Wednesday, 30 August 2017

KURTI - Women's Wear Classic | Trend and Shop

Hello statement Makers!

My pick for women's wear in this post is Kurti - Ultra Chic and Comfortable attire which is a choice of so many ladies just like me for so many reasons. In case you live in some third world and you haven't tried them yet, I am giving you few reason to wear it right away:

a.) Comfort: There is no other attire which provides so much of comfort when you are out and about with your business. Hardly you have to bother about it slipping or the unwanted curves showing through. Pair it the right way and you are good to go.

b.) Variety: Have you ever been to Kurti/Kurta shopping? Its so much fun to chose from all those options at such reasonable price. I stay in Delhi and 2 most adored Kurti heaven for me to shop are Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar but if you are bulk buying (in case of marriage and functions), Chandni Chowk is your spot.

c.) Looks: Kurtis are such versatile and with upcoming trend you can fit it into any category. Make it formal to attend office, make it chic to attend a birthday party, pair it with denims and you are ready for some street shopping or make it traditional to attend a party or family function.

d.) Traditional Quotient: Since kurtis/Kurtas are second most preferred option after saree in India, its high on ethnic value too. You just need to find the right kurta to blend in the gathering.

With all this awesomeness, KURTI has become a REVOLUTIONARY TREND in women's wear. All you need is find a right one to suit your personality and occasion. My personal favourites to suit my body type are the STRAIGHT A-LINE, they make me look taller as I am one SHMALL person (5.1'') :D . Just find the look you are going for and voila -


Pair those straight or button kurti tops with denims and there you have your casuals ready. For more modish and minimal classic look find something in solid or checks. To complete off the look pair it with scarf or peep toes.

In this one, I have paired my blue buttoned kurta top with handbag, blue tapered jeans and black peep toe shoes (keeping it casual). Plus a watch from my must have fashion essentials.


Straight line kurtis with pencil cut bottoms make it an awesome formal combo. This black straight fir A-Line Kurti paired with golden trousers make the look just perfect and the plus point you get pockets with it.

Sometimes pair a peplum short kurta with cigarette pants to give your formal wear a twist. This look from AJIO sums up my point quite perfectly.


Kurtis make really awesome dresses, throw on a belt or your statement jewellery and you are good to go. See didn't I tell you these are making some revolutionary trends to follow and so versatile. One pair can be dressed in so many possible ways. Pants or no-pants, rock the style and make it a staple wardrobe piece. Like this La-Firangi kurta on Amazon has no slits on sides and will make a perfect summer dress with green belt on the empress line and pink clutch.


We are not here to follow that age old trend of plain Salwaar-Kameez(though they make an awesome looks in themselves), we are going to jazz it up with our own quirk....RIGHT LADIES? (*WINK*). Pair an asymmetric kurta with skirt and you will have a style like never before. This one falls right between the Patiala and Punjabi combo except the salwar.

I like to keep my dressing minimal, for me less is more except if its some real fancy occasion and I feel like twinkling up. Mostly I pair my garment with single jewellery piece it might be a necklace, a ring, bracelet or earrings.

Hopefully these style tips are beneficial for your next kurti shopping, I would love to hear your experiences, in the COMMENT section.



Friday, 25 August 2017

Get Monsoon Ready | Fashion Wise

Midway in monsoon and still wondering what to wear as the streets are mud-pads, here is my solution to it...KNEE-LENGTH clothing options. I can't tell you how many pants and dresses I have washed because of those muddy-spots so instead of hip-hopping on the streets in those baggy khakis, I go short on dresses. Choice of attire is totally yours, I am here suggesting solutions to your problems with what I have in my wardrobe.

