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90s Fashion Trends Coming Back

Hello Pom-Poms!

Remember the time when cassette and VCRs were a real thing, right before Internet -Yes!The 90s...I am a child of 80s so for me its good old childhood memories freshly revived when the sitcoms were awesome and trends lasted for decades. Though the one thing I didn't like of that era was Bollywood's take on fashion, it went downhill, while growing up I always kept thinking, "who would wear that?" as those costumes were cringe worthy but there were some classics which are coming back for good. I have grown up watching those trends which back then seemed tacky but now we all can admit its making a huge statement, who knew it only takes little bit of tweaking and your are all set for another era. When I look back, it isn't that much of a time in between and it only took fashion industry 20 years to fall back to those trends...I am not complaining though as I am loving me some high waist pants(though still it becomes hard to find sometimes...I guess definition of high-waist pants confuses the stores :D).

While growing up everything used to be of our mother's choice and I was lucky in that context as my Mom was fashion forward...whatever was new and trending, we wore that. I have practically grown up in high rise cuffed pants, dungarees and shift dresses...this is the exact trend which made a comeback and me HAPPY. I realised it much later though, only when I saw the epic sitcoms like FRIENDS and Sex and the City, it dawned upon me how similar was this period to 90s with its fashion choices. When I saw Carrie in that tutu and Rachael with that bob cut, it was like living in the present(Yes! You are going to hear a lot of these references).

While Indian sitcoms were in the golden period 90s story wise, I can't comment much on their fashion goals whereas Bollywood was experimenting, remember Madhuri Dixit in 'Ankhiyan Milaun Kabhi..'I loved that crop top and high waist jeans growing up, who knew it will be back with such a bang. Here are the 90s fashion trends which already made an entrance:

Choker - Then Grunge/Now Accessory

90s was the time when chokers were more for grunge look but now its more of an accessory to suit the look you opt for. I love this whole vibe which goes with this simple yet classic accessory, it transforms the whole look. Blank solid top can be jazzed up with this little addition plus benefit is that styled look with choker can hardly go wrong, so happy that this 90s vibe came back.

Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore were the icons who promoted this grunge look with such ease and comfort over the period but by the end of 90s, it came to its end too only to revive on 2017 trend book. 
Choker in 90s were for grunge goth look
Photo: IMDB

By the start of 2017, many celebrities were making it a style quotient on many occasions with an addition of 'no specific look' policy, which was refreshing and who knew it would look so dapper. Priyanka Chopra paired this gold choker with plain white top and this is exactly what I was talking about, giving personality to the otherwise blah look.

PC sporting Gold Choker
Pic:@Priyanka Chopra

I myself have much more of a statement choker piece which makes my look so much glamorous and its the only jewellery I require.

You got to have yourself some pieces of this trend setter, so I have found a perfect affordable set for you all from amazon-

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Monochrome Combination:

There have been such iconic moments of monochrome combinations in the 90s that they were sheer hotness. Remember the song 'Tip Tip Barsa Paani'...Raveena Tondon set that trend with her yellow monochrome Saree and it was there to stay. I saw my mother having a bunch of single tone sarees in various colors and now in 2017 the trend is back.

I am a minimalist so I am loving this vibe which came back with the monochromes. Rihanna recently made a killer statement with this ensemble.
yellow monochrome dress on Rihana
Credit: @badgalriri

Print on Print

This is all we could see while growing up and to speak the truth I wasn't very fond of it back in the 90s but now I am pretty sure that I am ready for the awesome comeback. Back then while on International Runway Gianni Versace was a fashion icon whose print on print were making statement here in India prints were reflective too, remember the song...'Chura ke Dil Mera'...Shilpa Shetty did look sultry in that animal print.

And now this trend is back, many celebrities are sporting this print on print concept all over again with their own quirk and African prints. So ladies get inspired and fill up your wardrobe with some awesome combinations as I think this 90s fashion trend is here to stay and this is with all pleasure.
Sonam sporting some print on print for shoppers along with sister Rhea
I have again put together a look for you all in case you feel 90s inspired, then click on the image link to shop -
making 90s statement with print top making 90s comeback statement with print palazo

Plaid Flannel Oversized Shirts:

This was such a tom-boy grunge look back in the 90s specially the flannel oversized shirt....Oh! I am getting so nostalgic remembering watching Kajal Bhai in 'Hum Panch' in her plaid shirts and more or less I dressed up like her too while growing up, its just that I wasn't a Bhaaai :D

And girls don't tell me you haven't seen celebs and runway sporting this look now and you aren't happy about it. Every now and then you can spot a celebrity tying these shirts around their waist and it makes such a cool fashion statement.

