Thursday, 17 August 2017

Defining Fashion | Statement

Hello Statement Makers!

For me FASHION represents aLOT...Sometimes its a Shoe that fits me well and makes my rugged Jeans look feminine, sometimes its a clutch I hold which is nothing more than a accessory to others but for me its what defines the garment I wear, at times its a fabric I wear which makes me feel comfortable in my skin...Many of you might argue otherwise and sometimes I do it too.
Somewhere down the lines of me learning about fashion, apparels and trends...I heard
Fashion is WORTH suffering for...
This was by a friend, who tip-toed in her pointy Pumps, during a college fashion show wishing for them to magically turn into cushions or at least those were her happy thoughts as those pumps were killing her feet.

This MANTRA stuck by me. Yes! I have suffered those shoe bites too and no matter how comfortable it seems in shop, the time it gets home and onto my feet, they die...Not the shoes, my feet. I have to do a whole revival session, just to bring them back from dead but do I not buy new shoe... NOOOOoooo!

I can do one KILLER piece at a time so I pick mine carefully.

Which is more or less the motive of this blog to tell you guys of that one staple killer piece which makes your whole outfit look top-notch.

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