Friday, 16 June 2017

Something went MISSING -Chapter 1

Patience, a child of age 2 and residing in the lands of nowhere… it was only since her childhood, she ever wanted was to break free. Break free from traditions, free from the surroundings, free from her identity all-together as while she was in that room…she chocked, suffocated and might as well felt like dying several times without an actual death but least she could do to run away from there with all the boundaries and the people continuously glaring at her except thinking and counting her days from the day her existence came in being. It was her soul which look past all those boundaries, those gazing eyes and those hands ready to kill at whatever moment they got an opportunity. Her soul was pure like any other child, her guts strong to built a nation, her thoughts powerful to pass the message that she won’t give up that easy. She made that room, her beloved place…made those people, her favourites…made that childhood…the best memory. Soon she grew playing and juggling with those traditions once chocking her mind and heart of thoughts but as she grew, only did she realized that one of those favourites is the creature of fate, maligned by his own deeds, lamenting the miseries (he went through), coping up with the sorrows of past and all he did to her is the process which he had been made to follow. It occurred to her that favourite is more a child than actually she is and all a sudden, she grew a bit more. Only to take care of her loved ones, to put this creature of fate out of his misery and unknowingly she uttered the words,’ May! God help you rest in peace and I don’t reprimand you of your doings…I forgive you’ and meant every word she said. Yes till this time she believed in God, till this time she gave HIM the name…actually various names. Now is the time when she stand between her favourite and his deeds but least did she know that her favourite had other plans, not only he overlooked the effort she made to bring him out of his misery…he over looked her all-together. They were only few hours, since she went away from him…oh! only few hours and Patience has whole life to think that what in her EFFORTS did she LOOSE to loose her beloved.

Way to Chapter 2 & Chapter 3
Letter to the fiction Writers: Till today, I never had so much of respect in my heart for all of you there and I am so sorry for being the culprit of making this effort of vague fiction but this takes skill and time…HAND DOWN AND BOWING already in your honor.

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