Sunday, 13 October 2019

Declutter your Mind and Surroundings

So, I have been MIA for long now, while being away from this platform I had some (quite a lot of) time to reflect upon my past choices, decisions, lifestyle I have been living, career I chose and I am no biggie in any of this department but whoever I am, I am proud of it all. Why all of a sudden, do I mention all this?

Only because while I was at my worst best, I wanted to declutter my mind, my surroundings, my thoughts of any negativity...Oh! So badly. I find my calmness in arranging, tiding up, sorting out, clearing my space and mind. That's my yoga.

This is like a big talk but when I started with my blog posts, sharing my thoughts was the main reason, which with posts and transfer of domains faded away. Worst thing to happen to anyone is to-

Loose Focus-
In efforts to do a lot, sometimes you loose what you can do best. I wished to share all of it here but it didn't seem appropriate as no-one is interested in knowing a life of nobody. So I thought of adding value to someone's anyone's life rather than jut blabbering.

This helped, as many of you found what you came looking for- A solution.

Feed the Negativity-
In these chaotic times, we are surrounded with lot but it's up to us what we take in and what we discard. Its really easy to fall victim of negativity but it takes efforts to say no to or ignore it. Important thing is to surround yourself with whatever is necessary to keep you motivated towards finding positivity and stick by it.

Finding Passion-
This is also hard for many of us, we are surrounded by responsibilities and lucky are few who find their passion in their businesses. It's always a positive if you mix your work with what motivates you to stay passionate towards it. I found mine in writing and staying this way where I could make my own choices, good or bad; doesn't matter as they all are lessons if I look at them closer.

Not Being Serious at all or Being Too Serious-
Life is short and it should be sweet too, it's only a probability that we only get one life and we should live it to the fullest. Make sure that you are serious enough to create goals for your future but not that serious to stop living a life altogether to achieve those goals.

How do we resist all that and still maintain sanity, how exactly does one fight with his/her own brain which works magically by the way and like each individual, each mind is different. How does one prefer to choose what is to keep away from any of negative thought.

We are no Gods.

When we get mad, we loose control. The only person we care about is trapped inside our monstrous brain, how do we free it? (Well the loose ones like me). For starters-

De-Clutter your brain-
What good does any negative thought ever did to us?


So why even feed it any of your thought. We all are humans, only thing we can do and should always do is to get our power from all things positive. What I do sometimes is to find my solitude sometimes and reflect upon my choices, my thoughts, my attitude, my talks and I know for a fact that where am I going wrong and work towards it.

De-Clutter your Surroundings-
From surroundings I mean both physical and personal. More stuff around you only causes mental clutter, trust me on this. I cherish my physical possessions but time to time, I find time to de-clutter what has not been touched in years and is only occupying space.

Gone are my teenage days where I was kid like with my words and talks. I still talk like crazy but try to maintain that my words should only create a healthy environment and at times when I am negative, someday(as I said I am no God) it makes my motives much more clear not to repeat it the next time.

Chaos Creates No Solutions-
When you are sorted with your choices, it might take time or it may seem hard at times but you sure will find the right path towards which you are passionate. I myself someday will find right in my heart to live to the fullest and let others live. We humans at times are so involved and consumed with thoughts of our own good that we fail to see beyond it, it's only when we look towards the greater good, we will understand that chaos in our minds and thoughts only creates more trouble and no solutions.

I am not here to give any tips or easy tricks to declutter your mind and surroundings this or that way as there is no easy way to do it. This is the hardcore reality and we have to work towards it in pieces. It's easy to create mess around you real quick but it takes lot of courage and will to keep it clean. Creating minimal takes lot of efforts, it takes lot of thoughts, it takes input from individual's end to create more in less. These few things could help along the way-

Keep yourself Motivated-
You are what your thoughts make you, so keep your thoughts positive only then you can resist the negativity coming your way. You can either take it, feed it or keep yourself motivated enough to surpass those thoughts and rise above it. No good bad words can bring to anyone, so refrain from it.

Keep Good Company-
You are defined by the company you keep. It's really hard to find the souls you click right with but when you do click, take good care of this bond.

