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Trip to Jammu: Itinerary and fare for Vaishno Devi-Patnitop-Natha Top-Jammu City

Hello Fellow Travellers!

This blog is a fresh start but my trip to Vaishno Devi was some time back in January when one fine month me and my friend decided to visit the holy shrine . Initially it was 2 days' plan but we extended it to Jammu trip as we both are hill-station lovers. This was our first trip to an unknown place via public transport together so we searched for itineraries online like many others and to our amazement there were only 2-3 helpful ones which mentioned the whole trip experience in detail but the only problem was that they mentioned the timings with their own vehicle and ours was on our own...We don't own any vehicle.....Yet! :P

So we took some help from those blogs and search engines, took pen and jotted down our own plan. Here was our plan in summary that once we visit the temple>Katra, we will head to Udhampur district from there via bus to Patnitop and then the next day to Nathatop and on the way back to Jammu we will visit Sudh Mahadev, from Jammu we had our train back to Delhi.

Here is an ITINERARY we followed and FARE BUDGET break-up per invidual of our trip:

Itinerary for 5 Day trip to Jammu:

Day 1:

>Overnight journey from train to Jammu Tawi and from there to Katra
>Darshan takes a whole day as its a 14 Kms each side walk on foot in case you prefer walking
>On the way back in katra, book hotel of your choice and sleep through the night after having lunch in the hotel
Trikut Parvat

Holy Shrine

Day 2:

>Have breakfast in hotel you stayed at
>Move from katra to Udhampur preferably in the morning via bus, it goes directly to bus stop
>Have lunch in Udhampur and take another bus to Patnitop...reach Patnitop by afternoon (or evening depending on the traffic as we got stuck due to weather information that its gonna snow heavily up the hilltops hence people with vehicle were getting down the hill in order to avoid getting stuck there for days)
>Book hotel in Patnitop, do sight seeing around in case you feel like it or order food/tea in comfort of your hotel
(we booked Alpine hotel as reached late in the evening due to traffic jam and the snow fall, its uphill not far from the road ...has awesome view room, catering, bar and facility wise)


Day 3: 

>Sleep through the night and start your adventure early morning
>Go down the straight lane which passes through Patnitop circular road leading to Billo Ki Powri, city market and Naag Temple

>This is the place in which Naag-Temple and market is buried under thick snow so we couldn't get there(...we tried really hard though getting down the Billo ki Powri but had to come back up as it started snowing again)
>Every place there can be wrapped within a day and in case of heavy snowfall buses or taxi to Nathatop are hard to get as routes from Jammu to Kashmir are shut-down so plan your schedule accordingly
>Either you can move up to Nathatop by evening checking out of the hotel or you can sleep through the night in Patnitop and move early morning after breakfast which usually starts by 7:00 a.m.

(We stayed in Patnitop by the Day-3 night as all the roads were blocked but people with vehicle moved by Day-3 morning from hotel)

  These are the photos from no place else...yes its Patnitop

View from our hotel window

Day 4:

>You can spend the day in Nathatop and stay through the night there
>Visit Sudh Mahadev temple on the way back to Udhampur 
>Come back to Jammu, check into a hotel and indulge in local veg, non-veg cuisine
(we stayed in Vaishno Dham hotel which is right beside Jammu-Tawi station and right in-front of it is a market which sells dry-frits. You can get souvenirs for your loved ones from there too)
Day 5:

>You can visit Bahu fort/Bawe Wali Mata (its in the same compound), Bagh-E-Bahu and Aquarium (my recommendation) as they are at one place and not far from the railway station in case you have a train to catch
>Have lunch there and bid adieu to an awesome journey depending on your transport timing to the way back
Bawe Wali Mata Mandir

Bahu Fort and Aquarium

FARE BREAKUP (Per Individual)
Train Fare Rajdhani
Udhampur - Jammu (bus)
Train Fare Doronto
Bus Reciept
Hotel Katra
Auto (to Bagh)
Katra-Udhampur (bus)
Horse Fare (Vaisno Devi
Udhampur-Patnitop (bus)
Hotel Jammu
Hotel Patnitop
Miscellaneous (Food/Souvenirs)
Patnitop -Udhampur (Taxi)


 You can compare the prices and check which is the best option for you to take. Hotels in Patnitop were available at cheaper rates too but we preferred the view and on the way back if things would have gone well, the cost of taxi was nil. In Jammu also per individual dormitories are available which costs 100/- per bed.

This was the first trip for to experience SNOW-Fall and that too so heavily so every effort made was worth it.


Saturday, 29 July 2017

DIY Birthday Decoration - 3

Hello Creative Family!

