Friday, 16 June 2017

Anonymous Writer

There is no writer in me, just a person who sometimes feels a need to voice his/her feelings out. When something really makes me feel angry, sad, amazed, excited… I should give everything a name or else that moment will be lost like many other times so far but now I have found a pen and place. Nothing will be lost anymore and there will be no regrets either.

Everytime I cried for being a girl, won’t be just a feeling anymore…I will have a place to analyse and relate to it. Everytime I felt miserable, it won’t be for some stupid reason which I can’t remember later. Everytime I am angry on certain situation, it won’t be for just any situation, I will have a name to it. I guess every thought, every feeling, every amazing/bad day in life is necessary as that’s what makes you-YOU today. If I wouldn’t have cried those nights, I never would have understood the importance of this morning. I cried for being a girl and that only made me much stronger. Everything was analysed in my head time and time again but still I felt angry as there was no outcome, now there is.

There are many situations in life which keeps bothering us throughout but at the end of the day problems seems to be too big for us to resolve. We think to ourselves what will I be able to do in this situation,’ I am a mere person…who will listen to me?’ but today I end it even if no one listens, I will speak as only if we will let our words out then only we can imagine it to reach someone’s ears.

In hopes to make CHANGES through words, POWERFUL words.

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