Thursday, 11 January 2018

Urby Passport Holder -An Honest Review

Hey Pom-Poms!

Been quite a while since I wrote something helpful for you guys, first and foremost wish you all a very-very Happy New Year, have a tons of happy travel, happy exploration and an awesome year ahead.

I have been travelling quite a lot lately but all these travels have been within the country, my passport though is all ready to be stamped and used…that’s called setting goals for the new year. That’s why when URBY approached me to review their Passport Holder, I got all excited to dress up my passport fancy. That would be a great start…RIGHT?

I love customised products, it gives product a character and this beauty has my name engraved on it- SCORE.

Detailed Analysis:
This black coloured beauty is sleek , pocketed sleeve for your passport which works as a holder. The best thing is that they have kept in mind to add on extra sleeves for your cards and money.

In case you are out and about your business in some other country you need not to carry 2 extra things to hold your essentials. The product seems quite sturdy and with good quality.

 It comes in a pouch like packaging which is secured inside a box. This fancy packaging can make it a good executive gifting option too ( 😉 Just a suggestion …..)


I would rank this product 8/10 (Eight on Ten)

*Packaging  quality can be worked on.

Product is really good for the ones looking to secure their cash and cards at one place along with their passport. Material and quality also seems fine, though will definitely like to check the wear and tear once in continuous usage(can’t comment on that yet). For sure would recommend it to others as things currently look good and savy. Urby, you guys did great with this one.

Brand Bio:
Urby is a direct-to-consumer, lifestyle and travel accessories brand…They design and manufacture essentials for the urban lifestyle using the finest craftsmanship…

Check their wide range of men’s wallet, women’s wallet, card cases and many more @Urby Passport Holder

Keep on travelling you colourful Pom-Poms, spend wise, stay safe and excited to explore new place.

Have a Happy Travel!

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