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Trip to Jammu: Itinerary and fare for Vaishno Devi-Patnitop-Natha Top-Jammu City

Hello Fellow Travellers!

This blog is a fresh start but my trip to Vaishno Devi was some time back in January when one fine month me and my friend decided to visit the holy shrine . Initially it was 2 days' plan but we extended it to Jammu trip as we both are hill-station lovers. This was our first trip to an unknown place via public transport together so we searched for itineraries online like many others and to our amazement there were only 2-3 helpful ones which mentioned the whole trip experience in detail but the only problem was that they mentioned the timings with their own vehicle and ours was on our own...We don't own any vehicle.....Yet! :P

So we took some help from those blogs and search engines, took pen and jotted down our own plan. Here was our plan in summary that once we visit the temple>Katra, we will head to Udhampur district from there via bus to Patnitop and then the next day to Nathatop and on the way back to Jammu we will visit Sudh Mahadev, from Jammu we had our train back to Delhi.

Here is an ITINERARY we followed and FARE BUDGET break-up per invidual of our trip:

Itinerary for 5 Day trip to Jammu:

Day 1:

>Overnight journey from train to Jammu Tawi and from there to Katra
>Darshan takes a whole day as its a 14 Kms each side walk on foot in case you prefer walking
>On the way back in katra, book hotel of your choice and sleep through the night after having lunch in the hotel
Trikut Parvat

Holy Shrine

Day 2:

>Have breakfast in hotel you stayed at
>Move from katra to Udhampur preferably in the morning via bus, it goes directly to bus stop
>Have lunch in Udhampur and take another bus to Patnitop...reach Patnitop by afternoon (or evening depending on the traffic as we got stuck due to weather information that its gonna snow heavily up the hilltops hence people with vehicle were getting down the hill in order to avoid getting stuck there for days)
>Book hotel in Patnitop, do sight seeing around in case you feel like it or order food/tea in comfort of your hotel
(we booked Alpine hotel as reached late in the evening due to traffic jam and the snow fall, its uphill not far from the road ...has awesome view room, catering, bar and facility wise)


Day 3: 

>Sleep through the night and start your adventure early morning
>Go down the straight lane which passes through Patnitop circular road leading to Billo Ki Powri, city market and Naag Temple

>This is the place in which Naag-Temple and market is buried under thick snow so we couldn't get there(...we tried really hard though getting down the Billo ki Powri but had to come back up as it started snowing again)
>Every place there can be wrapped within a day and in case of heavy snowfall buses or taxi to Nathatop are hard to get as routes from Jammu to Kashmir are shut-down so plan your schedule accordingly
>Either you can move up to Nathatop by evening checking out of the hotel or you can sleep through the night in Patnitop and move early morning after breakfast which usually starts by 7:00 a.m.

(We stayed in Patnitop by the Day-3 night as all the roads were blocked but people with vehicle moved by Day-3 morning from hotel)

  These are the photos from no place else...yes its Patnitop

View from our hotel window

Day 4:

>You can spend the day in Nathatop and stay through the night there
>Visit Sudh Mahadev temple on the way back to Udhampur 
>Come back to Jammu, check into a hotel and indulge in local veg, non-veg cuisine
(we stayed in Vaishno Dham hotel which is right beside Jammu-Tawi station and right in-front of it is a market which sells dry-frits. You can get souvenirs for your loved ones from there too)
Day 5:

>You can visit Bahu fort/Bawe Wali Mata (its in the same compound), Bagh-E-Bahu and Aquarium (my recommendation) as they are at one place and not far from the railway station in case you have a train to catch
>Have lunch there and bid adieu to an awesome journey depending on your transport timing to the way back
Bawe Wali Mata Mandir

Bahu Fort and Aquarium

FARE BREAKUP (Per Individual)
Train Fare Rajdhani
Udhampur - Jammu (bus)
Train Fare Doronto
Bus Reciept
Hotel Katra
Auto (to Bagh)
Katra-Udhampur (bus)
Horse Fare (Vaisno Devi
Udhampur-Patnitop (bus)
Hotel Jammu
Hotel Patnitop
Miscellaneous (Food/Souvenirs)
Patnitop -Udhampur (Taxi)


 You can compare the prices and check which is the best option for you to take. Hotels in Patnitop were available at cheaper rates too but we preferred the view and on the way back if things would have gone well, the cost of taxi was nil. In Jammu also per individual dormitories are available which costs 100/- per bed.

This was the first trip for to experience SNOW-Fall and that too so heavily so every effort made was worth it.


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