Tuesday, 1 August 2017

No tool DIY Nail Art : Design 1

Hey Creative Family!

Nail art from salon is costly and its not something you can take-out time for in every day routine...but what to do if you have grown your nails since ages and love to paint them...I am one of that girl who was only dutiful towards one beauty regime i.e. GROOMED NAILS :)

I know there are many other tutorials which use all that fancy tools to get the nail art done but my point is if everyone could do that fancy of a job at home with their nails life would have been so easy... I know my left hand doesn't co-operate when it comes to painting the nails of right hand ...Phewww!

So without any further chatting I would dig right into the tutorial...

First I have put a single coat of
Maybelline Color Show: Nude Skin

Then to make a clear line I stuck a thin strip of scotch tape diagonally (before applying tape on my nails first apply it at the back of my hand) and painted half nail with a coat of
Faces Splash: Plum 207

After the coat dries, take off the tape and there will be a clear line...Yes Ladies! Its that easy :)

After that applied the same tape which I took off at the edges and painted the tip with
Lakme True Wear:Shade 503

Once the coat dried, I peeled the tape off carefully and to secured it all with a coat of
Maybelline Color Show:Clear

Click here for NailArt 2

This combination has a nice formal tone to it so can be easily worn to formal events without a fuss. Comment and share below if you plan to try it out. :) 

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