Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Melancholy: Tears were - Chapter 2

Patience, the child of 2…blossomed into a lily of thoughts by the loss of her beloved and no more the child but mature to take care of the lands of nowhere. The happy den of hers, where she thought nothing can come without her will but only could she think of her beloved to be gone. The least she expected for her beloved to go, the efforts were never felt so useless but she had the land and others to look for. The people, the other favorites of her…who needed each other for support and the acknowledgement that this is just not the ending, its the only beginning of a new decade…which they longed for so long. Everyone in this decade was free but till now no-one knew. Hers beloveds were so much in love with each other that the loss of one, felt like the loss of whole era. Oh! Did she hear the cries of others, the story said and all she wanted to comfort other two, only the other two and not herself and here she was just not the kid, she grew into a LILY of thoughts. Seeing her beloved, lying there on ice…very cold indeed.
The louder she wanted to cry to make her beloved move from there, she wanted to sit near by and wished to touch that cold skin and so she did. The transcendence of hers to the other world like she herself as going with that soul but only to return. All she wanted to know were the answers that what went missing with her efforts, why not her beloved only looked into her eyes and tell her that morning that this is the she would see of him and among all this she was taking care of the ones who weren’t gone and were already with her. The screamer she was from inside, her lungs were full…ready to explode with sorrow, she wanted to hold of to her beloved, take them to the corner and sit in silence…only to cry. Cry as mush as they all wanted to but only could she do was holding on to her beloved’s ice cold hand, see the beam passing through that room, filling every corner with memories of her favorite past, nowhere near was the time where she felt chocked and suffocated..this is more or less the same but cause is different. Now she doesn’t hate the look of her beloved, now she just remorse of her fond memories and those of others. Loud she wanted to cry, holding on to those memoirs but only the tears were lost. Lost as she the child, grown into a lily knew its only the ice which freezes her eyes and all the stills of her past life flashing, each taking away a tear which were settled at the corner like the dew drop on a petal from a silent winter morning . With every fond memory, she lost a tear…smothering her every thought, she kept quite and carried on holding on to herself.

Link to Chapter 1 and Chapter 3

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