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Makeup Kit Essentials | On being a MAKEUP HOARDER

Hello Pom-Poms!

Makeup has expiration dates.

Yes! You read it right and in your head you know it. Would you be able to complete whole lot of lipstick in a year or two if you have like 100s and 1000s of them, I am sure you won’t be but every time there is some new shade launch, our hearts goes for it if the reviews are good. The whole beauty industry is thriving on this fact but ladies STOP, think on it for a second. Don’t be a makeup hoarder, you aren’t a Beauty Influencer who you see in those videos on Youtube or Instagram. It’s her job to show you all those beautiful shades and they sure are tempting but do you really need that many shades of red and pinks in your vanity.

It’s Ok to be JEALOUS of theirs’ though

I won’t be a saint here and tell you, I don’t feel like buying them all but I analyse the set of makeup I already have and what’s missing from that when the occasion comes. Splurging on good makeup is ‘EVERY WOMEN’s BIRTHRIGHT’ but splurge in the luxury you will be able to finish up or else it’s a waste of your hard earned money. Invest in attempting fusions with your makeup as well, like you don’t need a huge trunk of eyeshadow palette to create smoky eye look. A kajal pencil and quartet palette will do fine job if you try your hand on it a couple of times.

Start with Essentials

Instead of hoarding up on makeup, know what is needed for what purpose and the benefit of it on your skin and in the process of creating a look. In today’s video world, product usage is pretty much clear to almost everyone but fundamentals of it are still hazy. Sometimes in process of looking good, we harm our skin beyond repair. 

One more thing I want to make clear guys, I know good branded products are costly and most of the time hard on pocket but refrain from owning a hoard of cheap cosmetics. Have 2 lipstick shades but have them from good reputed brand>>>Thank me later for this tip, your skin will bless you.

Moisturiser or Primer:

Create a healthy base to apply your makeup on and this job is hell lot simplified if you have a help of good moisturiser in your kitty. Oily skin Pom-Poms, be sure to search for gel or water based moisturisers which only gives you added nourishment and doesn’t produce extra oil underneath all that makeup or else acne and spots won’t be far away as your pores will be clogged with all the makeup on the face. Dry skin beauties can go for the nourishment through oil, no fear.

Concealer and Foundation:

Just like the name suggests, conceal your blemishes and even out your skin colour. I am not a big foundation fan if my concealer is on point but you do you. Test your foundation and concealer on your skin in order to find your match. Know your requirement with concealer, is it for highlighting, concealing or contouring? Yes! I can do all that with my L A Girl HD Pro Conceal (in different shades) , sure you can find your suitable match. I use L'Oreal Paris True Match Concealer to conceal my spots and blemishes, one of the best product out there.

Kajal Pencil:
Eyes makeup can do wonders for the look and sometimes all you need is a dark kohl eyes. I love my kajal pencil, no matter how much effort I put in my makeup but it never seems put together if I don’t have Kajal on. I am using Lotus Herbals Color Kick Kajal, smooth to glide on and stays for long (atleast for me). Find yourself a good kajal pencil and you are good to go on daily basis effortless makeup look with kajal in eyes and tinted lips.

Eyeshadow Palette:
Eyeshadow is not a part of daily makeup routine for many but sure if there is party to go to or some look you are going for, eyeshadows play important role. My kit holds 3 eyeshadow palettes with four shades each, I am no makeup artist on daily basis so the usage of a big palette is almost useless for me but I am planning to buy one which holds both warm and cool tones in matte and metallic like the ones from Maybelline New York Gold Nude Palette or Nyx Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow  

Lip Colour:
I am guilty of being a pop colour fan when it comes to lip colours but keeping in mind that my Pom-Poms are multi shade beauties, I will suggest having one pop and one nude shade in your vanity on all get ready occasions. Try the shades on and then decide which one to go for as they might seem really great on review but when you put them on, they might not suit you that well and one tip guys don’t try to be all matchy-matchy with your outfit and lip-colour.

Blusher and Bronzer/Highlighter:
If you are afraid of getting washed off look with your concealer/foundation, blusher is to your rescue in every case.  Just swoop a stoke or two across the apple of cheeks and freshness of your look is revived. Highlighter or bronzer is to give dimension to your face and highlight the high points of your face.

Mascara and Eyebrow Kit:
For me these are still secondary options if it comes to essetials, maybe because I have fuller eyebrows and quite grown lashes but I hear you sisters who don’ t have liberty to take these products lightly, own a thickening mascara and good eyebrow kit/pencil. I swore by Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara, this makes your eyelashes 2 times thicker and visible.