I am big supporter of plaid shirts but usually the cotton ones as flannel is bit on a cozy side so I am stocking up my wardrobe for winters to follow. 
buy a flannel plaid shirt here
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Crop Tops:

I have earlier mentioned how crop top were the big fashion trend in the 90s. Various actresses in songs and movies were seen pulling off the crop top look with so ease and flare but in Bollywood those were mostly with the puffy sleeves and weird patterns
Britney Spears in her teens sported this crop top look and she looked every bit of CUTE, didn't she...
Britany Spears sporting a pink crop top
Credit: Butterfingers
but now they returned in muted tones and awesome patterns. Its like the fashion must have of 2017 and they make really trending statement with some pencil cut bottoms and palazzos. Deepika Padukone made such a head turner cover photoshoot with Maxim in this one.
Deepika made such bold statement in white croptop
Credit: Instagram
If you are looking for a crop top yourself for some 90s fashion quotient then click the image below -
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This is the most beloved trend of that era which I adored growing up. I have always been more of a comfortable women's wear kind and that's why dungarees and jumpsuits are my favourite. Its one of the biggest follow up for this season from the 90s, back then it was more of a comfy plus no care look and now its shaping to be comfortable yet stylish with minimal effort.

NYC cast and destiny's child sporting dungarees in 90s
NYCs Cast and Destiny's Child sporting the dungarees in the 90s

Taylor Swift sporting a dungaree look and looks fab

Taylor Swift is seen wearing the distressed overalls paired up with a crop top and this is not out typical loose dungarees per say. They are fitted yet Oh! So comfortable.

Find your fab Dungaree look just by clicking the image-

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Track Pants:

Who knew track pants could be a fashion statement which was to return. Comfortable, classic, sporty and mixing up with various look. 90s was more about comfortable wearables and 2017 is also turning out to be the same. Tracks weren't the just the sports wear then and now also they are turning to be the fashion statement active wear.

Spice Girl Cast sporting the Track-Pants look along with the another 90s classic-CROP TOP

Dakota Fanning is seen sporting this awesome black track busy doing her daily chores and the look is so casual yet awesome. Find your pair of comfortable 90s comeback, indulge in some looks by clicking the image

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High Waist Jeans:

The loose fit baggy jeans are back and again for this 90s fashion comeback, I couldn't be more ecstatic as this again falls in a comfortable category Last year was all dedicated to boyfriend jeans but this season they thought and sincerely came with the best idea as for long straight fits were so out of fashion and so were the high-rise, you could hardly get them anywhere...I still find it difficult and I practically have to call a search party for these when I visit a store. So, I am vouching over this trend with all my good luck just for you gals to find that perfect pair of high waist jeans in the clothing aisle of your favourite store as these comfortable, breathable and definitely fashionable.

High Waist jeans are such a huge fashion statement

Men's Wear Inspired Suits

Be it Julia Robert receiving her award at golden globes in 90s in her tailored suit or images in magazine where the women's suit were highly inspired from men's wear. This statement trend from the 90s are back and we can easily spot many celebrities strutting in their awesome tailored suit. Loving the whole vibe of feminism here, it surely makes a statement and I am a sucker for formal wear so this one tops he list of comebacks.

Lilly Singh sporting men's wear inspired suit
Photo: IMDB

We are so acquainted with the cast of FRIENDS, this was the IT sitcom series...even today I buffer it sometimes and all the characters are alive again. This was the series which kept pace with changing fashion throughout the seasons. There was huge hair transformation for the actresses with their hairstyles and Rachael(Jennifer Anniston) was not happy with her look but that happened to be the most amazing look of hers. While it was followed then, it has made a comeback again...bob with bangs. I myself had this haircut without acknowledging the comeback of 90s trend.

FRIENDS cast in bob cut

Bipasha Basu looked amazing with her bob-cut look earlier this year.

Bipasha Basu looks fab in her bob cut lookPic:@bipashabasusinghgrover

Go for a change girls, give your hair some 90s spin as it looked best on them . I took a shot with it too and I am LOVING it.
sporting a bob cut look myself

So which is your favourite comeback fashion trend from the 90s, SHARE in the COMMENTS below...I would love to hear all about it.



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