Surround yourself with what you like-
Be it positive quotes, books, songs, interiors, whatever helps you keep sane in these times, go for it. Surround yourself with all the positivity you can find in the name of friends, company, words, state, hobbies, characters etc.

Invest your time in a Hobby-
Hobbies give you moments which you enjoy. In whole day full of chitter and chatter, few moments of peace for your brain and body where you can laugh, unwind, recharge and do what you gotta do.

De-Clutter Junk-
This is small gesture but creates big impact. Less junk you look at each day, you build desire to fill your space with things of requirement and what brings calm to your humble abode.

Look after your Health-
It's okay to cry sometimes, to get raged at others, to dislike something but don't let this be your permanent condition. If you see such signs to be permanent, seek help before your mind becomes your worst nightmare.

So this is rather a long one and so is this topic, hope you find some content in it to stay focus towards the better half of your thoughts and not give heed to the worst of you. More power to you MY FRIEND.

If you Like the words and think they can help someone else too, Share these thoughts with them.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

3 Ways to Style a Basic Maxi Dress

I am rarely a dress person, I swear I can live by Denims and Kurtis all day long but you put me in a dress and suddenly I start feeling all fancy shmancy. I never owned a dress prior, I know it's a crime but I knew I will hardly ever wear it. This first ever maxi dress of my 2 dress collection is from Karol Bagh and has been gifted to me😉. I am glad that it was forced gifted because it made me experiment another looks which I wouldn't do otherwise.

3 Ways to Style a basic  Rajasthani maxi dress

So, here I am creating these 3 looks from one very basic Rajasthani print maxi dress. It sure will help you recreate some amazing street styles and hopefully will turn few heads in complement.

Dress with Jewellery-

3 Ways to Style a basic  Rajasthani maxi dress

3 Ways to Style a basic Rajasthani maxi dress

3 Ways to Style a basic  Rajasthani maxi dress

3 Ways to Style a basic  Rajasthani maxi dress
3 Ways to Style a basic  Rajasthani maxi dress

Pair it with Crop-Top-

3 Ways to Style a basic  Rajasthani maxi dress

3 Ways to Style a basic  Rajasthani maxi dress

3 Ways to Style a basic  Rajasthani maxi dress

Throw some Jacket on-

3 Ways to Style a basic Rajasthani maxi dress

3 Ways to Style a basic  Rajasthani maxi dress

3 Ways to Style a basic  Rajasthani maxi dress

Find your quirk with the dresses in your wardrobe, mix and match the pairs that work together. Share the deets of what you love to pair with your favourite dresses and what works well for you down below in the comment section.

Monday, 18 February 2019

Budget Shaadi (Wedding) Shopping in Chandni Chowk- Shops and More

How many weddings have you attended these past months or few?

I know all the Facebook and Instagram stories are filled with either your friends getting married or you yourself updating your- ' engaged to' status. While you at it, one thing very significant with Shaadi is shopping...duh!

And girls if you are fortunate enough to live in Delhi, you might as well find some really amazing styles while saving couple of bucks on the side line, who doesn't want that...Right? I have done shopping for various brides to be at different places and zones but Delhi's Chandni Chowk beats it all. I have considered all the times I have been there for the Bridal Lehenga and saree selection.

I have moved through those cramped spaces and up the buildings in need of some real worth the struggle in budget beauties, while every time I went there, I made a more precise list of where to buy from because if you have been there, you will know that it's actually a wholesale hub for whole wide world(no kidding). It's actually a struggle to find the shops which sell good designs and desired fabrics in lower budget as a retail.

While surfing the internet earlier for the shop names and having them visit myself, I came to know that not all of them are budget friendly, here I am curating a list of Saree and Lehenga shops, I found that had some of the best deals with awesome unique designs plus there you can find all sort of range-

Thumb Rules to shop in Chandni Chowk-
While you at shopping in any market where there is possibility of bargaining keep these thumb rules in mind-
1). Take care of your belonging, pick pocketers are common.
2). Never let the shopkeeper know of your true emotions in terms of liking the piece as then they will be adamant on the pricing.
3). Don't be afraid of trying the pieces or trying other shops.
4). Bargaining is the key to save some more cash (as they won't sell below their profit margin but can bargain till there).
5). Tell them the range in advance.
6). Don't judge the shop by the looks of it, smaller shops also hold some great deals.