This monsoon season, I have pulled together this look for you ladies to get WET in STYLE   ;)

Ensemble: T-Shirt - Status Quo, Skirt - Ginger, Watch - Titan, Purse - Baggit, Shoes - Stilettos (Delhi)

Rains are fun and infamously famous for chai-pakodas but parties of our lives never stop with pouring or they? So be least bothered about that long dress hanging in your cupboard and pull out those skirts and capris. Short floral dresses are your best-friend this monsoon season, don't let them kept hanging my love :)

In my personal preference keep the accessories and makeup to minimal as you might get out of home all dry and kept but by the time you reach back, it must be flooding in the lanes already. Sometimes carrying an Umbrella doesn't help either so I have made a list of must-carry items for your bag:
  1. Tissues
  2. Scarf (To helps you dry up in style)
  3. Waterproof Makeup (we all know that mascara runs down ;D)
  4. Sanitizer (with all that water, germs are not far away)
  5. A plastic zipper bag (to keep your essentials waterproof)
There is no other more romantic weather than monsoon, get Bollywood inspired and hop to the beats of your favourite song.

Comment below your monsoon favourites and Share the love.


Monday, 21 August 2017

5 Fashion must haves for Summers

Hello Statement Makers!

As the one who lives in a hot climatic country and has loads of wavy hair, I believe in minimal dressing. As an introduction post, I did mention that I believe in that one killer piece which is sufficient enough to make a huge statement.

In India, its hot for 9 months and hardly true winter for rest 3 and amongst all, I sweat like crazy so I have always wondered that how does one follow that heavy makeup or over dressing trend on streets in daily wear as waterproof or not, nothing sticks on my face during street walk. That wondering made me conclude these basic things:

1. You can't carry heavy makeup or foundation base in this summer heat. Specially if you are walking during that marketing/sales job....NO WAY.
2. You have to keep your dressing to the minimal, to make sure that you don't melt away.
3. Following trends is only possible if you find that one statement piece which fits your style.
4. And its India, so anyhow you have to re-check what exactly is the means of transport you are using or where exactly you are heading...You can't possibly be wearing those short shorts in rural areas as that's going to make many others including yourself uncomfortable. (I really can't emphasise how much I want that mentality to change but till the time it doesn't lets stick to being little precautious...Just a little :D).
5. We have 'n' numbers of celebrations and occasions to be at and for every occasion, the dress code varies so its always a good idea to dress accordingly. (i.e.To level up between a office meeting and some ritual at home)

Where many of us can easily follow what is told and has already been compiled, its always fun to find our own style and what suits us. I will help you collect what you love but with the guide of 'to how much extent you should in-corporate it with your look'. The whole point of this post is to tell you of those 5 fashion must haves which can help you juggle between different fashion trends and occasions:

SHOES: The show-stopper -

Daaaa! Shoes are what make your ensemble complete. They are literally that one accessory which have the defining moment of their own. For me shoes are the foremost accessory which one can carry and flaunt every single hour with: Oh! So perfection and they are ladies' best friend. In this context, I am like Carrie from Sex and the City(plus the fluffy hair :D).

Ladies, whenever you go for the shoe-shopping next...spend sometime finding that one perfect pair which complements your personality and outfits. Something with heels but comfortable or something in flats but chic, whatever you desire buy that. There is no rule for it except one, THEY SHOULD BE A SHOW-STOPPER PIECE as not everyday you buy one but you walk in them every single day. So with comfort, style is a key. For my wardrobe, compulsory or say the necessities are: an ankle length boot (preferably black or dark brown), something with Golden straps (currently I have Stilettos), black and white flats whether with strings or straps and a comfortable sports shoe only for your extra trek or jogging times. Rest all are secondary, if you don't have these in your kitty already.

BAGS / CLUTCH: To Carry your style-

It doesn't take too much to really figure out why we ladies love our bags so much. We carry our whole world in it, from our compact to our house keys, from office files to our books everything lies in there. I can totally understand if one is not a big fan of carrying bags, I sometimes too don't like to carry big bags but something will still be in my hand holding my soul together, a clutch perhaps.