Cleanser and Toner:
Yes! These are as essential as any beauty product as before and after makeup, it’s necessary to clean all that makeup off your face for healthier skin. Do keep your trusted cleanser in your vanity along with some cotton pads.

Take this as challenge ladies, less product means more room for creativity in finding out ways to do the looks differently. Don’t be a makeup hoarder, rather invest in some good products and make the heads turn without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Good Homemade Body and face Scrub | DIY

Hello Pom-Poms!
Smooth and silky skin is everyone’s dream but how to achieve it throughout the year is a big mystery, my suggestion to it would be - HYDRATION, DIET and BODY CARE.  Though following it all is not as easy as it sounds so the solution to it is scrubbing the body with essential oils and all things good that suits you. There are many scrub recipes available online but I will be mentioning 2 which require minimum ingredients and give maximum benefit.

Why Exfoliate:
Scrubbing or exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and nourishes the body by opening pores to let it breathe. The whole beauty industry is thriving on it, in market many scrubs are available with various fragrances and ingredients.

My Experience: 
I have combination skin type like my facial skin is oily but feels very dry specially if I don’t apply anything on my face for long and my body is dry as dessert, if I don’t apply any oil or lotion, fine lines and scales are clearly visible. I have been reading and hearing a lot about exfoliation and how it keeps the skin healthy looking. I have tried this scrub once a week this winter season and it has helped me tons. This scrub is so simple and easy to make that I am going to continue it in summers too.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Wedding Shopping Checklist - Budget Savvy Tips

Hello Pom-Poms!
Weddings…costumes, dance, guests, food and grand affair for one night. I have always been a fan of Indian weddings, we celebrate decision of two people getting together for lifetime in such grand way and with this wedding season upon us, I thought of making a checklist in a way I do my shopping as a wedding guest but if you are a bride or groom…steps are almost same.
With this developing economy budget is always the priority. We make sure to cut down on wherever the possibility occurs and in this post I will also keep that in mind. So let’s dive right into the planning and plotting or our GARMENT SAGA:

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Urby Passport Holder -An Honest Review

Hey Pom-Poms!

Been quite a while since I wrote something helpful for you guys, first and foremost wish you all a very-very Happy New Year, have a tons of happy travel, happy exploration and an awesome year ahead.

I have been travelling quite a lot lately but all these travels have been within the country, my passport though is all ready to be stamped and used…that’s called setting goals for the new year. That’s why when URBY approached me to review their Passport Holder, I got all excited to dress up my passport fancy. That would be a great start…RIGHT?

Monday, 20 November 2017

How to get Healthy Glowing Skin

Hello Pom-Poms!

I was planning to add a makeup log on my blog since long and finally I sat down to think of my first helpful post, this one is more skin related than makeup as when I started thinking of the first look to introduce to you guys…I thought of base and pre-requisite of any makeup- A HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN. We cannot remain in makeup 24*7 specially a person like me, who loves to play with different makeup looks but has a skin which breaks-out in a jiffy. It took me some(>>understatement) time to get my skin where it is now. I have come closer to understanding my skin type.
Natural glowing skin
Credit: @Poodle Shares

According to me blessed are the people who have a skin which gets away with anything or everything put on their faces but not me. I ain’t so blessed, it took me quite some time to know what is good and what is a big NO-NO for my skin. It’s not always necessary that everyone does makeup but that zit on the face is always a demoralising site. With little bit of understanding and care, I assure you guys that you can find the good in your skin(Yes! You gotta treat your skin like it has a brain of its own ;) )

Connect to my Instagram where I share my makeup looks every now and then.

I am sharing details of what/how my skin was earlier and what I did in past few years to change it. I will suggest you guys that for any remedy do a patch test before following it ritually and firstly know your skin, don’t just go blindly into trying something which irritates your skin even more:

Cleanse your Face: I have an oily skin so mostly I start and end my day with clearing/cleansing my face with any mild face wash. I have become a fan of 3-4 face washes over the year as they have helped me tons minimising and resolving my pimple-acne issues.