Though there are many shops famous and non-famous but this one shop (compact/small -as I said looks can be deceptive) has some real nice pieces to offer. They have their own mill where artists work their magic for you to present the set, owner is friendly, they are ready to make the changes and alterations if you want and have some time in hand. They offer other stuff too but Lehengas are what I would suggest you to buy from here.

This is bit of a quest to find good sarees in Chandi Chowk at a reasonable rate, if you are from Delhi you would know that there are many other markets like Sarojini, Lajpat, Karol Bagh, Kamla Nagar which offer variety but we found some luck with these shops, they have good selection and if you wish to buy all your stuff from one place/area then do check these ones out. Range varies and so do the choices, bridal choices here are good if you have budget constraint. Plus Shree Ji offers some real great pieces of Banarsi and Lehenga Sarees, your bargaining skills here help you save some more.

Suiting & Shirting-
For gents shopping and gifting purpose, Raymonds dealership is right there in Nai Sarak and you sure can find budget friendly suiting and shirting with full size cut pieces and in various colors/patterns. Sorry, for not having the address card of it but people there will direct you.

Travel Bags, Bags and Trolleys-
To find bags and travel trolleys, attaching a card for  a retailer in same area and trust me quality of their product is good with in the price range, the higher you go, the quality product you get, deal with them on pricing and they will be happy to deduct bucks off your shopping if you buy in bulk.

If you plan to shop there, take a screen shot of these business cards. They can make your life a lot easier while being in a chaotic place like Chandni Chowk😉. These are the shops I personally shopped from plus you can go to SADAR BAJAAR- Matke Wali Gali (few minutes away from Chandni Chowk) for jewellery shopping, that again a wholesale market but there are few shops which retail and you can get almost all the artificial jewellery there from head gear to chokers to chooda to bangles, you name it and it's there.

 Have a HAPPY SHOPPING, share the word around with your friends and family.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

DIY Home Remedy for Acne Prone Face | My Tried & Tested Routine

Who ever knows me from friends to family, knows that I was and still am prone to pimple and acne. In school/college days my face used to have so much going on that hardly my skin(which glowed by the way) was visible through it. Though I am all pro liking yourself the way you are, I cant deny the fact that I used to look less at my face because every time I did, I was thinking about that one pimple ready to pop-up or that one which has left the mark behind. Using products only made it worst, it seemed nothing suits it and it rejects whatever good I try to provide it.

I am not here to give any false hopes that this remedy is going to cure the issue all together, I still get them here or there but not very often. You got to be patient with this remedy and consistent, for acne and pimple missing one day can cause them to return again. Plus read through the whole to understand what other things I do along with it might be helping too.

My Beginning with the Skin Issues-
By the time I hit puberty, my skin went crazy and my body started acting weird. I was always a skinny kid with average diet and used to have lots of water but that didn't help my skin from breaking out every now and then. I had every remedy possible at that time from Safi(Neem based body Purifier) to actual Neem and Carrots plus beetroot juice as I was diagnosed Anaemic too which troubled my mother deeply so she tried her best to feed me all good stuff.

Amidst all this my cycle/periods were all over the place too, I used to faint, have stomach aches so severe that I don't even want to recall. I couldn't understand what is exactly wrong with all this but one day when I fainted in school, we(me and my mother) visited a Gynaecologist
who told me it was a hormonal imbalance, put me on meds and till the meds were on, everything was perfect from my skin to body everything worked well but as the medication stopped, problems started coming back. Had been on and off with changes of place but it has never left the sight of me till date.

What I do for my Skin-
I have tried from good to bad all range of creams, some have helped, some failed but I could never stick to one. Everyone says, it's necessary to moisturise your skin but my skin tells otherwise, every moisturiser brings a huge ass pimple by the 2nd or 3rd day so what to do?