Here is yet another birthday décor option for you guys. These decors have been integral part of my sweet memories as in the earlier post I mentioned they all have been done on my birthdays or my friends'. Here is an effort to make birthday of yours someone special. This one also is a complete DIY décor where you need no more than few items and creative push :D

Theme Birthday Decor

  1. Coloured Sheets (pick ones you like as flowers, leaves and butterflies...We kept them matching with the hint of different shades depending on the dull lighting of the room)
  2. Scissors/X-Acto knife
  3. Markers (for writing alphabets)
  4. Balloons (of your choice or of the colours we picked)
  5. Small cardboards (to hold the flower petals in place and hang it)
  6. Paper clips (to hold the bits together)
Centre Decor


- Make the butterfly templates of various shapes and size( make 5-7 templates at max.), keep the ones you like aside
-Now fold the large coloured sheets and draw the templates you kept aside on it. After tracing your design try cutting as many paper butterflies from it in one go
(keep these various sized butterflies clipped and stacked at one place)


-Cut the petal shaped templates on a coloured piece of paper and gradually keep increasing the petal size (make approx. 5 of each size)
- At the bottom of petal give a 2'' slit and overlap it so that the petal looks curved
- Cut a hexagon from a cardboard and glue the same coloured sheet on it
-Start with the large petals and glue them beneath the cardboard and gradually decrease the size of petals above it.
-Make atleast 4-5 layers of it to make the flower look fuller and at the back of cardboard blue a loop to hang the flower easily on the wall
-For the centre take a paper cut fringes on it and roll the paper to form a centre part of the flower. glue the role carefully to the cardboard

P.S. : I will totally understand for this weird flower description but trust me its not that hard. Flower video or pictorial tutorial is on its way till then text is my friend :D

-Blow the balloons (foremost step :P )
-Tie 2-2 balloons together and twist each pair together and in the middle tie a knot of transparent balloon so that you can write message on them
Metallic Balloons 

-Place your arrangement on wall with the help of double sided tape making an arc of balloons and single ones right below it
-Make the arrangement in a way you like it and from where the message is visible. Play with walls and craft as this one might be an inspiration.

To finish off the celebration there always is perfect cake and for this décor it was handmade with hot melted chocolate poured all over it....Yummm!!!

This post is dedicated to all the upcoming birthdays of my creative family...because WHY NOT!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

DIY Birthday Decoration - 2

Hello Creative Family,

Here is another DIY décor idea...This post brings back some fond memories that how special one feels when so much of brains is put into making one day of your life so special. Its one of the best birthday celebration I had and huge shout out to my friend for making it all a huge success...Reliving the moments :D

Every item in these photos is handmade from confetti to banners. 


  1. Regular confetti
  2. Chart Sheets/Coloured papers (colour combinations of our choice)
  3. Thread (to hold the banner in place and to hang the items)
  4. Balloons
  5. Scissors
  6. Ruler
  7. Pencil/Pen
  8. Stapler
  9. Glue


First prepare the small frames/pieces, later assemble them as you proceed:

-Using some small and large circular objects draw circle on the coloured chart sheets, cut carefully and keep them aside
-With the help of ruler and pencil, draw triangles and hearts...make a 'happy birthday' banner out of triangle and write name on the hearts
-Take the circles you kept aside and glue them on confetti lengthwise.
-When you have prepared all these items, start with the centre of your room and hang the banners across
-Knot the threads across the room with the help of thumb-pins/small nails. Arrange them in a way so that the hangings hang around the banner
- We have used our fan as a centre point to make canopy of confetti
- Hang the circular confetti around with balloons in between threaded to each other at a distance with the help of stapler
-When you are satisfied with the arrangement place the gifts and cake in the corner or centre below the banner (we used to have our beds on floors back then so we preferred bottom arrangement but table will be more appropriate :D )

In case you plan on doing this, do share the pics and ideas with me.

Have an awesome creative CELEBRATION!

Friday, 21 July 2017

Home Decor Ideas| Interior Decoration|Easy and Simple DIY

Hello Creative Family!

I have been busy re-organising/decorating my house for a while now and have come up with some creative ideas which will hardly take any time or energy of the decorators plus will give your that unique touch which only your creative ability can provide. Here are some ideas to decorate your walls and side tables.

All you will need is to dive in this video and get the ideas for your creative outlet...

In case you plan to do something out of these then do visit back to share your creativity.

DIY Birthday Decoration

Hello Creative Family!

It all started on a friend's birthday. There is not much into the idea though but for the ones who have the time crunch this one may help. I used these colors due the dull lightening of my room and these pop of colors made it all bright and festive.

With job this cute in hand all you need is:

Easy birthday decoration ideas for the ones who have less time in hand to organise a birthday party  :)

DIY Rose from Polybags | How to recycle plastic bags into beautiful Whit...

