Monday, 21 August 2017

5 Fashion must haves for Summers

Hello Statement Makers!

As the one who lives in a hot climatic country and has loads of wavy hair, I believe in minimal dressing. As an introduction post, I did mention that I believe in that one killer piece which is sufficient enough to make a huge statement.

In India, its hot for 9 months and hardly true winter for rest 3 and amongst all, I sweat like crazy so I have always wondered that how does one follow that heavy makeup or over dressing trend on streets in daily wear as waterproof or not, nothing sticks on my face during street walk. That wondering made me conclude these basic things:

1. You can't carry heavy makeup or foundation base in this summer heat. Specially if you are walking during that marketing/sales job....NO WAY.
2. You have to keep your dressing to the minimal, to make sure that you don't melt away.
3. Following trends is only possible if you find that one statement piece which fits your style.
4. And its India, so anyhow you have to re-check what exactly is the means of transport you are using or where exactly you are heading...You can't possibly be wearing those short shorts in rural areas as that's going to make many others including yourself uncomfortable. (I really can't emphasise how much I want that mentality to change but till the time it doesn't lets stick to being little precautious...Just a little :D).
5. We have 'n' numbers of celebrations and occasions to be at and for every occasion, the dress code varies so its always a good idea to dress accordingly. (i.e.To level up between a office meeting and some ritual at home)

Where many of us can easily follow what is told and has already been compiled, its always fun to find our own style and what suits us. I will help you collect what you love but with the guide of 'to how much extent you should in-corporate it with your look'. The whole point of this post is to tell you of those 5 fashion must haves which can help you juggle between different fashion trends and occasions:

SHOES: The show-stopper -

Daaaa! Shoes are what make your ensemble complete. They are literally that one accessory which have the defining moment of their own. For me shoes are the foremost accessory which one can carry and flaunt every single hour with: Oh! So perfection and they are ladies' best friend. In this context, I am like Carrie from Sex and the City(plus the fluffy hair :D).

Ladies, whenever you go for the shoe-shopping next...spend sometime finding that one perfect pair which complements your personality and outfits. Something with heels but comfortable or something in flats but chic, whatever you desire buy that. There is no rule for it except one, THEY SHOULD BE A SHOW-STOPPER PIECE as not everyday you buy one but you walk in them every single day. So with comfort, style is a key. For my wardrobe, compulsory or say the necessities are: an ankle length boot (preferably black or dark brown), something with Golden straps (currently I have Stilettos), black and white flats whether with strings or straps and a comfortable sports shoe only for your extra trek or jogging times. Rest all are secondary, if you don't have these in your kitty already.

BAGS / CLUTCH: To Carry your style-

It doesn't take too much to really figure out why we ladies love our bags so much. We carry our whole world in it, from our compact to our house keys, from office files to our books everything lies in there. I can totally understand if one is not a big fan of carrying bags, I sometimes too don't like to carry big bags but something will still be in my hand holding my soul together, a clutch perhaps.

Since, like shoes they are to be carried daily too we ought to give some thought in buying that as well. I might have 10 different bags small and big but I really use that one on the go, most of the time. Its too much of a hassle to shift belongings from one to another if you are daily on a move in some 9-5 job. Like shoes, bags are INVESTMENT too.


If you have a right kind of jewellery, only one piece is more than sufficient to achieve the look you plan to go for that day. Boho, Chic, Minimalist, Hippie, Traditional, Contemporary name it and it can be achieved by the right kind of jewellery. Statement pieces are big hit and the most precious introduction of modern trends.

Huge pearl beaded necklace with wrap can turn you into a boho chic or the pearls close to your neck can make that little black dress look million bucks. A plain tank top, paired with long silver necklace makes the look traditional while the same with funky owl imprints make the look modern. So be it any occasion, be ready with your jewellery on.


Invest in a branded watch as time never STOPS. Trends change through the periods but watches are to remain forever. Classic vintage watch suits your hand way better than a cheap knock-off. That is one statement piece which should rather match your personality than your outfit. I have 2 branded ones in my kitty and they are the reflection of my personality.

Invest once but wisely

SHADES/FRAMES: Frame the face- 

I am a girl with numbers, so frames are must for me anyhow. Since 6th grade, I am using glasses but back then I didn't know how important it was not to look geeky if your really are not a geek. Time taught a lot, so ladies here is some lessons I learnt, the hard way...find the frame that suits your face, glasses are not to be loathed, frames are perfect accessory, LOVE YOUR FRAMES.

And for you lucky ones who are blessed with perfect vision, you my friends have a lesson to learn too. Eyes are important and so are shades to protect them. Many of us now a days use shades but merely following whats-in without knowing what suits us. TRUST me, I have been victim of cat-eyes too. Again for these, I will suggest buy branded and invest good amount of time selecting one.

They say:

Face is your personality's reflection.

and they cover your reflection, so be wise in choosing one. :D

Don't be afraid to take risk but key is to be comfortable with that risk. I suggest, if you never try how will you get to know what's wrong from right, what's grey from white.


These are my fashion must have pick, SHARE to spread the list and COMMENT for addition. Always love to hear what is your take on fashion mantra I follow.



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