CLICK the IMAGE to BUY the product >>

Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Gel Face Wash:

Himalaya Herbal Face Wash:

VLCC Wild Turmeric Face Wash:

And I am currently using Biotique one which is working just as well :D

Biotique Face Wash:

Thorough Clean Up: It’s really really really important that once in a while you cleanse, deep moisturise your face…no matter what your skin type is. As I said, understand what your skin needs, I have such oily skin but still sometimes when I feel undernourished, I pamper my skin with fruit facial. Though there are pros and cons to every facial/clean-up but if you understand your skin’s need, you sure will be able to give it the best. Take advice from your parlour wali but analyse in your head, don’t get under the pressure that if you asked about what will be good for your skin, you will have to do it or get it done.

Let your skin breathe: I have heard a lot that moisturising your face is necessary but trust me on this that every skin type is different and it functions differently. Let your skin breathe in between of putting things on your face. We work 24*7 and under constant need of looking presentable we hardly leave our home without kajal or lip colour and if I tell you the fact that affects our skin too if it’s not good quality or if it’s not the one that suits us. As these things bleed even if a little and that affects the skin.
I would recommend that after don’t believe everything you hear, especially if you are from hot climatic country like me after you wash your face don’t apply any cream or moisturiser on your face or just pat GulabJal(Rose Water) for an hour or so. Once your skin gets time to breath, it rejuvenates itself.

This pack from Khadi is pure an organic, works great on any skin type:

Get Yourself Checked: If you have skin issues, get your skin checked at least once. Sometimes it so happens that you need some soothing gel instead of moisturiser and putting on moisturising lotion irritates the skin tissues even more, sometimes your hormones play the trick or you suffer some long time illness which results into facial issues hence its always the best option to consult the doctor before getting ripped off of all the hard earned money over cosmetics and other promising alternatives.
Refrain from using harsh chemicals: Your face is one part which is constantly under the performance pressure and it is always the one handling dirt, pollution, dust, makeup, chemicals, treatments, rays, lights directly hence be little merciful and avoid using harsh makeup on your facial skin. Refrain from using cheap chemicals or harsh products as that part is already under constant scrutiny.

Credit: @Poodle Shares

Diet: What you eat always shows on your skin and health. Make sure that you intake some freshness everyday, include some fresh fruits and home cooked meal in your diet whenever you get a chance. Every now and then include some green vegetable in your diet, this all helps boost your immunity which in returns keeps you at bay from many other ailments.

Think, don't Overthink: Stress is cause of so many body problems but we fail to stay away from it most of the times. Try to indulge your head in some mind calming activity for atleast half an hour a day, this way you might not be totally away from your daily thoughts but be free from it for few good moments.
Yoga, Meditation, Work-Out, Dancing, Reading...everything gets you away from stress and closer to happy thoughts and trust me it makes a HUGE difference.

These are some basics which I followed for quite some time to get my skin where it is today (almost acne free). It needs lil bit of effort from your end and it sure will show the results.

SHARE and COMMENT below your tips & tricks or if in case you wish to give all these tips a try.
Share some Love

Monday, 16 October 2017

Diwali 2017: OUTFIT IDEAS

Hello Pom-Poms!

Diverse cultures, various festivals and for every festival a different motive…India is truly one lit country. We literally celebrate everything from birth to life, every festivity has a story behind it and with Diwali story moral is really a good one. It’s a festival for victory of good over evil, it motivates us to shed the sins and evil in us, to light the shiny bright positive thoughts in our mind and soul. What other bigger festival is there to cleanse our heart, mind, soul and surrounding of all that is evil and impure. So in 2017 this Diwali, let’s find the best in us and others, make that our mantra for this life and next. This was the motivational talk and now I come to celebration. I personally love Diwali for its moral and light. Every home shines and so does every human, we take out the trash and cleanse our houses, shine brighter this Diwali with these outfit ideas.
Why not choose some outfit out of your wardrobe this Diwali and make it look brand new with your own twist as this is the era of recycling. Be it 2017 or any coming year have fun with your clothes in the festive season. Let your style do the talking :D


I am putting together some outfit ideas for this Diwali season plus I hunted my wardrobe too. Let’s see what I found in mine:

Do the trick right with some GOLD:
Diwali is all about pomp and show, it’s all about goddess Lakshmi(goddess of wealth) then first and foremost thing you gotta search is that treasure hunt of a wardrobe is something with golden to jazz up your game(What? thought I was talking about gold then don’t hold back, go ahead and take out your finest jewellery) . I have paired this black kurti with golden legging to brighten the look.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

10 travelling essentials

Hello Pom-Poms!

