Saturday, 3 February 2018

Makeup Kit Essentials | On being a MAKEUP HOARDER

Hello Pom-Poms!

Makeup has expiration dates.

Yes! You read it right and in your head you know it. Would you be able to complete whole lot of lipstick in a year or two if you have like 100s and 1000s of them, I am sure you won’t be but every time there is some new shade launch, our hearts goes for it if the reviews are good. The whole beauty industry is thriving on this fact but ladies STOP, think on it for a second. Don’t be a makeup hoarder, you aren’t a Beauty Influencer who you see in those videos on Youtube or Instagram. It’s her job to show you all those beautiful shades and they sure are tempting but do you really need that many shades of red and pinks in your vanity.

It’s Ok to be JEALOUS of theirs’ though

I won’t be a saint here and tell you, I don’t feel like buying them all but I analyse the set of makeup I already have and what’s missing from that when the occasion comes. Splurging on good makeup is ‘EVERY WOMEN’s BIRTHRIGHT’ but splurge in the luxury you will be able to finish up or else it’s a waste of your hard earned money. Invest in attempting fusions with your makeup as well, like you don’t need a huge trunk of eyeshadow palette to create smoky eye look. A kajal pencil and quartet palette will do fine job if you try your hand on it a couple of times.

Start with Essentials

Instead of hoarding up on makeup, know what is needed for what purpose and the benefit of it on your skin and in the process of creating a look. In today’s video world, product usage is pretty much clear to almost everyone but fundamentals of it are still hazy. Sometimes in process of looking good, we harm our skin beyond repair. 

One more thing I want to make clear guys, I know good branded products are costly and most of the time hard on pocket but refrain from owning a hoard of cheap cosmetics. Have 2 lipstick shades but have them from good reputed brand>>>Thank me later for this tip, your skin will bless you.

Moisturiser or Primer:

Create a healthy base to apply your makeup on and this job is hell lot simplified if you have a help of good moisturiser in your kitty. Oily skin Pom-Poms, be sure to search for gel or water based moisturisers which only gives you added nourishment and doesn’t produce extra oil underneath all that makeup or else acne and spots won’t be far away as your pores will be clogged with all the makeup on the face. Dry skin beauties can go for the nourishment through oil, no fear.

Concealer and Foundation:

Just like the name suggests, conceal your blemishes and even out your skin colour. I am not a big foundation fan if my concealer is on point but you do you. Test your foundation and concealer on your skin in order to find your match. Know your requirement with concealer, is it for highlighting, concealing or contouring? Yes! I can do all that with my L A Girl HD Pro Conceal (in different shades) , sure you can find your suitable match. I use L'Oreal Paris True Match Concealer to conceal my spots and blemishes, one of the best product out there.

Kajal Pencil:
Eyes makeup can do wonders for the look and sometimes all you need is a dark kohl eyes. I love my kajal pencil, no matter how much effort I put in my makeup but it never seems put together if I don’t have Kajal on. I am using Lotus Herbals Color Kick Kajal, smooth to glide on and stays for long (atleast for me). Find yourself a good kajal pencil and you are good to go on daily basis effortless makeup look with kajal in eyes and tinted lips.

Eyeshadow Palette:
Eyeshadow is not a part of daily makeup routine for many but sure if there is party to go to or some look you are going for, eyeshadows play important role. My kit holds 3 eyeshadow palettes with four shades each, I am no makeup artist on daily basis so the usage of a big palette is almost useless for me but I am planning to buy one which holds both warm and cool tones in matte and metallic like the ones from Maybelline New York Gold Nude Palette or Nyx Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow  

Lip Colour:
I am guilty of being a pop colour fan when it comes to lip colours but keeping in mind that my Pom-Poms are multi shade beauties, I will suggest having one pop and one nude shade in your vanity on all get ready occasions. Try the shades on and then decide which one to go for as they might seem really great on review but when you put them on, they might not suit you that well and one tip guys don’t try to be all matchy-matchy with your outfit and lip-colour.

Blusher and Bronzer/Highlighter:
If you are afraid of getting washed off look with your concealer/foundation, blusher is to your rescue in every case.  Just swoop a stoke or two across the apple of cheeks and freshness of your look is revived. Highlighter or bronzer is to give dimension to your face and highlight the high points of your face.

Mascara and Eyebrow Kit:
For me these are still secondary options if it comes to essetials, maybe because I have fuller eyebrows and quite grown lashes but I hear you sisters who don’ t have liberty to take these products lightly, own a thickening mascara and good eyebrow kit/pencil. I swore by Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara, this makes your eyelashes 2 times thicker and visible.

Cleanser and Toner:
Yes! These are as essential as any beauty product as before and after makeup, it’s necessary to clean all that makeup off your face for healthier skin. Do keep your trusted cleanser in your vanity along with some cotton pads.

Take this as challenge ladies, less product means more room for creativity in finding out ways to do the looks differently. Don’t be a makeup hoarder, rather invest in some good products and make the heads turn without burning a big hole in your pocket.


  1. Having less amount of good products will actually help to look great.. Thanks for such a good post.

    1. 😊 It helps me, I hope this mantra is gonna help lot others.

  2. That is a great idea! I am guilty of overbuying everything :)

    1. I was guilty too but since long practicing these tricks and it seems nice idea to share :D


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