I have mentioned few of the deets in How to get a Glowing Skin but have not shared my whole routine. Don't be alarmed by the extent of it as it legit takes only 10 mins on daily basis and 20 mins on special facial days. So here it goes-

If you use makeup, invest in some good quality makeup remover(Priority). Make it a habit to cleanse with some mild cleanser in cream or liquid form daily before hitting the bed. I currently use Himalaya Herbals Cleansing Milk and Himalaya Herbals Refreshing and Clarifying Toner (not at all sponsored).

Homemade Scrub-
1/2 Small Bowl- Rice Powder (Grind the dry uncooked rice in mixer)
1/2 Small Bowl- Besan (Chickpea flour)
Mix these two powder and keep it in air tight container with a spoon in your bathroom cabinet.

Currently I am not using any cleanser or face wash except the mild cleanser from Himalaya. Later, I wash my face with water and take this scrub with dry hands and scrub it on my wet face very gently, don't be harsh as rice granules are really solid. Key is to be gentle with the scrub, do it for about 30 seconds or so all over the face and then wash it off with water. This takes off the dead skin and rice is a brightening and tightening agent. If you have pimples already, just leave the wet rice and flour paste on it for 30 minutes or over night and take it off with cold water. This tip dries the growing pimple. Don't scrub on pimple or painful acnes, be very cautious only to scrub the bare skin and not on the pimple or acnes, doing so will only aggravate them(I cannot emphasize this enough). After this pat dry with clean towel.

DIY Facial with Homemade Base and Mask-

Ingredients Needed-
Rose Water
Above Home made Scrub
Coconut or Olive Oil
Besan aka Chickpea Flour
Honey(Mine is Mustard honey from farm, you can pick any)
Bowl with clean Water

Step 1-Cleansing
Cleanse your face with rose water or any mild cleanser.

Step 2-Scrub
Scrub the face gently with the above mentioned mixture and process, don't wash off this scrub.

Step 3-Massage
Take 2 spoon curd and mix 1/2 spoon honey in it, keep the consistency thick. Massage this on the face with palm and finger in upward circular motion. Give a thorough massage on cheeks, forehead, your nose, chin and neck. Be gentle with the massage too, keep some water bowl handy, once the massage gets dry, wet it a bit with water or more curd-honey mixture. Massage it for 10-12 mins. Take a damp towel to wipe off the face and neck.

Step 4-Mask
Mix 1 spoon chickpea flour with pinch of turmeric, add quarter spoon of honey, 1/2 spoon oil(coconut or olive). Mix it all well, add water if required and put a paste on your face as a mask. Let the mask dry, once it's dried, wet the face and not tug the mask away hardly. Only once it's damp enough, remove it with the upward motion and wash the face with water. Pat the face dry with clean towel.

I do this regime every weekend or every alternate weekend.

Face Cream and my Secret Trick-
As I have already mentioned, I have used many face creams in order to moisturise but nothing works with the constant breakout. I have tried herbals to non-herbals and can we talk about the higher prices they are at. If this so called cream/lotion/moisturizer doesn't suit me, the whole tub gets waste. I can't tell you how many of them I have given to my mother as she is the lucky one, blessed with perfect skin type.

Though one cream which I started using since last winter- Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream is not blowing me up crazily and is mildly repairing my skin. I am only sceptical to use this one in summers because I sweat profusely and this one makes me sweat more. I learnt a trick lately to mix it with Biotique Bio Wild Grass After Shave Gel For Men (Shhhh!Don't be alarmed, I checked each ingredient mentioned, they are all herbal and filled with antibacterial and cooling properties. Some of these ingredient are used since ages for their cooling properties) and it soothes my skin like no one's business. Let's try this trick this summer, so far it's helping to keep my skin moisturised and chill. 😉

Try doing all this for your pimples, it may show results after few days of usage. Don't be disheartened girls, give your skin sometime, it may heal on it's own, like mine did with age(I has become less troublesome). There are few more guidelines for more troubled skin-

Get yourself checked(get to know what's causing them. Mine is hormonal).
Eat healthy.
Sleep timely (Wonky schedules can mess that pretty face up in more ways than we can imagine).
Keep your face, hands, towel, bedsheet etc. clean.
Create routine and stick to it.
Rest don't stress about all of this more than taking proper care, be the positive happy self and let not the skin issues ruin or take the charge of you.