As my blog suggests, I TRAVEL… So, how can I not mention to you guys what are my travelling essential for any trip. I have to have these items with me and they are not some sunscreen type essentials which is necessary too (by the way) but this list is more about the things which are emergency requirements or one tends to forget easily but are really helpful in times of need.
As my blog suggests, I TRAVEL… So, how can I not mention to you guys what are my travelling essential for any trip. I have to have these items with me and they are not some sunscreen type essentials which is necessary too (by the way) but this list is more about the things which are emergency requirements or one tends to forget easily but are really helpful in times of need.

Travelling Essentials

Monday, 25 September 2017

Trip to MANALI- ROHTANG PASS- KULLU- Budget, Itinerary and Experience


Planning a getaway trip from work and chaos…look no far as Manali in India is a perfect location. I recently planned a trip to Manali with friends and Man-O-Man is it a place to be at. Irrespective of the fact you are Indian or not, plan a trip to Manali, Rohtang and Kullu as it’s a place in budget and has so much to offer. Famous for its location, mountains, scenery, apple trees, wooden huts  and pinewood forests, it’s a perfect spot situated in Himachal Pradesh and trust me when I say this as I experienced it myself only recently. If you plan to visit Rohtang Pass via Manali, avoid going in November till February as the roads will be shut due to snow fall. Best months to plan a trip to Manali are in the months of May and June but the place is said to be in peak season in those months and roads are packed with higher rates of taxis and hotels but you will be able to see snow caped mountains and avail adventure sports like rafting and skiing during this period except Paragliding which is available throughout the year.

 Here I am sharing all about my trip, Itinerary and budget to Manali, Rohtang and Kullu

Trp to Manali-Rohtang

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Comfortable Clothes – Wearing Style with Comfort

Hello Pom-Poms!

Who likes to be stuffed in body clasping clothes and head for a party (especially if party is meant to enjoy), I know I don’t as in such condition either I can enjoy or be conscious/uncomfortable or sweat profusely through my pores…You all heard me say body clasping...Right? Of course I be the later but we all are guilty of doing  it so often as we fail to understand that comfortable clothes can be stylish too if put together with best combos.

Sometime you just don’t feel okay health-wise but obligation to take that extra effort to look your best just kills you a little from within, I know that feeling…and it’s not a good one so Ladies you don’t have to bear that horror anymore as here is a small guide to wear comfortable clothes in style on best occasions and bring your ‘A’ game:

Make Palazzo your style Mantra:
There is nothing more comfortable than breathable cotton fabric wrapped around your pretty legs and when its loose and comfy like Palazzo, it’s a bliss. They are one of the most comfortable clothes in the dictionary and make such awesome statement. Highly versatile to pair with and such ease of accessibility gives you more than just an awesome experience. Get yourself a pair if you already don’t have one, you are missing the best of clothing. I talked about versatility because these are those pair of pants which you can team up with anything and I mean anything- T-Shirts, Kurtas, Anarkali, Tops, Tank Tops, Bandeau, peplum, Shirts and my list is yet not finished…Talk about versatility.
Palazzo are comfortable clothes option

Comfortable clothes call for Palazzo

Some comfortable footwear to go along will just make your day whole lot awesome. 

New Oversized Style:
Find the best of oversized outfits in yours or your boy’s closet, they make the most comfortable clothes and did you know they make some stylish creations. When an oversized shirt is tucked Oh! So slightly in the belt, it doesn’t take away your comfort but stays well in the style quotient.  Choose baggy or flared pants and pair it with some uber comfy t-shirt or top and you are good to go. Think about an oversized kurtas and you will feel the breeze instantly, keep in mind that you choose your option carefully as oversized can make you look flumsy in no time…avoid that.

Tracks for the Road Trip:
These days tracks and joggers make such an awesome comfortable quotient that it’s hard to not fall for them. Include some good pair of tracks and joggers in your wardrobe so you don’t miss out on the comfortable clothes. Pair these pants with regular fitted t-shirts or tank tops and go around the block with all glitz and glamour.