Since, like shoes they are to be carried daily too we ought to give some thought in buying that as well. I might have 10 different bags small and big but I really use that one on the go, most of the time. Its too much of a hassle to shift belongings from one to another if you are daily on a move in some 9-5 job. Like shoes, bags are INVESTMENT too.


If you have a right kind of jewellery, only one piece is more than sufficient to achieve the look you plan to go for that day. Boho, Chic, Minimalist, Hippie, Traditional, Contemporary name it and it can be achieved by the right kind of jewellery. Statement pieces are big hit and the most precious introduction of modern trends.

Huge pearl beaded necklace with wrap can turn you into a boho chic or the pearls close to your neck can make that little black dress look million bucks. A plain tank top, paired with long silver necklace makes the look traditional while the same with funky owl imprints make the look modern. So be it any occasion, be ready with your jewellery on.


Invest in a branded watch as time never STOPS. Trends change through the periods but watches are to remain forever. Classic vintage watch suits your hand way better than a cheap knock-off. That is one statement piece which should rather match your personality than your outfit. I have 2 branded ones in my kitty and they are the reflection of my personality.

Invest once but wisely

SHADES/FRAMES: Frame the face- 

I am a girl with numbers, so frames are must for me anyhow. Since 6th grade, I am using glasses but back then I didn't know how important it was not to look geeky if your really are not a geek. Time taught a lot, so ladies here is some lessons I learnt, the hard way...find the frame that suits your face, glasses are not to be loathed, frames are perfect accessory, LOVE YOUR FRAMES.

And for you lucky ones who are blessed with perfect vision, you my friends have a lesson to learn too. Eyes are important and so are shades to protect them. Many of us now a days use shades but merely following whats-in without knowing what suits us. TRUST me, I have been victim of cat-eyes too. Again for these, I will suggest buy branded and invest good amount of time selecting one.

They say:

Face is your personality's reflection.

and they cover your reflection, so be wise in choosing one. :D

Don't be afraid to take risk but key is to be comfortable with that risk. I suggest, if you never try how will you get to know what's wrong from right, what's grey from white.


These are my fashion must have pick, SHARE to spread the list and COMMENT for addition. Always love to hear what is your take on fashion mantra I follow.


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Defining Fashion | Statement

Hello Statement Makers!

For me FASHION represents aLOT...Sometimes its a Shoe that fits me well and makes my rugged Jeans look feminine, sometimes its a clutch I hold which is nothing more than a accessory to others but for me its what defines the garment I wear, at times its a fabric I wear which makes me feel comfortable in my skin...Many of you might argue otherwise and sometimes I do it too.
Somewhere down the lines of me learning about fashion, apparels and trends...I heard
Fashion is WORTH suffering for...
This was by a friend, who tip-toed in her pointy Pumps, during a college fashion show wishing for them to magically turn into cushions or at least those were her happy thoughts as those pumps were killing her feet.

This MANTRA stuck by me. Yes! I have suffered those shoe bites too and no matter how comfortable it seems in shop, the time it gets home and onto my feet, they die...Not the shoes, my feet. I have to do a whole revival session, just to bring them back from dead but do I not buy new shoe... NOOOOoooo!

I can do one KILLER piece at a time so I pick mine carefully.

Which is more or less the motive of this blog to tell you guys of that one staple killer piece which makes your whole outfit look top-notch.

Stay tuned for the up-coming fashion treat, SUBSCRIBE for the happy dose, SHARE some love.


Sunday, 13 August 2017

No Tool DIY NAIL ART - Variations from 3 Shades

Hello Creative Family!

Here is one more simple and easy Nail Art tutorial where I am taking 3 shades and doing 4 variations of it. So, all you fun people who are interested in knowing how I did these... dive right into it :) .

