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Wedding Shopping Checklist - Budget Savvy Tips

Hello Pom-Poms!
Weddings…costumes, dance, guests, food and grand affair for one night. I have always been a fan of Indian weddings, we celebrate decision of two people getting together for lifetime in such grand way and with this wedding season upon us, I thought of making a checklist in a way I do my shopping as a wedding guest but if you are a bride or groom…steps are almost same.
With this developing economy budget is always the priority. We make sure to cut down on wherever the possibility occurs and in this post I will also keep that in mind. So let’s dive right into the planning and plotting or our GARMENT SAGA:

Plan your BUDGET:
Before the start of anything, decide the budget you are going to spend on your garments, shoes, jewellery etc. This is a step from where I generally start, always keep aside some budget…prices while you shop may vary but only allow yourself minimum over the budget. This decision gives you clarity of many things, like when the shopkeeper asks you your budget, you are ready to guide him and not the other way around because each and every shopkeeper in the market is there to make maximum profit which is easily possible with gullible customers.


It’s always a plus to do some homework, this way you are sure of what styles you want and how much pieces do you want exactly. I am generally a very organized person so I like to count the no. and pair of dresses I can re-use and what new things do I have to buy. If you have sorted certain designs then it will be a good idea to show it to your designer of shopkeeper for reference. This habit saves you lot of time and in weddings every bit of time counts.

Re-Use your clothes with twist:

In this era or mix & match, it’s not always necessary to run for new clothes for every occasion. You can always hunt your wardrobe for statement pieces which can be re-used with different combinations and voila you have one more pair with lil bit of twist. Like I have re-used my skirt as a lehnga bottom and my lehnga as an inner skirt many a times. Plan out your pieces well and combinations are just a vision away.

DO NOT fear to try:

Whether it’s some weird combination colour or a different looking pattern, do not hesitate to try because sometimes it so happens that whatever we think of it in our head, the outcome in reality looks better. Like for me, I have never been a fan of pastels but for a recent wedding I have made a kurta and skirt combo of the same.

Keep DAY or TWO in hand:

When it comes to wedding garment shopping, it’s always a good idea to do it in advance because everyone needs time in hand for fitting, finishing, trial and alterations. Plus it saves you hell lot of hustle and hurried decisions. To look your absolute best and feel comfortable throughout the event, requires lil bit of effort and planning from your end, do keep it on priority as the moments last for lifetime in photograph form.

Explore the AREA: 
While you are planning your visit to market, don’t be shop specific as many a time it so happens that you get a lot cheaper deal of the same product in other shops but you lost that deal because you had so much faith in your old shopkeeper. Explore various shops for more styles and trends, once you find your statement piece in your budget that’s where you should pick from and that’s why I said keep the day or two in hand.

Don’t be afraid of OPINIONS:
It many a times happens that what somebody else can figure out in the fabric/garment you chose is unseen to your eyes. So go along with your best friend, your mother, sister, you colleague’s company to shop for the attire and it might help you making the clearer decision with their advise or these days you can also take social media poles for the options to choose from. Click the photos, post online and in few minutes you may have a winner, Instagram is helping many in taking such decisions but it again depends on your choice of media and followership.

Invest in good TAILOR: 
It seldom happens that the suit you tried on fits you perfectly, many a times a perfect looking piece can be ruined by off alterations. Hence my biggest advice is to invest in a good tailor. The stitching can make or break the whole look. Be specific to the tailor that what you want in a look, it helps him with his job.

With these many tips, I advise you ladies and gents to have fun while you at it, think of it as a stress buster rather than a job and surely come home with some amazing buys.



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