LEGGING - U.S. CROWN Yoga Pant , TOP - Campus Sutra Crop Hoodie , SHOES - Vans Unisex Sneakers

Get yourself some Jumpers and Rompers:
Jumpers and Rompers are epitome of comfortable clothes so ladies do get yourself one of these. Some solid coloured rompers with classic flat shoes will never take away from your comfort but will give you such style. Printed jumpers with little accessorising gives such modish look and man-o-man are they comfortable thus staying true to the talk of it, for the feet all you need are some Chappals and that’s it. They are no-muss, no-fuss attire.
ROMPER - FabAlley Rayon Romper; CLUTCH -Curewe Kerien Zipper Clutch, NECKLACE -Shining Diva Butterfly Long Chain Pendant, FOOTWEAR -Lavie Sandals -Blue

Cotton Kurtas- Your New Top Situation:
Some cotton or organza kurti is such an statement maker, pair these kurtis with denim or pants and done…for accessories all you need is a watch and if you are going for some bohemian vibes then pair the kurti with skirt of dhoti pant. I love good chicken-kari kurti straight from Lucknow, it’s a must have even if it’s just one. Yes do indulge in some comfort buy as they last for ages in every aspect.

Dhoti Pants - Comfortable, Stylish and your Statement Getaway:

Yes! It’s a blend of ethnic and modern in the most comfortable way. Pair loose kurta or t-shirts with some ethnic dhoti pant, they are most cool pair ever. Many a time it so happens that we struggle to find the perfect combo and it so happens with this one that whatever you pair it with makes it so perfect wearable outfit. I am saying it for every outfit mentioned here that get yourself one of these but Girl if you are going for comfort then you gotta have all of these at one point or another. Trust me these are tried and tested by none other than me- one who runs for comfortable clothes as I am the queen of sweat and summers kill me…So yeah! Go for it.

Dungarees - Athletic and Comfort at its Best:

This is no game girl, I am talking all sense here and by mere looking at loose fit dungarees one can easily make out that how comfortable they are and the chicness quotient is way too high. Mixed with grunge and structure, these are perfect go to option for comfortable clothing. Pair your dungarees with crop or tank tops, they make you look extra-ordinary and there is no match for comfort.
Choose your Fabric wisely:
Be it any outfit…. if you don’t work on your choice of fabric, everything will go downhill. Outfits give you shape and structure but fabric is what gives you feel and anything rough or hugging will only make you feel not so comfortable. Guys find yourself something in COTTON, KNITTED, ORGANZA, SILK, VISCOS, RAYON or some LINEN…they are the best of fabric choices. These fabrics are breathable and comfortable on skin, while choosing outfit in person feel it on your palm or face for smoothness…if you are buying online check for the description of fabric I have mentioned some good fabrics to go for. You don’t have to be fabric analyser for choosing a right one, just keep your fingers active while picking out a piece.

Shift Dresses- There is nothing like it:

See a plain simple shift dress; you know it will be the most comfortable attire ever. These dresses are so comforting and such statement makers that you will have to wear it to believe it. I need not to say more about this outfit as they need no description, look it, feel it, pair it, style it, wear it and you will feel all the comfort in the world.

Indulge in Comfortable Inner-Wear:
Do I dare take this in note but yes for you ladies I speak and for you only is my this precious million dollar advise…give some thought and time while choosing your inner-wear. There is so much available in market now a days that it’s hard to concentrate on what’s best for your comfort, sometimes we do commit a mistake of choosing looks over what’s comfortable…clothes can still be managed if they tug but ladies we all know the trouble of itchy straps and tight grasps. Know your size, your body type, brands to choose from, take help from attendants in shopping malls and give time in changing room while trying on those inner beauties.  I tell you, if you find yourself some comfortable bras and bottoms then your life will be bliss.
Stay Chic and Comfortable with Ethnic Wear:
Clothes from the past and history of Indian culture make the most comfortable ensemble, it’s just you gotta choose wisely. Straight or Anarkali fit kurtas with palazzo or dhoti pants reduce the effort you put in getting prepped and make the most awesome look. Have printed Kurta or some self-embroidered kurtis, you are all set to make statement girl…Just wear that and you are ready to make statement. I my opinion nothing can ever go wrong with ethnic and they are the most comfortable thing to wear given they are highly embellished or embroidered.

Sarees seem like a Hungarian task but think about Flexibility and Style:
I know this one is a shocker but girls don’t you agree with me if you get a hand of draping a saree they will make the most glamorous and put together ensemble. Plus the things you can do with its draping…opportunities are endless. Trust me on this just be comfortable to try it the first time as your go to option and you will never regret it. I am not the one who wears sarees daily but I can never deny that they are fall in comfortable clothes list hands-down. Shed your inhibition ones and you will be in awe of what all wonders a saree can do. Style your saree according to your choice and you will never let it go.

So that's my comfort wear tell in the COMMENTS what's your go to option when it comes to choosing comfortable clothes.



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