Monday, 16 October 2017

Diwali 2017: OUTFIT IDEAS

Hello Pom-Poms!

Diverse cultures, various festivals and for every festival a different motive…India is truly one lit country. We literally celebrate everything from birth to life, every festivity has a story behind it and with Diwali story moral is really a good one. It’s a festival for victory of good over evil, it motivates us to shed the sins and evil in us, to light the shiny bright positive thoughts in our mind and soul. What other bigger festival is there to cleanse our heart, mind, soul and surrounding of all that is evil and impure. So in 2017 this Diwali, let’s find the best in us and others, make that our mantra for this life and next. This was the motivational talk and now I come to celebration. I personally love Diwali for its moral and light. Every home shines and so does every human, we take out the trash and cleanse our houses, shine brighter this Diwali with these outfit ideas.
Why not choose some outfit out of your wardrobe this Diwali and make it look brand new with your own twist as this is the era of recycling. Be it 2017 or any coming year have fun with your clothes in the festive season. Let your style do the talking :D


I am putting together some outfit ideas for this Diwali season plus I hunted my wardrobe too. Let’s see what I found in mine:

Do the trick right with some GOLD:
Diwali is all about pomp and show, it’s all about goddess Lakshmi(goddess of wealth) then first and foremost thing you gotta search is that treasure hunt of a wardrobe is something with golden to jazz up your game(What? thought I was talking about gold then don’t hold back, go ahead and take out your finest jewellery) . I have paired this black kurti with golden legging to brighten the look.

SILVER is the next best thing:
Can’t find something gold then go for hints of silver this Diwali. Oh! Yes that will do just as well and you be bright like the Diwali lights or a silver coin. I found really an old one to match my mind for some shimmer.

Be your COLOURFUL self:
I am hardly ever a monotone, so I always suggest you guys to play with colours in your wardrobe. Mix and match some quirkiness, find your personality in that ….voila that’s what you are wearing this Diwali season. Be colourful as RANGOLI, that’s always fun.

This all is some very generic advise, I know but putting together something which makes sense is hard sometimes. Hence all this shimmer and glitter glam will help you find your best look in that wardrobe.

Find your flower:
Make flowers your jewel this Diwali season. Hardly any cost will go in tucking together some faux or real roses in your bun this 2017. This is the best jewel which doesn’t cost your pocket a fortune and makes a statement.

Indian festivals have so much of inspiration in their stories and celebrations itself that with minimal effort we can find the best look in our collection. It’s just we need to look and get inspired.
Tons of blessings to all you lovely souls out there. May you be graced by the best of your desires and burn less crackers (be eco-friendly) as I believe to enjoy or celebrate one doesn’t need to be loud outside, it’s the celebration from within.
Share your DIWALI preparation details down in the comments as I am all excited for the festive season.

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