Ending this one on a POSITIVE note.

These guidelines are told by many but in my own experience, they do help with health a lot and when you are healthy, it shows on the face too. Share your curiosities down in the comment section and I would try to solve them. Spread the word by sharing this posts with friends and subscribe to the blog for more such details.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Finding Symmetry in Asymmetrical

So, I have been MIA for long again but I have come up with something good, I promise. More organised, devoted and to say the least I will post here more than earlier in the hopes that you folks find it useful and can take away something from here. First with little update that New Year celebration was muted as I was under the weather and X-Mas was meant to be spent in Dalhousie but came back a day earlier for photo updates of which head over to Instagram and follow if you haven't already, I would love to connect with you.

More on this might come later but starting with the current style topic, recently went to Qutub Minar and as it is built by Mughal architects, my attire of that day blended seamlessly (No! It wasn't planned and was just by mere fate). The perfect assymetric mehndi green Top/Kurta paired with Pathani Salwar(Mughal inspired just like the architect) along with Vintage Black Waist length Coat with bow details on the back was the best ensemble I could have come up with to visit the place this regal and full of architectural beauty.

This flowy outfit blended right with the structured beauty that is Qutub Minar and other sculptures within the premises. This was for the casual winter look but for more festive look you can opt for chunky statement jewellery without the coat and the set the tone right with the occasion. I love how this asymmetric ensemble flowed giving my walk that airy feel, I strutted around happily just to feel the blow...That's a happy feeling I say. 

Outfit Details-
Top- Sarojini Nagar(Delhi)
Coat- Sarojini Nagar (Delhi)
Pants- Khadi (Tailored)

Sarojini Nagar for sure is a holy grail for finding some vintage, thrifted, second-hands, budget friendly, factory made fashion. Share some of your go-to places for shopping in the comments..

Thursday, 20 December 2018

What's in My Travel Backpack

What's in My Travel Backpack

By the time this post will be up on the blog, I will be on my way to another impromptu trip to Dalhousie. Yes! We were planning to go to Rajasthan since long but sudden turn of events and mountains here I come again. So while I thought about what all to pack in my backpack, this post has been long due and here is a list of what all you can find in my travel bag.

What's in My Travel Backpack

First things first, before planning anything I check the weather of the place I am visiting, like if I was going to Rajasthan as planned earlier my attire choices would have been different and for Dalhousie, I am packing a totally different set. This one is a no-brainer but a really helpful tip. Recently, I have travelled quite a lot, thanks to the company I am currently in so I have developed few habits over the period which help me tremendously to carry my bag without any help. I am listing below all the helpful tips and essentials which are required but are easily missed.

Habit of Not-Overpacking-
If you are the one who carries his/her own stuff then my friend, this is another huge task ahead of you. Though during my course of life so far, I have shifted to quite many a places and I myself have carried my bags mostly from one place to another but those were for the shifting purposes and not travelling for leisure. While travelling I will never want to drag my suitcases on the go so I keep my packing to something which I can carry myself. Have heard somewhere for travelling, analyse what all you kept for taking, take away twice in the review . This way you will avoid over-packing and will only take the essentials plus you will be reminded of the things you are missing.

Comfortable Backpack or Suitcase/Trolley-
A carry-on or a backpack is a perfect choice as it's easy to carry and convenient to shift plus has a space divided works as an organiser in itself. If you are out going with the family, even then it's a good habit to have a backpack each then to have one or two members dragging all the luggage in a trolley or a suitcase. Trolleys and suitcases are good options when you are on a road trip in your own car or traveller.

Hygiene Kit-
This is another important aspect of packing which one must keep in mind while packing, consisting of 1). Tooth-Brush, 2). Paste, 3). Handwash, 4). Hand- Sanitizer, 5). Wet-Wipes, 6).Tissue Paper, 7). Soap/Shampoo Sachet, 8) Qtips, 9).Shaving Kit(For men)/ Tampons or Pads (for women), 10). Pocket Deo

It's not always that I stay in a luxurious hotel or travel by the modest transport so to have something to clean myself up with at my disposal is always a safe and good option.