As always I am using scotch tape to paint the straight line

Shade: Colorbar - Bubble Gum Pink

Shade : Colorbar - M9 - Parrot Green

Shade :Maybelline Color Show - Red Splatter 808

Plan to paint the designs yourself then do share photographs, its always exciting to see what else can be done with these shades :D

Love to hear your comments and follow me for more upcoming designs like this.


Friday, 11 August 2017

NAINITAL -Trip in Budget to Revival in Hot Summers

Hello Travellers!

If summers are too hot to take, I have been to just a right place this summer which will be a nice idea for you too...NAINITAL. It was like a birthday surprise trip for me, although not that much of a surprise as we had already been planning trip to other places. Suddenly, Nainital popped up...Its not far away from Delhi so #WHYNOT ...


Duration : 3 Days

Budget : 5000/-  (Approx. )


Day 1

>Take overnight bus/Volvo directly from Delhi to Nainital (In North, anywhere its a overnight journey)
>Reach by morning 6:00 a.m. or 7 a.m. Firstly, book a hotel, get rest, breakfast and freshen-up.
>Dedicate Day 1 to Nainital and its surroundings if you are a mountain lover
  (we wandered around the Mall Road market, lanes and up-hills)
>Reach hotel by dinner time, plan a taxi for next day trip to up-hills(as going on your own will be hectic if you don't own a vehicle and mountains are too steep for trek if you are not used to it), sleep through the night to be prepared for early morning.

Day 2:

>Move from hotel around 9:00 a.m. after having breakfast and taking the essentials like water, some snacks.
>Taxi will take you to Eco Cave Garden, Naina Peak, Snow View Point, Governor's House, Tiffin Top (where you can trek or take a horse ride for 3-4 Kms...Yes, I have been guilty of taking a ride TWICE but not anymore, I Wish for healthy body instead  ;) ), Botanical Garden, Gurney House, Khurpa Taal.
>Have you lunch on the way as it will be evening by the time you return back to hotel.
>Nainital's scenery is too beautiful to sit in a hotel, get back on route by evening and have dinner outside.
>Sleep through the night in hotel


>Book the same taxi for trip to Talli-tal, Saat-Tal, Bheem-Tall, Binayak
>Follow the same early morning routine move by 8:00 a.m., if you wish to cover most of the places by evening.
>Lunch will be outside as usual
>Either take your belongings with you and board a bus back to Delhi same night or get back to hotel and take the bus next morning from down the hill.

If you plan to have a movie night like we did, get your tickets booked in advance at one and only movieplex aka New Capitol Cinema


Oh! My God, If I get one wish, I would simply wish for myself to be settled in place like Nainital because of its moderate climate...Not at all hot even in summers. Beautiful scenery, awesome view and when you open your window, crisp breeze touches your face...What else do I want :D .

Nainital Morning

Naini Jheel

Fishes in Naini Jeel
Underwater Life

Evening in Nainital

Khurpa Taal
Khurpa Taal

View from Tiffin Top
Nainital View from Tiffin Top
Nainital View from up-hills
Naini Jheel view from Up-Hill

Nainital Diaries

View from hotel balcony
View from my Hotel Balcony
View from mountains
View from mountains
Its about to Rain

Nainital Evening

If I had to pick 3 favourites, it would be :

1. Tiffin Top:

View from Tiffin Top

Tiffin Top
Buddy on the Way-Sultan
My Tiffin-Top Travel Buddy

2.Eco Caves

Eco Caves

Eco Caves

3. Naini Lake

Naini Lake
Naini Lake

The central ground near Naini Lake is surrounded by all 4 religions in India...In four corners there is a Gurudwara, A Temple, Church and a Mosque...right beside each other cohesively :). Its INCREDIBLE INDIA after all.

Naini Temple

Church View


With friends or family, Nainital is a nice getaway in this hot summer season...the one which doesn't burn a big hole in your pocket.

It has been absolute pleasure to visit and a best birthday celebration. I advise all you fine travelling souls to plan the trip once and I bet you will fall in LOVE with place like I did.


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