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Bhangarh Fort and Chand Baori | Trip to Rajasthan- Itinerary, Experience and Budget

Hello Fellow Travellers!

Trip to Rajasthan - Jaipur for me would have been bit less fun, if Bhangarh Fort and Chand Baori wasn't included. If you are going to Jaipur, places nearby offer great history, architecture, scenery and adventure too...include them in your schedule. We missed on one place though due to time crunch i.e. Chowki Dhani.

Bhangarh is famous for its haunted story background that made us curious and like every curious kid what did we do, we made plans to go there..Griinnn!

It’s hardly hour or two away from Jaipur. First we thought of taking public transport but from the information we gathered, there were no direct buses to Bhangarh. We would first had to take bus till Dausa and then from there take an auto or bus which goes to Alwar, it will drop you at the road nearby from there it’s  2-3 kms trek to fort. This seemed like bit risky and tiresome as the fort closes by 6:00 p.m. plus we gathered some info for how much a cab till Bhangarh to Baori and back to Jaipur would take within the hotel we stayed, rates fitted our budget so we hired a taxi instead.

Duration - 1 Day

Bhangarh Fort
Chand Baori

Itinerary from Jaipur:

> Plan for early morning trip from Jaipur preferably by 7:00 a.m. in case you plan to cover both the places
> Possibly book taxi via hotel you staying at as it will give you leverage over time as both the Bhangarh and Chand Baori are in opposite direction route wise
> Have breakfast on the highway because once you head to town, there are hardly any joint to eat
   (You might get awesome dahi-kachori though ;) )
> Reach Bhangarh, its opens by 8:00 a.m. in the morning
   ( This is one beautiful location so take your time to wander around)
> You must be done visiting Bhangarh by 1:00 p.m., get back in your car and head towards the high way usually the car drivers know good spot to eat at, have lunch before driving ahead
> Head to Chand Baori after resting a while and stretching your legs
> Reach Chand Baori by 3:00 a.m., visit the temple and Baori
> Head back to Jaipur by 6:00 p.m, you shall by 7:30 p.m.

  Expenses (we were 3 people)
Taxi fare to Fort-Baori and back 2000 Videography at Chand baori 30
Entry Fees Bhangarh Fort 0 Miscellaneous (Food, Toll Tax etc) 1000
Entry fees  Chand Baori  0
Total - 3030


Bhangarh sure has a spooky story (The curse was spelled by an evil tantric who had feelings for the fort's princess who denied his love and banished him from kingdom. The curse was that the fort will demolish to ground and no-one in kingdom will live ever. It is said that soul of tantric and princess still haunts the fort) attached to it but how the whole city can be so erased from the pages of history is un-known to me.

Market Ruins
I am here not to promote any story which is yet not proved but ruins of the Bhangarh city does make you wonder of what exactly must have happened that the whole market and fort has demolished to ground.

When we entered the premises of Bhangarh fort, we saw a temple which is made recently and is said to keep the evil forces away. We also bowed and kept moving....

There amidst no-where lies the ruins of Bhangarh City and fort which once must have been alive, like every other place.

Stairs in the ruins gave us an impression that how the market was functioning once but due to lack of care and no-one to look after the property, how it has degraded over time...

 After a kms.' walk through the market ruins, we reached 3 darwaza and from here the fort was clearly visible.

View from fort
 With so much of greenery only one thought came to my mind....'Wish the fort was still maintained and functioning' now atleast I wasn't feeling anything evil with the palace
Bhangarh Fort

Bats in Princess's room
 This is captured from a room where the princess once lived, I can understand that 1000s of bats stick to the wall because its dark in there but I couldn't understand why the stench from that area was so harsh. I couldn't breath around that area.
Staircase in princess's Room 
 This tunnel is said to be the place from where that stench rises... I wonder what stinks so bad.

View from 2nd floor of the fort

 Both 1st and 2nd floor have turned to ruins, we had to be very careful while climbing up

This was the end of Bhangarh sighting and from here we go straight to beauty that is

Chand Baori, a place which again welcomes you with Harshat Mata Abhaneri Village

The stones and artwork of temple has aged over the period

Every such place always makes me admire the craftsmanship and hard work which went into making such beautiful structure for us. Such perfect triangle seems impossible even on paper with pen, tools and eraser....Amazed *_*

Staircases down to well is barbed and shut, which is good as it both preserves the rock and avoids accidents.

All in all curiosity was satisfied without any ghost sighting and in my opinion its one issue that should not be made fun of or done just for adventure's sake. Its good to be curious but to stay safe is also important, every life counts.

The trip to Bhangarh will always keep me wondering of realities and Chand Baori is architectural paradise.

Keep travelling and sharing your experience with me.  

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