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Rajasthan Tour: JAIPUR | Experiencing the royalty in Pink City

Hello fellow Travellers!

When the casual walk in Delhi-Haat gives you an idea of impromptu get away.
There was no sudden planning like this trip in February, which was long due and finally it happened- The trip to ROYAL state of Rajasthan. Here I am sharing the details of my beautiful experience to the Pink City JAIPUR. A tourist spot in India where lots of people visit from all around the world and this place does justice to its name. It has so much of history, architecture and scenery to offer. We Indians are brought up hearing the stories of kings, queens , their epic fights and kingdoms. Ever since childhood we have fantasized about the royal life, if only one day we get a chance to live that...I don't think anyone will give-up on that dream ever.

Again in this one I am focussing on budget and public transport as that's the key for my travelling.

Itinerary we followed:

Day 1
> Board a bus from Delhi for overnight journey to Jaipur (check ;) )
> Reach Jaipur early morning, take state transport to reach Amer Fort, attend morning Arti at Shila Mata temple inside the fort as counter open by 8:00 a.m.
> Once done with the fort, head over to Jaigarh via tunnel (its approx.2-3 kms trek from Amer to Jaigarh
>Book auto for Nahargarh, once you are done with Jaigarh and Jaivana and ask him to leave you by roadside in return as it is difficult to get taxis at lower price once you reach Nahargarh.
(NAhargarh is good spot for lunch and meals though stalls for snacks are there at Jaigarh too)
> Once you come down the hill, enjoy the view of Jal Mahal on your way back to Jaipur City.
> Book the hotel in the city closer to city gate as places to visit are close by and sleep through the night after ordering dinner.

Day 2:

> Make the list of places to visit prior to going somewhere and dedicate day 2 if you plan to visit city forts
>Jaipur city is a one day show
(We had different plans and went to Bhangarh and Chand Baoli instead, experience to same is coming up shortly)
>Board bus for heading back home

Rickshaw is available through-out the city even to Amer Fort but bus till there is a more suited option. Beware of the prices if you plan to buy something as like every tourist place this one has been highly commercialised.

Budget for the Trip:

Trip Fare per Individual (We were a group of 3)
Bus Ticket to Rajasthan
Auto from Jaigarh to Nahargarh and down to main road
Amer Fort Ticket
Hawa Mahal Ticket
Bus to Amer fort from Bus Stop
Hotel Jaipur
Nahargarh Fort Ticket
Miscellanious (food and city travel)
Auto from Amer to Jaigarh Fort

Total - 5580

*were split 3 ways for me but if you are an individual that cost stands un-divided 

Places to visit in Rajasthan:

1.Amer Fort and Sheesh Mahal:

Built by Raja Man Singh, this fort is one of the main attraction of Jaipur city. Boundaries of this fort is spread along the mountains surrounding the fort and is clearly visible from the fort. The architecture of the fort is mesmerising from path way to entrance every place has its own significance in accordance to old times.
Amer Fort Entrance
While entering this fort I had a feeling of living in past when royalty was a real thing (not to disrespect anyone but only for the mere fact that everything seems so grand).

Ganesh Gate (Amer Fort)

Stepping in the premises was like living in the past when elegance ran through the corridors of these forts, I know I sound obsessed and trust me I am ;)
Sheesh Mahal
Amazing mirrored embellishment on walls made me admire the hard work of the artist and what all he has left behind to take inspiration from.

Janani Deori

Central area is divided into 2 segments one for Raja Maan Singh and other for the women of palace.

Elephant ride is available for the tourist using the old path from down the road to palace but for some reason I couldn't allow myself to ride those wild creatures in that captivity.

By this time I was totally drained of energy and parched so searched for some spot to get refreshments and to my surprise there is CCD right in the palace but had to search for it a little bit, the view of Jaigarh fort from outer terrace is beautiful.

2.Jaigarh Fort and Jaivana:

This is where artilary for Amer Fort was kept, many tourist are not aware but a secret tunnel goes from Amer Fort to Jaigarh and

Yaaaaas! We took the tunnel :D...after crossing the tunnel you can directly walk till the fort or transport service by Government is also available. At Jaivana the biggest cannon of that era is still preserved

Various artefacts and weaponry used during ancient period is showcased at Jaigarh Museum and compound of Jaigarh at various location.

Artillery Room

3.Nahargarh Fort:

Build by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, this fort is located on Aravalli Hills, forming fortification around the boundary of Amer Palace. This is another beautiful structure not far from Jaigarh, it has various doorways named after different nakshatras.

Comparatively less people visit the place than Amer Fort, I enjoyed the city view from up-top and sure like every fort this one is no less of an admirable architecture.

3:Jal Mahal:

Located in the middle Man Sagar lake, is this beauty on the way/near to Amer Fort. As there is no entry inside it so I just had a look but have no reference of it

4:Hawa Mahal:

This is another marvellous architecture and keeps you in awe. Every nook and corner is made to make your jaw drop.

This palace was our last spot in Jaipur before boarding the bus back home but sure this place made every moment spend worth it.

This palace stands in the middle of Jaipur city and from the roof top every architecture of the city is visible like the Amer Fort boundary and Jantar Mantar.

Another fine journey etched on the pages of travel diary, its a must-go place for the ones who enjoy craftsmanship as it has so much to offer.

Share the experience around :).

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