Camera Kit-
So far I have been doing with my mobile phone, so that's mostly it in my camera kit but someday there will be a nice camera to fill in this space. 😉

Medical Kit-
On my Trip to Patnitop , it so happened that even though I had mostly all required medicines with me but fever was not accounted for and my friend got high fever by the night as it was snowing. It was by mere luck that the hotel staff arranged for a fever medicine by late night as all roads were blocked, there was no current in the whole area and we were stuck in the hotel for next 2 days. It's a good idea to have 1). Your Prescribed medication, 2). Fever Meds 3). Headache 4). Stomach Meds 5). Bandages in your kit at all times.

Power Bank-
This I have mentioned in 10 Travelling Essentials , its always good to have a power backup by your side to charge up the camera or a phone on the go. Two days with total black-out in Patnitop has made me realise the importance of charged phone camera at all times so that I didn't miss out to capture any beautiful memory.

Shoes to Walk In Comfortably-
I have feet so soft that it can pain with or without any work, hence I gotta be extra conscious about my shoe choices on the go as I need a pair which looks good and doesn't hurt my toes. My go to choice for these trips have been my pink Puma shoes. Go for something which you feel comfortable to walk in.

I love to carry my accessories as for me they put together the look. For the outfit I keep, I put on few neckpieces, a watch, scarves and shades if I plan to wear my contacts on any occasion. I like to keep these minimal as they add on to quite a lot of weight to the luggage and my whole aim always is to carry less. So I choose amongst my set and pick the versatile ones to go on mostly all the travels.

Versatile Clothes-
I try to keep versatile clothing items in my backpack which can be paired with each other and worn individually so that the outfit doesn't get monotonous. If I am visiting a cold place, I would stuff my bag with jackets and coat, usually they take a whole lot space in my luggage and with rest I will have to compromise. My solution to this is finding high colored thin layers to wear underneath for protection and to wear the cosy ones outside. For what I worry the least if my outfit is getting repetitive throughout the images because wherever I go, I visit mostly 2-3 picturesque spots and I just can't change outfit at every location because I am there to soak in the majestic nature and less work.

My Travel Makeup Kit-
This again is the key selection for the girls out there, I usually prefer to keep my makeup simple and effective for the photographs while I travel. I never wish to get all dolled up for the trek on the mountains, just few touch ups here and there so it's very pointless to carry tons of makeup and fill my luggage with it. My kit has a concealer, tinted blusher(which I hardly use), kajal, eye-liner, and lip tint. Plus I need to have moisturiser and Vaseline/Boroplus to keep my hands and feet moist. For a time like this trip, I will be there to enjoy Christmas events so might throw in a simple quadrant eyeshadow palette which has shades to match with every occasion, the beautiful gold and 1-2 brushes. I wear glasses throughout most of my trip but will pop my contacts and liquid just in case.

You might have noticed till now that though I am a bag lover but usually there is always that one bag which I carry to every place with myself. Find yourself that one handy bag which holds all your cards, cash and required documents in place and can be fitted through any space. I have this green sling bag which is plain and chic, easy to carry spacious bag which I carry everywhere as for me to change bags and cards every second will only lead to miss placing few of the items in the process. So if I have to take something huge, I will just pop my sling right into it.

Diary and Pen-
Though I carry a phone which has all my notes and memoirs in place but I still like to keep a diary and a pen handy. Many of my trip plans have been made, thought after, written and later executed from that diary. So by the time I think of some other better alternative than this, I will continue to carry this small packet friendly diary with me.

Papers or Carry Bags-
I always carry a set which has newspapers and spare 2 bags just in case to keep any extra or wet items back into the bag and to save other items from getting wet by it. This helps in dividing sections of clean and dirty within the bag.

Never short on Necessities-
Socks, undergarments are the basics. Compromising on clothing a bit but never compromise on keeping clean sets on the go. You might not get time every minute to clean your undergarments or even if you do they might not dry in time so always keep a pair extra from what you have thought would suffice.

