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How to get Healthy Glowing Skin

Hello Pom-Poms!

I was planning to add a makeup log on my blog since long and finally I sat down to think of my first helpful post, this one is more skin related than makeup as when I started thinking of the first look to introduce to you guys…I thought of base and pre-requisite of any makeup- A HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN. We cannot remain in makeup 24*7 specially a person like me, who loves to play with different makeup looks but has a skin which breaks-out in a jiffy. It took me some(>>understatement) time to get my skin where it is now. I have come closer to understanding my skin type.
Natural glowing skin
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According to me blessed are the people who have a skin which gets away with anything or everything put on their faces but not me. I ain’t so blessed, it took me quite some time to know what is good and what is a big NO-NO for my skin. It’s not always necessary that everyone does makeup but that zit on the face is always a demoralising site. With little bit of understanding and care, I assure you guys that you can find the good in your skin(Yes! You gotta treat your skin like it has a brain of its own ;) )

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I am sharing details of what/how my skin was earlier and what I did in past few years to change it. I will suggest you guys that for any remedy do a patch test before following it ritually and firstly know your skin, don’t just go blindly into trying something which irritates your skin even more:

Cleanse your Face: I have an oily skin so mostly I start and end my day with clearing/cleansing my face with any mild face wash. I have become a fan of 3-4 face washes over the year as they have helped me tons minimising and resolving my pimple-acne issues.

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Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Gel Face Wash:

Himalaya Herbal Face Wash:

VLCC Wild Turmeric Face Wash:

And I am currently using Biotique one which is working just as well :D

Biotique Face Wash:

Thorough Clean Up: It’s really really really important that once in a while you cleanse, deep moisturise your face…no matter what your skin type is. As I said, understand what your skin needs, I have such oily skin but still sometimes when I feel undernourished, I pamper my skin with fruit facial. Though there are pros and cons to every facial/clean-up but if you understand your skin’s need, you sure will be able to give it the best. Take advice from your parlour wali but analyse in your head, don’t get under the pressure that if you asked about what will be good for your skin, you will have to do it or get it done.

Let your skin breathe: I have heard a lot that moisturising your face is necessary but trust me on this that every skin type is different and it functions differently. Let your skin breathe in between of putting things on your face. We work 24*7 and under constant need of looking presentable we hardly leave our home without kajal or lip colour and if I tell you the fact that affects our skin too if it’s not good quality or if it’s not the one that suits us. As these things bleed even if a little and that affects the skin.
I would recommend that after don’t believe everything you hear, especially if you are from hot climatic country like me after you wash your face don’t apply any cream or moisturiser on your face or just pat GulabJal(Rose Water) for an hour or so. Once your skin gets time to breath, it rejuvenates itself.

This pack from Khadi is pure an organic, works great on any skin type:

Get Yourself Checked: If you have skin issues, get your skin checked at least once. Sometimes it so happens that you need some soothing gel instead of moisturiser and putting on moisturising lotion irritates the skin tissues even more, sometimes your hormones play the trick or you suffer some long time illness which results into facial issues hence its always the best option to consult the doctor before getting ripped off of all the hard earned money over cosmetics and other promising alternatives.
Refrain from using harsh chemicals: Your face is one part which is constantly under the performance pressure and it is always the one handling dirt, pollution, dust, makeup, chemicals, treatments, rays, lights directly hence be little merciful and avoid using harsh makeup on your facial skin. Refrain from using cheap chemicals or harsh products as that part is already under constant scrutiny.

Credit: @Poodle Shares

Diet: What you eat always shows on your skin and health. Make sure that you intake some freshness everyday, include some fresh fruits and home cooked meal in your diet whenever you get a chance. Every now and then include some green vegetable in your diet, this all helps boost your immunity which in returns keeps you at bay from many other ailments.

Think, don't Overthink: Stress is cause of so many body problems but we fail to stay away from it most of the times. Try to indulge your head in some mind calming activity for atleast half an hour a day, this way you might not be totally away from your daily thoughts but be free from it for few good moments.
Yoga, Meditation, Work-Out, Dancing, Reading...everything gets you away from stress and closer to happy thoughts and trust me it makes a HUGE difference.

These are some basics which I followed for quite some time to get my skin where it is today (almost acne free). It needs lil bit of effort from your end and it sure will show the results.

SHARE and COMMENT below your tips & tricks or if in case you wish to give all these tips a try.
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  1. Great tips. Looks like simple but many people neglect these basic tips. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I don't want to use any products. Please suggest me some home remedies. That is natural and good for skin. Thank you.

  3. Hello Anand! I would suggest natural Aloe Vera once a day on face, soothes the skin +weekly mix spoonful of gram flour with 1/2 spoon curd and pinch of turmeric, apply this paste on face for 15 mins then rinse with normal water, you can spray rose water mixed with mineral water(1:1) once a day and let it dry on its own...this all helps keeping the skin healthy and rejuvinated..


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