a big house(dream of many in county like India), buy fancy things for that house or is it to get successful by your measures, have a big enough house to accommodate you and your loved ones, buy the things which make you feel happy in the house you created together. 
Fourth is to not to give into the judgement. With every change, people have a tendency to judge but soon they will learn to respect your choices or as well might be inspired by your idea.
Fifth is to understand that sales are not  always your best friend. Bring an item after a thoughtful process, stick to your list and spend on quality than quantity.

Pros of living as a minimalist:
  1. Everywhere outside my room,is chaotic enough at least my house is free of it
  2. Its a budget saver
  3. With fewer things on list, I have fewer things to take care of
  4. Open and clean spaces makes mind feel at peace
  5. Focus on things that make me happy
Cons -
  1. If you aren't in it with all your heart, you will always feel deprived
  2. Possibility of being judged for your choices
  3. Forced by others to maintain lifestyle otherwise
Living a minimalist lifestyle in India

Happily inspired and promoting this lifestyle, try it if you are keen to and I am sure this is only going to help you. Don't let yourself fall into the category where your status is judged by the amount of things you have and money you spent on fancy items for showcasing.

This is my story of learning at my pace and following minimalism as a lifestyle in India, what's yours? Do share it in the comment section and show this one some love by sharing it.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Get your wardrobe WINTER ready

Hello Pom-Poms!

With Durga Pooja passed by and Diwali approaching, we Indians soon will go into a deep house cleaning mode. So,while we are at it why not incorporate few extra steps to bring out the all year hidden winter treasure off of tin trunks into our lives once again. Climate here otherwise is so hot that I wish to enjoy every coming second of these 3 months of coming winter (I am totally a winter person but my body is not, the season didn't arrive yet but my cold has😷).

get your wardrobe winter ready

It's really a sad affair that we don't enjoy fall as much as other countries because the weather here changes quite dramatically than slowly transitioning. What exactly is the point of writing this post, it is that we already are turning off our AC's and soon enough we will be hunting for shawls and blankets to keep us warm so why not prepare our wardrobes for the same. With these few steps, I am sure we are going to be:


Lets be assured that this cleaning/organising ordeal is going to take some time and for sure will tire you, if at all you are planning to do it in a day or two. Prepare the meal before hand, keep some tea ready and put on some wipes at disposal. Divide your chores, plan it with family for helping hands and if you are single who lives alone in a apartment or PG, then leave it all as it is(Just kidding)...you will as well be saved by the less amount of stuff you have and if not divide you chores between days.


Let's start with the basic one, first de-clutter your already existing wardrobe. Sort your outfits between categories at this point itself before keeping them back in.

Categories for already existing summer outfits:
  • To keep for layering in winter
  • Still to use for remaining days
  • To keep away for winter already or repair then keep away
  • To giveaway as you won't be wearing them again in next season
Preparing Winter Clothes-

My winter clothing is tucked away in a travel suitcase for last 8 months or so literally.I live in an apartment away from family hence the travel bag and not the tin trunk as many other Indian households so my clothes need some sunlight to get rid of that our favourite disinfectant's smell before going in that wardrobe. Keep in mind that the sun is not very harsh as it might fade away the colour, if that's the case keep your clothes in little shade if possible.

Prepare your Storage-

Now, when you are sorted with your thoughts for what to keep back in and what to toss or tuck away, clean up your storage unit properly with wipes and get going with your organising. I being a bachelor and living without family, prefer to keep things organised on not so festive days either ways so for me the cleansing part is short and simple.

What you never wore -
Before putting things in your closet, just think once what in it is that you never wore last season. If there are couple of items that you think will fit you nicely but you still prefer reaching for the one you wore thousand of times already then make sure to donate away the used one as it's high time now. If you can't make yourself do that than find the re-selling sites/apps like Elanic, Etashee or Coutloot, sell and make some money out of your non-wearable closet.

I have realised that accessories in winters are equally important to safeguard you from cold penetrating in. Give them their easy to access place in the closet, don't mind those scarves hanging and gloves sitting quietly. Make the most of them this winter.

Making Storage-

Winter clothing by logic is bulky and eats a lot of space in the closet, we all know that. So how to make most out of existing closet space? Space between my keeping area and the hanger is quite less so hardly ever I hang the clothes but what to do when winter jackets are around, stacking them up doesn't make sense so I hang them up neatly and keep the ledge empty. I keep my accessories like caps, socks or gloves in buckets or hang my scarfs on the hanger too. 

