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NAINITAL -Trip in Budget to Revival in Hot Summers

Hello Travellers!

If summers are too hot to take, I have been to just a right place this summer which will be a nice idea for you too...NAINITAL. It was like a birthday surprise trip for me, although not that much of a surprise as we had already been planning trip to other places. Suddenly, Nainital popped up...Its not far away from Delhi so #WHYNOT ...


Duration : 3 Days

Budget : 5000/-  (Approx. )


Day 1

>Take overnight bus/Volvo directly from Delhi to Nainital (In North, anywhere its a overnight journey)
>Reach by morning 6:00 a.m. or 7 a.m. Firstly, book a hotel, get rest, breakfast and freshen-up.
>Dedicate Day 1 to Nainital and its surroundings if you are a mountain lover
  (we wandered around the Mall Road market, lanes and up-hills)
>Reach hotel by dinner time, plan a taxi for next day trip to up-hills(as going on your own will be hectic if you don't own a vehicle and mountains are too steep for trek if you are not used to it), sleep through the night to be prepared for early morning.

Day 2:

>Move from hotel around 9:00 a.m. after having breakfast and taking the essentials like water, some snacks.
>Taxi will take you to Eco Cave Garden, Naina Peak, Snow View Point, Governor's House, Tiffin Top (where you can trek or take a horse ride for 3-4 Kms...Yes, I have been guilty of taking a ride TWICE but not anymore, I Wish for healthy body instead  ;) ), Botanical Garden, Gurney House, Khurpa Taal.
>Have you lunch on the way as it will be evening by the time you return back to hotel.
>Nainital's scenery is too beautiful to sit in a hotel, get back on route by evening and have dinner outside.
>Sleep through the night in hotel


>Book the same taxi for trip to Talli-tal, Saat-Tal, Bheem-Tall, Binayak
>Follow the same early morning routine move by 8:00 a.m., if you wish to cover most of the places by evening.
>Lunch will be outside as usual
>Either take your belongings with you and board a bus back to Delhi same night or get back to hotel and take the bus next morning from down the hill.

If you plan to have a movie night like we did, get your tickets booked in advance at one and only movieplex aka New Capitol Cinema


Oh! My God, If I get one wish, I would simply wish for myself to be settled in place like Nainital because of its moderate climate...Not at all hot even in summers. Beautiful scenery, awesome view and when you open your window, crisp breeze touches your face...What else do I want :D .

Nainital Morning

Naini Jheel

Fishes in Naini Jeel
Underwater Life

Evening in Nainital

Khurpa Taal
Khurpa Taal

View from Tiffin Top
Nainital View from Tiffin Top
Nainital View from up-hills
Naini Jheel view from Up-Hill

Nainital Diaries

View from hotel balcony
View from my Hotel Balcony
View from mountains
View from mountains
Its about to Rain

Nainital Evening

If I had to pick 3 favourites, it would be :

1. Tiffin Top:

View from Tiffin Top

Tiffin Top
Buddy on the Way-Sultan
My Tiffin-Top Travel Buddy

2.Eco Caves

Eco Caves

Eco Caves

3. Naini Lake

Naini Lake
Naini Lake

The central ground near Naini Lake is surrounded by all 4 religions in India...In four corners there is a Gurudwara, A Temple, Church and a Mosque...right beside each other cohesively :). Its INCREDIBLE INDIA after all.

Naini Temple

Church View


With friends or family, Nainital is a nice getaway in this hot summer season...the one which doesn't burn a big hole in your pocket.

It has been absolute pleasure to visit and a best birthday celebration. I advise all you fine travelling souls to plan the trip once and I bet you will fall in LOVE with place like I did.



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