Saturday, 29 July 2017

DIY Birthday Decoration - 3

Hello Creative Family!

Here is yet another birthday décor option for you guys. These decors have been integral part of my sweet memories as in the earlier post I mentioned they all have been done on my birthdays or my friends'. Here is an effort to make birthday of yours someone special. This one also is a complete DIY décor where you need no more than few items and creative push :D

Theme Birthday Decor

  1. Coloured Sheets (pick ones you like as flowers, leaves and butterflies...We kept them matching with the hint of different shades depending on the dull lighting of the room)
  2. Scissors/X-Acto knife
  3. Markers (for writing alphabets)
  4. Balloons (of your choice or of the colours we picked)
  5. Small cardboards (to hold the flower petals in place and hang it)
  6. Paper clips (to hold the bits together)
Centre Decor


- Make the butterfly templates of various shapes and size( make 5-7 templates at max.), keep the ones you like aside
-Now fold the large coloured sheets and draw the templates you kept aside on it. After tracing your design try cutting as many paper butterflies from it in one go
(keep these various sized butterflies clipped and stacked at one place)


-Cut the petal shaped templates on a coloured piece of paper and gradually keep increasing the petal size (make approx. 5 of each size)
- At the bottom of petal give a 2'' slit and overlap it so that the petal looks curved
- Cut a hexagon from a cardboard and glue the same coloured sheet on it
-Start with the large petals and glue them beneath the cardboard and gradually decrease the size of petals above it.
-Make atleast 4-5 layers of it to make the flower look fuller and at the back of cardboard blue a loop to hang the flower easily on the wall
-For the centre take a paper cut fringes on it and roll the paper to form a centre part of the flower. glue the role carefully to the cardboard

P.S. : I will totally understand for this weird flower description but trust me its not that hard. Flower video or pictorial tutorial is on its way till then text is my friend :D

-Blow the balloons (foremost step :P )
-Tie 2-2 balloons together and twist each pair together and in the middle tie a knot of transparent balloon so that you can write message on them
Metallic Balloons 

-Place your arrangement on wall with the help of double sided tape making an arc of balloons and single ones right below it
-Make the arrangement in a way you like it and from where the message is visible. Play with walls and craft as this one might be an inspiration.

To finish off the celebration there always is perfect cake and for this décor it was handmade with hot melted chocolate poured all over it....Yummm!!!

This post is dedicated to all the upcoming birthdays of my creative family...because WHY NOT!

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