Hello DIY Lovers!

This one is to make your space look pretty with what all you have at home. Every household has few polybags lying around, why instead of throwing them turn those into a beautiful art piece for your side table.

..Here is an easy trick to turn them into pretty flowers. :)

Thursday, 20 July 2017

From THERE to ASHES- Chapter 3

The room cleaned of the ice and her beloved’s last traces was so full of crowd but still felt so empty to her. Patience could here the joy from her adolescence, the biting, the cravings, the negotiations, the barter, peck on her cheek, scratch by his  beard across her face and it burned…always whenever he did it, smile from behind the door, that timely roar and she hides behind the door again…UNKNOWINGLY. Soon did she realize that all these are the memories, her very fond memories which she can’t let go. Days passed and so did the nights, many sleepless nights under that roof where he was lastly seen under that white sheath he laid in serenity above all the turmoil which turned cold (very cold) that time.
She took the corner near the window from where the flashes of lights on roads and clouds were to be seen. She placed her head on lintel closing her eyes. All she had that pleasant smile, her memories, the melancholy and soon  she felt the touch, touch which seamed so pure, so cold yet gave the warmth, touch which was known but still felt so far…among all this she opened her eyes to see that from the dark there he comes. Oh! She wanted to run, run as fast as she can to match the heart beat…she leaned to see and make sure that what she is seeing is hers and has come to life just for her( and her vision blurs). Least did she expect of it to happen at this moment, she tried and tried to see properly but it was hard only till the time she came to know that they were tears.
” Why? “, she asks.
(long pause but no reply… clutching his hand she brings him closer)
“Why?” she asks again.
“I was left with nothing else…Was I”, says the beloved. (Without the need of answer)
“Me”, she says.
He placed his hand on her forehead and kissed her eyes but she didn’t want to close it as she was too afraid that even if she will blink, it will vanish. She didn’t want to let go of him just now, there are many questions un-answered but she was too fragile to ask any as she might as well cry.
Oh! No…No this is not the moment to cry (she says to herself and embraces his touch)
“What gave you the courage?”, she asks.
“Your face”, he replies.
“My face? …and I always thought that my face never came in-front of you while doing it”, she contemplates.
He responds, “I knew, you will take care of it all behind me…and I am proud.”
But that wasn’t what I asked (she thought), she couldn’t speak but stood there listening to him and wishing that she gets the reply to all the questions without asking them out loud as she feared that this will all end and that’s what she never wanted. Soon he speaks again: “I lamented the same tale through out my life but today is the confession…”, he admits. (Deep down she knew this confession but still she let him go on with it.)
And he carries on: “Beneath this skin, I had a heart of …child who failed as a son, husband who came up as a dictator, your beloved but only I could turn it all away (taking her hand in his…he continues). To my mother I wanted to be a child who took away all her sorrows, wished to mend all the holes by the finest stitch possible in the melodious tunes of her sewing machine…(Khich pitch…machine khich pictch…). The stitches which mended my childhood with affection, which never made me feel left on THE LOVE and that I am abandoned. There was so much of it which I overlooked till the time her body turned into ashes and I never could see the last of her. I wanted to go with her so here I am now, till the time I find her and find my that one last dream in her lap.”
(Hearing this, she clutches his hand tightly…In that darkness also she could see the blink in his eyes while he speaks though hardly anything apart from it she could see…)
” To my better half, the dictator I have been only till the time I saw her crying after I was gone. To her I only want to be sorry, sorry for I never deserved her (Patience wanted to shut his mouth as in her mind except few hurdles they were best together with all the ons and offs, instead she kept him going). The way she stood by me through all times, never I could return to her even if I barter my soul for her happiness but by the time I realized it, things could not be undone. So I left the gift, best ever gift she gave to me…with her. I couldn’t go on like this knowing that I am being selfish and she has a life too. That morning also, she gave me juice along with medicines…only till the time of supper I realized, Let her be free of me. That was the last I saw of her till the time she went for bath and I saw the last of me in the mirror”, he continued.(she sits there quietly…)
“Crippled with my thoughts as I was, couldn’t even care for the gifts I got. Unable to look past of my selfish motives of being stubborn , I tried molding the flowers that my gifts were into the creatures of minds than hearts. I am aware that I have taken away the purity out of one and the one is only left with brains like mine (least Patience was aware of what he is talking but she indulged deeper only to hear him more). Only if I could turn back and undo it all….”, he says.
She opens her eyes only to realize that it was a DREAM she just lost and whispered to herself, “But I don’t want it all to be undone.”
Tears role down her eyes after long as she looks outside the window in the darkness of night and the clock ticked 3.

And finally the story comes to an end.

Click for Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

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