Water Bottle-
This is mostly one thing which I never carry from home and buy mid-way. I don't rely on tap water in most places so mostly buy a filter water bottle on the way, once done will crush and throw it into the dustbin(important point to avoid re-usage of plastic bottles without proper recycling).

What's in My Travel Backpack

So, that's all what I keep in my travel bag in case you find it helpful share the idea around and comment below what all items you travel with or your queries if there are any.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Fashion Accessories To Invest In

Women's Accessories To Invest In

Here is a news, recently I have been binge watching 2 Broke Girls. It all started with comedy but now the love affair has grown far too strong, not only with Kat Dennings character as Max but also with the apartment for home decor inspiration and the outfits she wears. One thing which stood out the most in her style is that how she takes those basic check shirts plus denim combo and gives it the accessory twist. This takes her outfit from basic to fashion worthy. I have been such an admirer of statement accessories myself that have to impart some info on which statement accessories are the must have to take your attire from drab to fab.
Accessories to Invest In

For whatever planning of clothes we do, we just have to admit that not even the whole huge trunk full of clothes would suffice to alter each day and wear something different for every occasion. We have trained our minds to run towards fast fashion in this age of Instagram and always be buying more clothes but that will only burn a hole in your pockets by the end of the month and urge to buy more with next paycheck….that's not fun. Why not take a different approach of working on the outfits you already have and fuse it with the fun accessories. I am not just talking about shoes and bags, I am talking about big whole shebang. Here are some ideas at the top of my head and as I always said don't be limited by choices I give, search more and find your style, play with fashion in quest to find it.

Silver and gold Hand-Downs-
Some of the best pieces which I own are the hand-downs from my mother and grand-mothers, they are these huge paajeb(chunky anklet), the ear-cuffs and chunky bracelets with meena work. The value of these accessories only increase with age and so does the look. These sure are not the everyday wear but occasionally you can flaunt those family heirlooms and make a huge statement with a simple attire. On the plus side you need not to invest a dime for them yet you are at a huge gain in looks and value.

Invest in a good quality headgear, these accessories are statement makers. Your look turns from plain to chic in a single second. Don't be afraid to play with the vibe, you are dressed to impress and if not you are dressed for yourself. I didn't understood the importance of this earlier in my life and that would be my regret as I had some great Beret hand-downs from my great Grand-Father or maybe my head was too small for it, who would know now as I committed the crime of giving them away long time back and here I write about it. Invest in a Men's Biker Cap(Black is versatile), Fedora, a Beret or Satin Headband, they compliment mostly all attires.
Headgear Fashion Accessories to Invest In

Statement Necklace-
I cannot emphasise this enough that what wonders does a statement neck piece does to a garment. Just tuck in the chunky necklace under your collar and your look is upscaled by 1000 points. Invest in some durable chunky neck jewellery than buying trinkets. I own quite a few and they are versatile fashion pieces which work well with both traditional and western attires. They even suit the suit😉 or any business ensemble, just find a classy set. For neckpieces I would rather suggest to hunt the local markets if you are from metropolitans, as I have found best statement makers from Sarojini Nagar in Delhi but here are some online options and you gotta take care of these babies if you want them to last long😍
Rather than owning a cheaper material which can be worn only a month or so, invest in some good quality belts. They are such a look enhancer from party to boho, from fancy to punk, you can opt for any and it will serve the purpose just right. A plain shift dress can be altered in so many ways, with a sleek belt, you are ready for meeting, with huge bulky belt, you are ready to hit the road and with embellishments you are ready to rock the party. Just find your pick.
Waist Belt Fashion Accessories to Invest In

Meeting Blue Party RedOccasional BlackBronzed Jazz |  Rhinestone silver

Invest in suspenders and take your fashion game to a whole new level girls and boys, this one is unisex and functional. Works replacing the belt and ads so much to the look. Plain denim and white shirt look gets a new life just by adding suspenders. This is really a good investment without complicating your head with tons to choose from.

Suspenders Fashion Accessories to Invest In

Statement Hand Accessories-
Buy that one huge ring preferably crystal studded or the lacy bracelets, they make huge statement pieces. They complete the look, giving it the edge you need from grunge to boho chic...pick your piece.  So far I own this one ring which is in gold but works great with almost all the pieces I set it with. This is one investment I need to indulge in ASAP as I do fall short on this one.