Make List-

While putting back your clothes, just make the list of necessary needed items so that on your next shopping spree, you are clear of what to buy rather than indulging into unplanned shopping.

With warm coffees and cold breeze winter is approaching slowly but hardly it stays, so embrace every moment of it. Be prepared with clothes and closet as you never will know when it is right upon us. The most awesome winter trip I had is to Patnitop, the details of which I have posted here . Just in case you wish to explore your vacation options or check out my travel story😇.

Comment below your favourite winter story or how you prepare your house for this season.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Don't wait for NEW YEAR

Hello Pom-Poms!

Its been ages since I wrote my last post, totally not fair as I did promise myself that I won't lack but I did. So, what should be my punishment? Let it be a tight watch on making sure I write even more helpful content for you colourful souls and be more creative with my ideas.

So, here I am with a weirdest title possible and an awesome idea behind it-
Don't wait for the NEW YEAR

Yes! You read it right in the title and now when it's in the quotes, it's way more clear but why do I say it?

With every new year, comes our RESOLUTIONS.

Oh!I know it and been guilty of at times to bring out my shiny pad and brand new stationary to make some promising statements on the very first page of it but by the end of any year how far do we go with our lists, really?

In most cases - Not very far

One HELPFUL tip: Get going with your ideas/resolutions/promises now and today, it seems like a very promising day if only you can motivate yourself enough to not procrastinate it as then the idea will be lost in the pool of thoughts and never come to life. I have made some observations to why do we do this and what can we really do to avoid waiting for the New-Years and work on our business today:

Stop doing that 'Will start tomorrow' thing

Why? What's in tomorrow which is not in this very minute that we have to procrastinate it for the better future. Understand one-thing my friends, if you have not given your 100% for a thing to happen this very minute, there will be no better time for that thing to happen at all for many reasons like: you loosing that fire for the idea, loss of resources, you being low on energy, what seems good today may not seem wise tomorrow etc.

Start accepting:

First and foremost, start accepting to the fact that you have been procrastinating for quite some time now and take responsibility for your actions like I just did in the beginning of this blog that for years I waited for me to start spreading wise words through my writing and I failed big time. You just don't do that mistake and defend yourself by saying, 'but I will seriously start working on it as it's my dream project.' because then that's all it's going to remain 'A Dream'. Don't be in denial

Where to start:

When we are to try something new or out of the way, we are never sure of where to start from. Story time (Yayyy!!)- When I started this blog or the Youtube channel, I didn't know how far will I go as I didn't take in any of my known accounts for most part of it where I had friends and family so to achieve even this handful of audience seems like a great deal at this point. It wasn't a silly idea after all, I wouldn't have come to know this if I didn't start it in the first place.

It's OKAY to Shut-Down:

It's really okay to have your moment when there is too much on your plate to start with. To our dismay, we are not a robot to keep working 24*7(even the machines need charging) so do we but once you are sorted with your choices get going again with the new found energy and a goal to achieve.

Too hard to take on:

We have seen history made time and again, man has found galaxy that was far fetched dream before it really happened. So don't even think for a single second that some goals are too hard to achieve. It's only difficult when you stop working towards achieving them.

It's okay to fail:

Humans make mistakes and those who say they don't ain't human 😉. It's okay if you failed with your resolutions in the past, if are not afraid to go for it once again...you are good to go. Smoking is a bad habit still we see people having fags even after continuous health hazard warnings, many of us have made promises to cut back on it with every coming year but we relapse back to our regulars till one day your body gives sign that it can't take the smoke anymore and you are left with no choice to stop it all together. If you can stop on the road to death, you can as well stop now but you got to keep trying every second.

Make a list:

Recently, I have understood the importance of documentation, if something is in your head only you know it but if it's written somewhere, there are chances of you being more determined about making it a possibility. This trick works for me very well, I have kept planning 'n' number of things in  my head in the past but failed to deliver. Now I make sure that the ideas are just not thought of but are written somewhere for me to go back and see it as a constant reminder. Currently, I have 2 major things 'Blog' and 'Exercise' written on my front wall and from the day I did that, I just missed exercising 1 single day.


  • Once again being regular with my Blog, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms

  • Include exercise in my daily routine

  • Follow early to bed and early to rise mantra

  • Not get involved with social media first thing in the morning or until 11 a.m.

  • Travel for inspiration 

Now, when I have given you quite an understanding of how I am performing following my resolutions two months prior to New Years, get going with your list too. Start with an easy one and gradually dust away the whole pile.

In between you and me, I am a queen of PROCASTINATION, if I can make myself start and do something regularly so can you.

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