Hand Fashion Accessories to Invest In

I am a girl with power, I hardly can see clearly without my glasses on so this one is for the girls like me and not necessarily. I am stuck with these goggles forever so why not make the most of it, try to choose the frame which makes more statement than your clothes do. I have 2 sets, one sleek and simple for my traditional wears(when I hate to put on lenses which is always) and other is a bold oval shaped for more outdoorsy look. Invest in some good quality and if you are amongst those lucky one who just wear goggles for fun, go nuts with your choices but choose the shape which suits your face.

Fashion Accessories to Invest In

You need not to buy a whole bunch of all these accessories to start from, you just need the right piece to start from. Put in some thought before buying, analyse the functionality of the jewellery and then invest in some quality products. Metallic jewellery like oxidised silver and crystals stay for the longest period if taken care of nicely. Plus these accessories make the great gifts, I  just thought of including this info as it's the holiday season and we all are planning for the gifts.

So, these are my fashion accessory picks, what do yo like to accessorise with? Write down in the comments below and if you like it share the idea around. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Monochrome Outfit Ideas|Rock that One-Color

So this just popped up while I was wearing all blue outfit and thought why not make the most of it. How exactly does a Monochrome Fashion works? Is it trendy enough to be incorporated in outfit ideas, does it make a statement? and I will be covering up all that jazz with this post. There have been times when my closet was mostly one color, at times the color has been orange or others it has been pink. While monochrome can create monotony very easily but not if you play it right.

Monochromatic fashion outfit ideas

Fashion to me is all about finding your personal style without biding by the rules, some may hate what you love so don't be afraid to play with what you like and make them love it. Monochromatic fashion has made a mark time and again, here are some tips and tricks how to incorporate this trend in your style-

Definite Monochrome-
Play with one color in your outfit combination, no it's not boring if you plan it right. Wear the top and bottom of same color palette, create a vibe. I love to play with black on black or blue on blue with my denims usually and it has always worked in great looks for me. One thing to keep in mind, don't always just play with single solid colors(that's not harmful though) in your outfit as that's just lazy and common but incorporate the various hues and tints of it.

Like if you are going for White, then your options are white to silver grey or eggshell white to lightest pink. Plan the outfit between these shades and not just plan white from top to bottom all the time.

Monochromatic Palette idea for outfit-BlueMonochromatic palette outfit ideas-Pink
Add Texture-
If you have ever thought that monochromes are boring then you weren't introduced to textures. Play with texture of fabrics to create an awesome look. Layer Denim with Satin or Grey with Silver sequins, textures create contrast and break the monotony. Combo of tough and soft can create wonders on your skin plus imprint positive feedback on your audience's minds.

Break the Monotony-
Sometimes all you have to do to bring out the best of monochromes is to add a pop of color in accessories. A chunky belt or a head band, even the shoes matter when all your colors are one direction. This juxtaposition of accessories helps eradicating the idea of one color visual.

Mix in some Prints or Embroidery-
Again this one has to do with the visuals or eye concentrating on one solid color, just like textures, prints and embroidery helps to bring the contrast in the solid color family. Mix in the prints or embroidery in same color or contrast creating visually effective pair to be worn.
Monochromatic out ideas, add texture, prints and patterns

Play with Shapes-
Play with various shapes of the garments, combine the structured with flowy attire. This way you will break the monotony of solid colors. It's important to break the attention of eye than just focusing on one thing, give a little edge to your style by mixing structures.

Own your Choice-
Last but not the least, whatever style you pick-wear it with Confidence. You might be hell a wrong for others while making that choice but you might as well influence them with the confidence you carry.

monochrome fashion outfit ideas
Monochrome Fashion outfit Ideas

And then this happened, we both were single color co-ordinated😄

Monochromatic Outfit Ideas

These are tips and tricks from the one who has the closet full of solid single colors and finds her way each day to make her combinations work😅. Comment below your ideas of monochromatic fashion or how you like to style it.

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